Cyberpunk 2077: Doom [OC][AU](Cyberpunk 2077/Witcher crossover) (2024)

Chapter 1: One Beer

I don't know when, but for some reason… I knew I was special. Different from the inbred and detestable beings around me. I was gifted with powers beyond my own comprehension. Power that fuelled me. It was a sign that the world was mine and mine alone. I was smarter, stronger, and faster than those my age and to top it all off I never chipped in. Meaning I was fully natural, not even a tether of machinery wired to my body. To top it all off, I was handsome beyond belief.

Training my body, I stared into the screen in front of screen glossed over the situation near Pacifica. Apparently, another booster gang was tearing down the common folk.

"Hello Night city! This is Jonzo Bon-Doa from M-54 news, here to give you all but the latest news! Just now, outside the recently built Grand imperial mall a supposed gang of 'cyber-psychos' has held the area hostage, with fifty supposed victims held within. While the extent of their villainous actions hasn't been fully captured I believe the NCPD has this covered. We'll hand it over to Fred who is currently outside the mall awaiting answers for the poor families waiting at home." Jonzo explained before the channel transitioned to Fred whose own perspective was used to relay information. It seemed that the man had decided to use his own ocular camera, the quality quite clear compared to the traditional ones used for civilian use. Perhaps a custom Kiroshi optic or maybe one of ours?

Staring down the man seemed to crouch past two corpses. Ducking below a few cars his eyes scanning over to the mall roof. Smoke briming from inside pouring into the sky, shattered glass and broken windows plastered all over. A slight glare briming from the top.

"Hey Jared, care to share what's happened down there? Where's Fred?" Jonzo asked, before seeing Jared turn to a collapsed figure. Their heads completely blown out, the pieces of brain matter and gunk shown artistically displayed around the vicinity. Pieces of face plating somewhat dented inward.

"W-we…-," Jared attempted to voice before the screen froze and switched off. The screen then turned to show my father's aid. Fantastic just as things were getting interesting. This was the second attack this week. I wonder if Max-Tac was going to pull out the big guns this time.

"Your Dad wants you bud," My father's aid announced through my communication drive. The man was quite built and had a scar which tracked down his face from saving my father. He was quoted to be my fathers most trusted associate.

"Very well, I shall be there soon," I answered before closing the channel.

Looking through my array of clothing, I pondered what to wear. Scouring for the perfect fit I eventually settled for something casual. A simple ebony polo shirt and grey slacks. Fashioning my accessories such as glasses and watch I exited my room and slowly closed in towards his office. Entering he stood across from his desk just by his glass window.

He wore an emerald formal vest and tie. He rolled with a buzz-cut and beard eluding an aura of mystique only unique to himself. A mixture of Neo-militarism and Neo-kitsch. The man seemed to lack any apparent cybernetics. Attempting to scan him I was met with poor results.
























Seeing the results, I sighed already expecting it. I thought that by tampering or upgrading my scanners would fruit more data. It seems my father was ahead of the curve.

"I believe we've had this discussion beforehand, child. I'd rather you ask, than continuously scan me," My Father revealed, his hands behind his back as he stared below at the common folk. The poor and dirt of civilization, how putrid.

"Apologies father, my curiosity never ceases to leave me," I acknowledged, my posture straight and my head forward.

"Have you completed your studies, child?" He questioned.

"I have, father, each data packet has been consumed and each language procedure has been re-run. May I ask as to why I must learn these languages when our processors automatically translate them?" I asked back.

"You are still young so I will indulge. Do you see the common folk down below? What do you think of them?" He asked as I moved to stand by his side. My eyes now locked down below as well.

"I believe they are filth. That they are nothing, that they serve no purpose but to be purged. Am I correct in my observation?" I boldly answered. The common folk of such depravity were worth such a title. To steal and kill was all they did. Barbaric in nature I must say.

"Silly child, even filth has its purposes, but to answer your question language is the key to all business deals. Language is both a privilege and a weapon you must learn to wield. While others roam the city aiming to carve their names into the city walls as legends, we aim to be the power that allows them. In time their names will fade, while our will remain strong for eternity. They will be forgotten as another crack amongst the road that will eventually be filled. We control history and child language is but a form of expression. So, if one language holds the key to but one aspect of business, imagine the world." He explained, his face ever stoic as he watched a child's head being blown out below.

"While others focus on today, we focus on the future. Language is but a tool to which freedom can be expressed and in time you will learn it's capabilities." He continued before turning away. His eyes now towards the entrance to his office.

"You may enter," He commanded to which one of his soldiers compiled and entered.

"Mr Von Doom, your wife requests your presence," a guard replied, the man heavily armed to the bone. His tech involved a metallic exoskeleton which boosted manoeuvrability, strength, and speed. A helmet with the latest technological advantages such as aim-assist, thermal-vision, night vision, enhanced vision. I could go on but overall, he was but one of the many weapons we had at our disposal. And to top it all off his aesthetic fashioned being Munsell green, our branded colour.

