Spiritfarer Items Guide: Every Important Item and How to Get It (2024)

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The world of Spiritfarer is vast and full of nifty items to collect. Some are only good for making extra Glims — Spiritfarer‘s currency — while others are vital resources you’ll need to upgrade your ship and help ease your passengers into the beyond. We’re rounding up every Spiritfarer item, where to find these items, and what they do to help make your own journey smoother.

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We’ve broken things down by item type and included where you can find them, key notes about them, and what they’re used for.

Spiritfarer Item List


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You’ll use seeds almost more than any other item in Spiritfarer, especially early on.

Most seeds are available for purchase at a branch of Theodore’s Raccoon Inc. stores. But you’ll randomly find some seeds in crates on the sea or possibly for sale in Francis’ floating emporium.

Speaking of Francis, he’s the only way to get Mystery Seeds, whichalways sprout into Tchotchke, items you’ll sell back to him for a good profit.

One other very special case is the Fireglow Seed. It’s the only way to get Fireglow, and it’s tied to an event.

You’ll need Gustav on board. Then, navigate to the dark spots on the map, and you’ll trigger an event similar to the Jellyfish one with Gwen. Plant the seeds, and there you go.

Seeds in Hummingberg

Seed Type
Description and Uses
Flax Seed Field seed; grows Linen Fiber
Corn Seed Field seed. Grind Corn in the Windmill for Corn Flour
Coffee Seed Field seed
Carrot Seed Garden seed
Turnip Seed Garden seed

Seeds in Bottom Line Corp.

The store in Bottom Line Corp. is pretty much the same as the Hummingberg store, with just one difference. You can buy Seed Samplers here, which act as grab bags with random seeds.

Seeds in Furogawa

Furogawa is probably where you’ll find your first fruit seeds. You’ll need an Orchard for those, which you’ll need Alice on board for.

Seed Type
Description and Uses
Rice Seed Field seed. Grind Rice in the Windmill for Rice Flour
Leek Seed Garden seed
Apple Seed Orchard seed
Flax Seed Field seed; grows Linen Fiber

Seeds in Hikarishima Lighthouse

Hikarishima Lighthouse is closest to the Furogawa store, but you won’t gain access to it until obtaining the Bounce ability from Oxbury. That’s a later-game upgrade that requires the rock breaker addition to the ship.

Seed Type
Description and Uses
Tea Seed Field seed
Lettuce Seed Garden seed
Cherry Seed Orchard seed
Flax Seed Field seed; grows Linen Fiber

Seeds in Nordweiler

Nordweiler is the first big island you’ll reach on the other side of the ice after outfitting your ship with the ice breaker, and it’s got some new seed types in store.

The Sunflower Seed is a must-have because it’s your base for making Fried Chicken and other fried foods.

Seed Type
Description and Uses
Celery Seed Garden seed
Sunflower Seed Field seed. Use in the Crusher to make Sunflour Oil, an essential Fat used for obtaining Fried Chicken and other fried foods.
Pear Seed Orchard seed
Cabbage Seed Garden seed. Use Cabbage in the Cellar to make Sauerkraut.

Seeds in Loneberg

Loneberg’s a tiny place, but you can pick up Cotton Seeds to grow in the Field here. And you should, because later upgrades and buildings need Cotton fabric.

Seeds in Oxbury

Seed Type
Description and Uses
Potato Seed Garden seed
Wheat Seed Field seed
Mulberry Seed Orchard seed. Required for getting Silk

Seeds in Edgeborough Lane

Edgeborough Lane’s store only has the Olive Seed for the Garden and the Sugar Cane for the field. Run them through the Crusher to get Olive Oil and Sugar respectively.

Seeds in Greymist Peaks

Seed Type
Onion Seed Garden seed
Tomato Seed Garden seed
Garlic Seed Field seed
Peach Seed Orchard seed
Cloth Items

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Cloth and the materials to weave it are another set of items you’ll quickly get familiar with.

The Loom used to make threads and fabrics is one of the ship’s first new facilities, but you’ll be using it all the way through the game, especially when it’s time to get Silk.