"Very well, you may leave," He nodded, his hands waving the soldier away. As the doors locked, he then faced towards me. His eyes are ever dull yet vigilant.

"Likewise, child you must depart. This will be a private matter between me and your mother," He motioned. Obeying, I exited, with my mother passing by me, her eyes filled with anger. While my mother was passionate her eyes screamed of rage. What has my father done now?

Date: 1st of June 2062

Location: Night city, Von Doom enterprises tower

POV: Omniscient

"What is it you want, June?" Victor's father asked. His figure towering over the fuming women.

"Why'd you, do it Virgil?" She angrily shouted, tears trekking down her face. Her hands balled into a fish as she gnashed on her teeth.

"I have no clue what you are referring to women. I have done many things in my life. Now what are you exactly referring to?" Virgil responded in kind as he crossed his arms, his back leaning on his desk now.

"You think I wouldn't know about your little project? All those people… Murdered… Tortured… Just for profit and gain? Children Virgil! Children! Do you not value life Virgil? Do you not see the depravity you have fallen into, you monster!" She screamed.

"Life? Do not joke with me, women. They were a necessary sacrifice, instead of growing to be wasteful, I took it upon myself to unleash their potential elsewhere." Virgil replied, his hands being re-figured to form a blade before returning to a hand. Seeing his hands, her eyes bolted her mouth now agape.

"Had you not been the mother to my heir, you too would have faced re-purposing. Be thankful that my child has grown to cater your 'affection'. Should you be a liability to his growth, I will remove you myself." He growled, his hands now firmly across her throat. A tight squeeze leaving June on the verge of blacking out. Foaming from the mouth she couldn't help but continue to respond.

"F-u-c-k… y-ou…" She muttered before passing out.

"Aiden, move her to her quarters. Pitiful excuse she was…" Virgil replied, wiping his hands. Looking over from his disk he then stared at Arasaka tower which paralleled his own.

"Soon you too shall be repurposed…" He muttered before returning to his desk and filing reports. A notification prompting him.

[User1okfnbdoq1: Project Icarus is completed sir; we await your orders]

[Usernlmnoih124: Very well await my orders tomorrow]

[User1okfnbdoq1: Affirmative]


Date: 2nd of June 2062

Location: Night city, Von Doom enterprises tower

POV: Victor Von Doom

"Morning Night City! Following the aftermath of last nights terror attack the gang "New world order" has fallen with only a few members escaping. NCPD has released a new statement saying that they will bring justice to those-."

'Tch, sloppy job. Had it been our armed force we would've wiped them clean…'

Turning the tv off I continued my tinkering, my disappointment in the NCPD high as always, with my appreciation of our forces getting higher. I had recently made a weapon that had enough firepower to shoot .30 and .55 calibre ammunition simultaneously at an automatic rate. Though I had switched it to a single fire as I did not have the facilities to manage such strong recoil and firing the thing required me to seriously focus. Slapping a sniper scope on it I called it a day. It had been one of many inventions, but this had been my favourite. Ending something in one jolt was always a pleasure.

Finished and satisfied with my work I decided to check up on my mother. I had not dared to step out the day after my mother had stormed in. Crossing over to her room I approached her, wary of what happened. Her eyes had a dullness to them that screamed of death with a frown which left his heart empty. Seeing handprints around her neck I sighed.

"What had you done for father to lay his hands on you?" I asked. Father had always told me that a woman should always know her place and that was to be beneath a man. Turning to face me she couldn't help but hug me, the warmth of her hug leaving me stupefied. Not knowing what to do I returned her warmth back. Staying with her for what felt like a million years I wiped the tears from her eyes and got back up.

"It'll be alright mother; I'll find a way to get fathers forgiveness! That way he won't hurt you again." I smiled, leaving her to only further break down.

"Did... Did I say something wrong?" I muttered dazed. I didn't say anything mean… So why was she crying?

Still confused and lost, I walked away from her, my legs pacing towards my father's office. Just what had happened to her? What did she do this time for father to get more serious?

"Father?" I announced knocking on his office door. Seeing the door suddenly turn red it first scanned me before its automatic speaker announced itself.

"My child, if you are receiving this message then I am currently on a business trip and will not return until the 7th of June. You and your mother will be sent to see the in-laws of the family. As I have no time nor care for such matters you may instead go in my stead. Do not bring shame to the name Von Doom. If you have any inquiries either leave a message or ask bubbles who I have left to protect you." The message answered. Caught off guard by the abruptness of his descent I turned to return to my mother only to see bubbles behind me.

Bubbles being the aforementioned aid of my father. Standing at 213cm tall or 7ft tall the man had more muscles than necessary. The vigour to which it twitched always left me bewildered, even more so due to the man's gentleness and eccentric personality. Sporting Polynesian tattoos all over his body besides his face; it was stated that the man looked more like a walking statue than a human which was rare considering the man did not like to take any steroids or enhancers. Or so the reports say. Even more bizarre was his sense of fashion… A curly skullet and thick moustache.

Though seeing him outside his armour was even rarer as the man outfitted the most technologically advanced armour/mech known to his knowledge. With the look of a shark, the armour could possibly destroy any solo/merc he knew. So powerful in fact that the likes of Adam smasher would piss his pants just by seeing it.

"Hey there squirt, whatcha need?" He asked, as he lit a cigar in front of me. Hearing him speak I always wondered how he got away with such informal speech. Even towards my father he spoke in such a tone.

"You know Bubbles I must inquire why they give you such a nickname?" I questioned, the thought always popping up.

"You'll find out one day, kid. It's what we call classified," He smiled, before shuffling his hand in his pocket.

"You want one?" He questioned as he held out a cigar. A sneer plastered on his face as he awaited an answer.

"Sure." I smiled trying to grab it, only for it to be grabbed back. Bubbles poking his tongue out to tease me.

"Not until the old man says so squirt, hahaha!" He joked before gently patting me in the back. Even if so, the gentle 'pat' still felt like a baseball bat on each hit.

"My bad, forgot how fragile kids can be," He apologised before handing me a chocolate bar the likes to which I favoured greatly.

"Here, I know you're a sweet tooth, so I got you that bar you always like." He smiled before continuing to enjoy his cigar.

"Before you barrage me with questions, I obviously can't tell you where your dad is and no, I won't give you my armour," He continued. Raising my eyebrows, I smiled back.

"Surely?" I asked.

"No." He responded.

"Fine, though, who are these 'in-laws' of mine? I've never heard my mother or father speak of these people. Why are we meeting them now of all days? While my mother has been to these people she never once etched a word to me," I confronted, confused at the sudden introduction of new variables.

"Don't know kid. Your Oldman's a weird gonk at times. Don't remember the last time I met em too. Left on… Sour terms I member," He spoke, reminiscent of a time I had no clue on. Looks like this wasn't going to be a warm welcome.

"Your mum has already been told of the news. Let's get to the Osprey," He replied before making his way to the elevator.

"Osprey?" I asked. The only time they used an Osprey was when they had to travel outside the city and that was on rare occasions. Similar to a VTOL this particular model used by our company was fashioned to survive the toughest of conditions and last long over differing arial conflicts. While not the fastest it was the most durable.

Perhaps these in-laws were overseas? Maybe my mother was from another corporation that had ties with our company…. Perhaps Biotechnica? Then again Biotechnica wouldn't match. My mother never screamed to be a techie and with the current leader their looks just didn't match. Especially the style to which they conducted themselves. They worked similar to Militech. Militaristic instead of business owned like our company Von Doom industries and Arasaka. Come on Victor, think.

What corporation… is it? Akari? Nope can't be they're our slave, too weak to even touch us, only reason why they're under us is because we wanted the copyright over their tech. Akagi? Still can't be that too… they're just as weak… World news service? Nope, don't be an idiot, they're a MediaCorp. Maybe an Australian mega Corp then? No, that can't be it either, both Aus Corp and Polykiwi both merged under Von Doom industries almost forty years ago. The timeline just doesn't fit for it. The two other mega corps like Militech and Arasaka also don't fit into it either. The hatred between us just wouldn't allow it. Especially since during the fourth Corp war we thoroughly destroyed both of them. While history says that there was a truce because all sides sustained damage on all sides, our records say otherwise. Perhaps a nomad clan of some sort?... Don't joke yourself Victor there's no way father would ever dirty his hands with those smelly monkeys. Surely not?


Date: 2nd of June 2062

Location: Outside of Night city, Badlands

POV: Victor Von Doom

"Mother… Just who are these people?" I asked my mother who seemed to slightly smile at the sight of the nomads. Their numbers from what I can scan are in the hundreds. Stationed near their vehicles they were no doubt nomads. From what I could see besides the trash below all that was around was sand, sand and sand. With a few cactus's, rocks and grass sprinkled about.

"Family," She muttered silently. Seeing her smile for the first time. Not knowing how to feel about such a thing I only looked forward. My mother was confusing or in my father's own words "Women are confusing".

"We've arrived," Bubbles reported, his aura now changing from a friendly giant to a demon.

Exiting the Osprey, I was met with stares all around some hovering their hands over their belts while others held their rifles on hand. As if such threats were acceptable. Had such hostilities been shown inside the city they would've been gunned down on site. Just what was my father thinking of sending me here?

"Auntie!" A girl my age yelled out running towards my mother. Seeing her chocolate and slightly messy hair. Tch, typical nomads and selfcare. Uncivilised monkey who stunk more than any trash can in Night city.

"Oh, little Panam. Look at you, you've grown bigger from the last time I saw you!" She smiled and hugged her.