Name Uses
Linen Thread Harvest Linen Fiber from Flax Seeds, then use it at the Loom
Linen Fabric Use Linen Thread at the Loom
Wool Thread Shear a sheep, then take the Wool Fiber to the Loom. You’ll need to find Alice on Mount Toroyama first.
Wool Fabric Use Wool Thread at the Loom
Nebula Thread Use Nebula Fiber at the Loom. To get Nebula Fiber, navigate to the pillbug shapes around Furogawa with Alice on board. Speak to Alice to trigger an event, round up the bugs, and you’ll get the fibers.
Nebula Fabric Use Nebula Thread at the Loom
Cotton Thread Grow and harvest Cotton to get Cotton Fibers, then use those at the Loom
Cotton Fabric Use Cotton Thread at the Loom
Silk Thread Grow a Mulberry Tree, then gather the moth cocoons to get Silk Fibers. Use these at the Loom for Silk Thread
Silk Fabric Use Silk Thread at the Loom
Metal Rope Use 2 Copper Ore chunks at the Loom
Important Ingredients

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You’ll need certain key food ingredients for some of the dishes you can’t make with your ship’s facilities, like milk, eggs, and pork. Some of these are crucial to advancing passenger quests.

How to Get Fat in Spiritfarer

Fat falls under the crucial category, and you’ll need the Crusher to process certain ingredient items into fats. Note that even if you obtain the ship upgrade that lets you build the Crusher, you won’t get the materials for it until after meeting Bruce and Mickey.

Atul’s Fried Chicken quest will just have to wait a while.

Pork Raccoon Inc. in Furogawa, Nordweiler, Oxbury
Chicken Raccoon Inc. in Nordweiler, Oxbury
Beef Raccoon Inc. in Oxbury
Eggs Raccoon Inc. in Oxbury. Harvest from chickens after building Chicken Coop
Milk You’ll need a Cow Stall on the ship, but you can only build that once you purchase the Proof of Purchase: Cow from Edgeborough Lane’s Raccoon Inc. store.
Sugar Run Sugar Cane through the Crusher
Sunflower Oil Fat item. Run sunflower seeds through the Crusher
Olive Oil Fat item. Run olives through the Crusher

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The Rocks category encompasses a broad array of items, including powders and things like Quartz.

Name Uses
Limestone Crush to make Lime Powder
Quartz Crush to make Silica Powder for important upgrades
Coal Powers the foundry. Can be mined or created by cooking Sawdust. Crush to make Carbon Powder.
Comet Rock Gathered during an on-boat event after finding Giovanni. Crush to make Comet Powder.
Slate Used for ship upgrades. Can be mined or found in crates

Finding Marble in Spiritfarer is another special case. You can only get it in the Kalstein Mines, but you can’t get there until you’ve learned Double Jump, Glide, and Zip Line.

The first two you’ll get as the story takes its course. If you’re stuck on getting Zip Line, head to the Shrine on Nordweiler, and exchange your Obols for the ability.


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Metals include the ores you mine, the ingots you turn ore into, and the various sheets of metal you can use ingots for. These, too, are vital for later upgrades, but the stronger ores are tied to events triggered by Summer.

You’ll spot different dragons at specific map points, and the nodes for these ores are only available on their respective dragons.

Glass is technically counted under Gems, but for the sake of simplicity, we’re including it with other Foundry-centric items.

Name Location and Uses
Copper Ore Mined from Iwashima Countryside, Greenhalten Bay, Mount Toroyama. Use at the Foundry to make Copper Ingot.
Iron Ore Mined from Hosekai Quarry, Crow’s End, Southpoint Docks, Hidden Thicket. Use at the Foundry to make Iron Ingot.
Aluminum Ore Find the Aluminum Dragon at -132, 134. Use at the Foundry to make Aluminum Ingot.
Silver Ore Find the Silver Dragon at 188, -34. Use at the Foundry to make Silver Ingot.
Gold Ore Must acquire Dash ability. Then find the Gold Dragon at 121, 111. Nodes exist at Southpoint Docks, Crow’s End, Obscure Canopy, but only after Stella can Dash. Use at the Foundry to make Gold Ingot.
Zinc Ore Mined from Southpoint Docks. Use at the Foundry to make Zinc Ingot.
Pulsar Ore Obtainable through an event with Bruce and Mickey. Use at the Foundry to make Pulsar Ingot.
Glass Run Glass Bottles through the Foundry

Sheet Metals

Refine Ingots at the Smithy to get Sheet Metal items. The Smithy is another later-game upgrade you won’t get until sometime after meeting Bruce and Mickey.