"Who's the little turd by your side?" A nomad jokes, the man seemingly their leader. He bore an iconic look that screamed look at me.

He had a moustache similar to Bubbles and wore nomadic clothes. Leather boots, jeans, and a leather jacket with their nomad clan badge patch on his shoulder. He looked to be around his fifties or sixties and had chocolate skin almost eerily similar to my mother. Hearing offence I almost lashed out but stopped myself. I was representing my father here and had to keep up appearances. It would have been what he had done.

"It's Victor. Victor Von Doom." I replied, my hands behind my back as I attempted to mimic my father. This earned a grin from Bubbles and a slight frown from both my mother and nomad leader.

"I had hoped you would've rubbed more from your mother than your father," He sighed, staring at my mother. His brow raised in an empathic demeanour. What exactly was he trying to insinuate? My father is a great man.

"I'd watch your tongue if I was you," Bubbles spoke, his eyes glaring at the nomad leader.

"Sure, whatever you say Bubbles," The nomad leader dismissed before walking towards my mother and hugging her. The man saw the mark across her throat.

"I'm so sorry," He muttered to her. Looking at the reactions of the others they all looked down ashamed, the younger ones slightly confused.

"Please come inside the camp there's much to be discussed." He informed, bringing us within the camp. While most backed off and stared from a distance some were brave enough to get close.

"I'm sorry we did this to you," The clan leader apologised, my interest peaking at his words. Just what was going on. What was going on here? Was it possible that my mother was forced to marry my father? This couldn't possibly be true.

"Enough of these apologies… I chose to go that day. It's neither the fault of you nor the elders. In the end it was my decision. It was in the clans' best interest I left," She signed, before turning to face me a smile slowly raised from her face.

"In the end I don't regret it one bit," She smiled completely.

"I guess a mothers love is blind,'' the nomad leader sighed. While I couldn't see his eyes, I knew they were locked onto me. The round shades could only hide so much.

"While he follows his father's image, I know he has my heart," She explained, messing up my hair. Frowning I sighed, I had taken quite the time to do my hair as to ensure that I could assert dominance over the in-laws.

"I sure hope so, his father can be… quite the particular fellow," The nomad leader replied, staring at Bubbles whose eyes kept watch at the nomad leader. His eyes never faltered or blinked from the nomad leader.

"Please stand down Bubbles, while I understand your concerns it's best, we don't provoke the… common folk from doing anything they might regret," I insisted to which Bubbles complied albeit with some complications as he sat next to me, his eyes now glued to his internal interfaces.

"Thank you, Victor. Perhaps you do have your mother's heart," He stated.

"While I appreciate your sentiments, I still don't know who you are. In fact, I scoured my whole database and can't seem to find any trace on who you people are. Just who are you?" I asked, perplexed. Had my father redacted these individuals from my database? And for what reason?

"I guess you can thank your father for that. The names Santiago Aldecado and this here is my family. While not all of us are connected by blood we are by badge. Some here might be new, some old. What matters is that we're all in this together. Your mother here was an Aldecado before she became a Von Doom. She once was our best vanguard and scout. Oh, the memories." He chuckled lightly, his words slowly steep low. Pouring a bottle of whiskey, he offered it to my mother who accepted it.

"The chooms on my right are Cassidy Righter, Mitch Anderson, two guys who can't handle their liquor." He sneered, his chuckle then erupting into laughter. Slapping his knee, he then turned to his left to see a disappointed teen.

"Ah and my left Scorpion," He smiled before turning to look for someone. Seeing him mutter under his breath he quickly ordered one of his men mainly Mitch to go.

"Where's Saul?" He asked.

"Don't know but the idiot was meant to be here by now…" Scorpion explained.

"Either way, how about we do an old Aldecado tradition, eh? Or has the corpo lifestyle left you dryer than the desert?" He asked my mother, pouring a cup of whiskey himself.

"Yah praise yourself too much, you were second rate to me," She jabbed, downing the drink down quickly. Hearing her accent pop out I started to question my heritage more. Just how did my father associate with these people? A Corpo and Nomad falling in love?

"Atta girl, you can take the nomad out of the clan, but you can never take the clan out of the nomad. Bottoms up chooms we're gonna get wasted tonight!" He alerted, making everyone smile and cheer.

"Come on, Bubbles lighten up. This might be the last time you get to do what you want on business hours," My mother offered, to see her so... Free was shocking. Seeing her happy though… Made me smile, it wasn't often that she opened up this much. Perhaps the skyscraper did have its grim effect on her. Or maybe it was father. I always wondered why he was so abusive to mother.

"Perhaps not tonight," Bubbles replied, his hands waving the drinks away as he walked towards the Osprey. Standing with the other four guards he started to do maintenance checks with the crew. About to walk with him he instead stopped me.

"Hey! So, you're Auntie June's son. What's it like in the city?" She asked. Attempting to keep my thoughts straight I kept my face stoic and my voice monotone.

"It's tolerable more so than here," I replied.

"You sound like a jackass, you know? I guess Uncle was right about you a lot," She replied, leaving me stunned. Did she not know who I am? I'm Victor Von Doom. Did this bitch dare?

"Tch, at least I don't smell terrible like you. Father did always say Nomads were closer to actual monkeys than anything," I attested.

"Whatever city boy, at least I don't walk around as if I got a stick up my ass," She insulted.

"Nomad more like No-Shower," I quipped, while I knew it was weak it seemed to work as she seemed to be fuming.

"Corpo more like Corpse. You're a bigger zombie than I thought," She stated.

"Whatever," I dismissed walking away, only for her to follow suit. Damn bitch stop following me!


Date: 2nd of June 2062

Location: Outside of Night city, badlands

POV: Omniscient

"He's been getting a lot more violent I see," Santiago mumbled, seeing that Bubbles and Victor were gone. Sitting there quietly Santiago told those that weren't in the circle to leave. Making nearly three quarters walk away. While many wished to know the tea, they understood it wasn't their place.

"I deserve this you know…" She countered.

"No one deserves to be treated like this… Even if they made a little mistake," Santiago replied, angered at her choice of words.

"I did this to myself." Was all she could mutter.

"It was one night!" He argued.

"Yes, but that one night ruined him. I don't wanna do this again Santiago. We've already been down this road. I can't even challenge his thoughts anymore without him bringing it up. The amount of innocent people that I could've saved if that one night hadn't happened… Children Santiago, Children. It's all my fault…" She teared; her hands attempted to wipe the tears from her eyes. The others unable to say much remained quiet, their silent wrath briming even hotter.

"Can't Bubbles do anything? Surely, he could knock some sense into him?" Santiago replied, his hands attempting to wipe the tears from her eyes.

"I tried… But Bubbles follows through with whatever Virgil says. They're sworn brothers." June explained.

"This can't keep happenin, June. At some point someone's going to have to stand up to him. If it means I gotta step up I will. Damn Bubbles... Doesn't he realise he's going too far now!" Santiago exclaimed; his hands clenched on a cup with a scowl deepened with his glare.

"He does… But he's willing to turn a blind eye to it. He had already tried," She replied murmuring.

"Well obviously he hasn't tried enough. He's out of line, this time June! If you won't knock sense to him, I will!" He exclaimed again.

"Enough!" She shouted.

"I just have to wait until Victor grows. He's our only hope," She explained.

"I don't understand what you saw in him. We could've lived without those extra supplies you know. We could've done something else," Santiago sighed, his hands by his forehead as he continued to knock on it.

"But what good would that do? Scavenging loot and gear every day with no assurance that the person next to you will survive the next day? Or Taking thousands of smuggling jobs just to make a few thousand eddies a month? My marriage ensured that the Aldecados' would thrive for years to come and only at the cost of one Aldecado. While other families struggle to live and find security, I've ensured that no matter what corner you turn too you're safe. In fact, you're not even tied to Von Doom's enterprises unlike others. This marriage was a necessary sacrifice and I nearly screwed it up," She exasperated. Unable to deny her words Santiago backed down. While he hated Corpo's with a passion she was right.

Von Doom enterprises for all its evilness kept their word. Unlike the other backstabbing corporations that he had dealt with, they were the most compliant and always honoured their side of the deal. If they said they were going to do something… They did. They were also the most straightforward and righteous corporation he knew which was something he'd never thought he'd say. If Johnny heard what he was saying he'd be tossing a fit but even then, Johnny would understand.

"I just wish we could go back to the good ol days when you were in camp. A lot of the folk here misses yah, you know. Panam and Saul look up to you." He reminisced.

"He's a good kid, that Saul, I only hope he doesn't grow up to be an old fart like you," She jabbed.

"*sigh* That kid gives me the ol headache, stubborn little sh*t… Reminds me of his father. I wonder how he is these days. Have you heard much of him lately?" He asked.

"No, but last I heard he was carrying a Militech package. Virgil made sure he made it out of it in one piece," June informed.

"That's good to hear but speaking of packages, how's Victor been? From what I can see it's all his father. I know he may have your heart, but it doesn't matter if his brain is the only thing he uses," Santiago confronted.

"He's just young is all. Doesn't every son want to be like their father? At some point even Trace wanted to take the reins of the family," She parted.

"Yes, but that was for a time. He quickly left after he saw that you were better fit for it. He knew his capabilities. You should be here; I'm getting Old June… These cybernetics can only push for so long. While I would've given it to one of the bunches here, they all declined. They know it was destined for you," Santiago persuaded.

"I can't. We've been here before. No persuasion can get me back. If I leave, we're all doomed. He's raising a weapon, Santiago. That child is our only chance for a brighter future. Look around you Santiago, this place it was because people like us. This kid could either being our Saviour…"

"Or our doom… I know it very well. But who's to say this kid won't be the next Yorunobu? While Von Doom enterprises is known for their generosity it's also known for its ferocity. I fought during the Fourth Corporate war, kid. I know what they did to people," He explained.