Name Ingredients
Brass Sheet 1 Copper Ingot, 1 Zinc Ingot
Bronze Sheet 1 Copper Ingot, 1 Aluminum Ingot
Crystal Glass Sheet 1 Zinc Ingot, 1 Silica Powder
Electrum Sheet 1 Gold Ingot, 1 Silver Ingot
Rose Gold Sheet 1 Gold Ingot, 1 Copper Ingot
Clear Glass Sheet 1 Lime Powder, 1 Silica Powder
Steel Sheet 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Carbon Powder
Celestial Sheet 1 Comet Powder, 1 Pulsar Ingot

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There aren’t many actual Gems in Spiritfarer, but you’ll need them for an early quest involving Summer. Some other key items get lumped under this category as well.

Each of the Gem types usable for The Diffracted Cabinet quest can be found in specific locations. But you can earn some of them through completing Francis’ errands — just speak to him every time he shows up to see if any new ones unlock — and may rarely find them in crates.

Name Location
Citrine Chest in Alice’s house on Mount Toroyama
Opal Hikarishima Lighthouse Shop, chest at the end of Mount Toroyama mines.
Amythyst Chest on secret path in Hosekai Quarry
Diamond Chest on secret path in Hosekai Quarry, fill out Susan’s Museum
Hematite Fill out Susan’s Museum
Lightening In A Bottle Sail to a thunderstorm area, then speak with Atul. Stand in sparkling spots to catch bottled lightning. Note: you’ll need empty bottles
XP Potion Go to Buck’s room and interact with the game there to trigger an event.
Bottled Ectoplasm Interact with Stanley’s beetle Jacob to trigger an event, then catch the Dust Shades as they appear.
Bright Jelly Capture jellyfish at dark spots on the map with Gwen
Fireglow Grow from Fireglow Seeds.

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Wood is another essential item category used for most building projects and big upgrades.

You’ll harvest it from various islands as logs, then process it through the Sawmill to obtain planks. Trees re-grow in a few days’ time, so you’ll never be without for long.

Name How to Get
Maple Log Cut down Maple Trees on Mosstein Cove, Barkensheim Creek, or Greenhalten Bay
Maple Plank Use Maple Log at the Sawmill
Oak Log Cut down Oak Trees in Gurenu Fields, Resuteno Meadow, or Iwashima Countryside
Oak Plank Use Oak Log at the Sawmill
Ash Log Cut down Ash Trees in Sunspring Square or Ambertown Park near Oxbury
Ash Plank Use Ash Log at the Sawmill
Pine Log Cut down Pine Trees in Misty Woods or Obscure Canopy
Pine Plank Use Pine Logs
Other Spiritfarer Items

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There are a few other key Spiritfarer items worth mentioning.

Woodblock Print and Figurine

For Gustav’s onboarding process, you’ll need to buy a Woodblock Print from Furogawa’s Raccoon Inc — except Theodore’s already sold it.

Gustav gives you a Figurine instead, which you need to take to Susan’s Museum at -150/150. Swap it for the Woodblock, and give that to Gustav.

Glue and Paper

These basic items are tied in with Stanley’s story arc, and you can’t make them until you’re asked to. For Household Glue, cook an Old Shoe (fish it out of the ocean or buy from Francis) and Coal.

To make Household Paper, cook the Household Glue with Sawdust.

Spiritfarer’s Spirit Flowers

The Spirit Flowers are what you get after releasing a spirit. You can see them adorning each spirit, and they act as a sort of last farewell or thank you. Find them in the departed spirit’s room after you leave the Everdoor.

That’s every important item in Spiritfarer and how to get it, including lightning in a bottle, ectoplasm, silk thread, and nebula fabric Be sure to check out our favorite food guide, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for moreSpiritfarer guides.

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Spiritfarer Items Guide: Every Important Item and How to Get It (2024)
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