"Yes, you've told me thousands of times. But you both know that it was only because OTEC and CINO overstepped their boundaries. Von Doom Industries is as much territorial as the other big two when it came down to it," She quipped.

"That didn't lessen the horrors and atrocities they committed. Vladmir Von Doom was even more vicious than the current head." He stated the burns he had went though still etched into his memory.

"Enough of the history lessons old man. If I can at least give that kid heart, the Aldecados won't have to fear a single thing." She responded.

Santiago, seeing her stubborn attitude could only bite down on his teeth and down another cup of whiskey ",You're playing a dangerous game June. A man's heart should not be tempered with, much less a kid. You've seen what Virgil is capable of. I'd hate for you to see Victors."

Chapter 2: Hoe Cakes

Date: 2nd of June 2062

Location: Outside of Night city, Badlands

POV: Victor Von Doom

Just why was this bitch following me still? Reaching some rocks overlooking Night City I decided it was better to just ignore her.

"Don't think you can run away from me!" She shouted. Just how do people tolerate her? Perhaps I should've chipped in early and got mufflers of some sort. Or at least get some air buds. Lesson learned: carry earbuds around just in case I ever get involved with someone annoying. Can't even kill her too. Attempting to ignore her voice I stared at the city, the sights quite charming from afar. Seeing that Panam quieted down I noticed that she too was encapsulated by the sight as well.

"Are you enjoying the sight, monkey?" I asked.

"Not much, Rat," She spat, her counter leaving me silent. Unable to rebuttal her words I decided to remain silent. I had already stated that she was a lower life-form, any more banter would further tarnish my image. I hated this.

Here I am out here in the sand, when I could be at home training, studying to be better. Yet here I was out in the middle of nowhere in the chilly weather, the sun now coming to a close. Stuck with some stank ass Nomad girl who probably hadn't seen a shower in years. At least in the city no one dared to offend me. Here, some random girl dared to speak against him. Such blatant disrespect would not be forgotten. Just you wait Panam, my father will hear from this!

Sitting there awkwardly not knowing what to do we continued to stare at the city, our gazes both telling a different story. While I looked on knowing it's ugly truth she looked on at its beautiful lie. That was how the city drew you in and that's how it trapped you. Mr Night knew exactly what he was doing when designing the city and even after his passing the city continued to draw people to its light. While some say he envisioned a perfect city full of opportunity that was a lie that would make any corpo and prole laugh. Similar to the American dream you had to be asleep to believe in it.

As Bubbles would say "Night city is like an open flame, where the proles are moths. The smart ones stay away."

"What's life like in the city?" Panam asked genuinely. Deciding to humor her I decided that it was best if she cooperated then be a pain.

"Depends on who you are… For me, it's just another city. I live on top of the world in the night city. I'm a god compared to the monkeys below and with a single word I could topple empires. I'm a god walking amongst men, to me night city is but a single place my influence spreads." I responded.

"Tch, typical corpo thinking highly of themselves. Not everything has to involve Power and schemes you know. You think low of me, but have you felt the wind through your hair? Have you ever felt free? To me you seem like just another rat stuck in their cage. The only difference being that compared to other rats your cage Is bigger and fancier." She expressed, to which I only smiled.

"When you live like this, I'd rather be a rat in a diamond encrusted cage, then a monkey not knowing their place," I barked. How dare she. Does she not know where she is in the food chain? I could order an artillery strike right now on her family. I could send a death squad that could tear her to bits. Hell, bubbles could very well destroy every single nomad present in a second if he ever so ordered it.

"I live in the comfort that the water I drink, the food I eat and air I'll breathe will be present for tomorrow. Do you ever go to sleep knowing that you whole family could be slaughtered?" I asked.

"Don't you dare threaten my family! How could you ever sleep knowing what your family does? I know what you people do. I know exactly who you are. The Von Dooms are a family full of psychopaths! I wish auntie would come back home, you people are plane evil," She slandered, feeling my hands almost reach to end her. I stopped myself. I must swallow my pride for my mother. In the end father will deal with these people. I can't ruin her happiness simply because a monkey dared to bite back.

"I will have you know my family is generous compared to other corporations. We offer fair compensation and affordable healthcare to all. Even to your kind. To our employees we offer competitive salaries' which would make any Arasaka or Militech employee jealous. We also include family benefits with their children being able to be safely looked after without the fear of being flatlined like some random fodder," I chimed.

"But at what cost? I've seen your people raze towns of people simply to build factories. I've seen the bodies you've laid on the ground to ensure you're on top. Stop hiding behind chivalry and heroics, just because you save a few and help a drop doesn't excuse the destruction of thousands," She stated.

"And so? Who cares about those individuals? We've ensured that those who cooperate are compensated fairly, hell I would dare say we compensate quite charitably. Any other corporations would have razed them down without a second notice." I explained.

"A lesser evil is all you are. What even is the difference between you and Arasaka? At the end of the day, you're still a dirty rat. All you do is take and destroy. Just because you're nice to a few doesn't mean you're any different. You still leave bodies in your wake and take what you want by any means," She continued.

"I would not expect a nomad what it is like to live my life like the way I do. You do not have what it takes to see the bigger picture. To take what is yours. While you play checkers, I play chess. You look at the street, I look at its continental borders. One day this world will be mine Panam." I revealed.

"That's exactly what I mean. You're power hungry. I wouldn't expect a corpo to know what it's like to live as a nomad either. I live knowing I'm free. Dying tomorrow or today… It doesn't matter, I've got family, people I cherish. I could go to any of the thousand people here and they'd genuinely love me. Who can you name that'd say the same besides the muscled-up freak with the weird haircut and your parents?" She answered.

"I don't need anyone else's love or sympathy that is simply beneath me. My parents are my biggest honor and do not ever dare insult Bubbles! That man has gone through hell to be where he stands. He has sacrificed many things to ensure that he's on top. What would you know of sacrifice and hard work? Do you think pushing one load of cargo to the next is tough? You're simply mindless drones that pilot one piece of cargo to the other and even then, you are less capable than our actual shippers." I barked.

"What do you mean what do I know of hard work? Look at you? You've been basically given everything in life. What have you amounted to that anyone else could have done in the same position? You're nothing without the name Von Doom. You're simply a cog to your family machinations," She spited.

"You…You dare!" I spat. How dare she undermine my capabilities.

"I have done many things which have helped my family. I am neither a cog nor a part of the system. When you live and know what I have. I am the god that made the machine," I exclaimed.

"Yet, you're still human. You're as much flesh as I am. For all that talk of being God it won't take much to end you as it would me." She sneered.

"I am merely on my journey to God hood. When I rule the world, you will be the first to see it. The people will bask and beg for my embrace. They will scream my name in reverence, and you will beg for my mercy," I exclaimed.

"Mere delusions of a child!" She hissed.

"What do you mean? You are but a little child too!" I tossed.

"I'll have you know I'm thirteen years old! So, I'm not little. I'm a teen,``she confessed.

"Yet you speak like a little gronk!" I flamed, slowly realising she was around my age. What an odd coincidence… Gross. I shared the same birthday as this idiot.

"I'm not the one who speaks like an old man though. You're the real gonk here and it's Gonk not gronk you gonk!" She snapped.

"It's Australian slang you illiterate fool. I should've known a monkey like you would be stuck here. I've been places you'd dream of only going," I explained chuckling.

"Why would I ever want to leave here? My family is here. You only seek to roam the world to look for a dick to fill up that void in your heart and ass loser," She swore before running away.

"Tch, vile beast," I muttered. Seeing her departing figure, I looked on at Night city. Nomads… Stupid creatures they were. How my mother and father ever came to be, I wondered. Such lifestyles… Were never meant for each other. One demanded order, structure, and safety . The other embraced chaos, freedom, and danger. While my father was stoic my mother was emotional, one could tell her emotions by the look on her face, while my father was a mixed equation to ponder his mind was to wander the ocean. You'd drown if you went too deep.

I had once pondered his machinations and ended up laying in my bed dazed. I had been so obsessed that my mother had been left worried. If not for my mother's warnings I most likely would have been hospitalised. Worse drowned forever in my own thoughts. At times I felt as If I had been trapped in some sort of world of my own. A landscape which entitled every conceivable thought of mine.

I'd often get lost in my mind. Sometimes literally, as I had the unique power to enter it. In it, I would ponder the future, life or randomly think of nothing. Because of this, studying was ever so easy. A single glance would be all that I needed. Night city had become my playground. Due to the schematics of the city being seen by yours truly I could transverse in night city with my eyes closed. Every weapon schematic in my system was memorised. All was known to Victor Von Doom… Or so I thought. This had been an enlightening awakening. I could not just rely on the devices of my father. I had to be vigilant. Perhaps this was his test to me.

Yes, my father was brilliant. In such an indirect way he placed me here to humble me of my incompetence and complacency. I had to be better. I had to break outside the box that I had created for myself. I had to study more, experience more and create more. The known had to become known, the truth must be exposed, all stones shall be set.

Entering my mindscape which was filled to the brim with blank space though I would always be greeted with the sight of five flames each one signalling a power or essence. I had unlocked all but one in it's first tier. Such essences were Essence of the Sorcerer Lord, Essence of the Artificer, Essence of the binder, Essence of the Archmage, Essence of the Inner world/home. The essence of the binder had been locked to me, its grasp so close to me. The varying abilities I was granted with each corresponding essence was: A body above peak human ability, The ability to recycle random junk into usable components, Perfect memory with infinite storage and an unlocked inner world I was very much in. While knowledge of its uses were gifted to me such powers were heavily restricted into tiers or levels. It was due to my weakness. Perhaps, I was far too weak as of now to fully capitalise on these boons. With time they would come. As they say, "Patience is a virtue."

To be perfectly honest though Panams' assessment of my character was correct… For all my gifts I truly was lacking. I had been too complacent with comfort. What would others do in my position if gifted with such boons? They most likely would've have travelled the stars by now and for that matter I shall correct that. I guess I must thank her for truly opening my eyes. Again, my father intellect was in genius. This was truly a test to rid me of my complacent mindset. I had to be better and to be better was strive for perfection.

Date: 2nd of June 2062

Location: Outside of Night city, Badlands

POV: Panam Palmer

What a piece of sh*t that corpo was. Santiago was correct. Every corpo was the same. Preying on the common folk and doing whatever they wanted. Ugh the look on that suckers' face. If only I could punch the hell out of it. Thankfully I held it in though. Family was everything and by the rules I couldn't just place my interests before the family. Not until I was strong enough to protect them.

"How's our guests?" A voice asked. Turning to face him I saw it was just Saul who seemed to overhear everything.

"What the hell Saul! Where the hell have you been?" I asked, the damn bastard was missing the whole day.

"Been busy scouting the area just in case any wraiths decide to surprise us. Besides It's always the same when it comes to Auntie June. Guess things changed. Who's your little output?" He asked, the word leaving me pissed.

"Screw you Saul, I'd never date such an asshole. The guy never compromises and is hard stuck on his sh*tty beliefs," I swore.

"Sounds a lot like someone I know," He chuckled.

"Shut it Saul. Not in the mood." I replied before storming off. What a drag, I guess it was time to catch up with auntie. How she dealt with that little demon amazes me. Walking past the others slightly chuckled at my sight.

"Guys watch out Panams' on another strike today!" One of the boys teased me. Hearing his words, the others abrupted in laughter leaving me to silently wither in anger.

Getting back to the main campfire I saw many of them looking towards me chuckling, the heavy scent of whiskey, bourbon or whatever concoction spilling into the air.

"Did you guys hear that? Panam might have a new output!" Cassidy laughed as he continued down shot after shot. Seeing Auntie June, I asked her why Victor was such a pain when Auntie was so nice.

"Auntie why is Victor such a jackass?" I decided to ask bluntly.

"Panam! Mind your tone," Santiago shot, his eyes like a shotgun ready to put down a mule.

"No, it's fine," June softly swayed, looking me in the eyes. I was lost in them as they were as ethereal as her looks. She reminded me of the old photos of my mother. Her eyes were a mixture between hazel and gold. While they hadn't been sisters by blood they were by bond.

"Why you may ask… Well, it's simple. He was raised that way by his father. Under all that tough bravado and God talk is the real Victor Von Doom. My son. He simply acts that way because he doesn't know any better. It's simply the safest way. To push the unknown instead of embracing what his father has taught him. It is only until he has controlled the truth and manipulated all aspects can he accept his surroundings. With time he'll change, and perhaps he might even be as sweet as you and me." June smiled, her happiness now stretching across to me. For a moment I almost forgot that the two were related. Noticing now, seeing the difference between their auras I almost chuckled at the drastic difference.

"I don't know auntie, he seems firm on being an asshole," I commented, laying my head on her lap. Feeling her hands pat my head I nuzzled her in her embrace.

"I wish you'd never leave…" I muttered, my hands clutching her shoulder.

"Oh child… I wish I could too. Perhaps in another life sadly. I can only imagine what could've been if I had stayed here… Or at least raised Victor amongst us… Only in a perfect world," She muttered sadly. The whiskey now kicked into effect as she felt the liquor finally mellowing her out. Laying on her lap I eventually fell asleep… Until I was rudely awoken by the voice of the rat and weirdo. Slightly opening my eyes, I noticed that nearly everyone had gone to sleep on a very few standing guard.

"f*ckin Wraiths…" I heard Victor swore, his anger now drawing me in. What wraiths? What the hell had happened while I was asleep.

"You know for a Corpo you're a pretty good shot you know. Would've almost mistaken you for one of us with the way you handled that revolver. You sure you're not chipped in? Could've sworn you were possessed." Cassidy cheered.

"Yeah kid, haven't seen hand movement that quick since my teenage years if you know what I mean," Another oldie joked earning the laughter of some of the boys. Gross.

"Especially the way you took out their leader from over 200 metres away… That's some skill kiddo," Another chimed leaving me dazed… He did that, without being chipped in?

"Don't be so shocked, they were mere pests. How I disposed of them is of no concern. Such ease should be expected for a Von Doom." He praised me. How typical, what's next? Is he going to marry himself?

"Listen kid, how you manage to take em out does matter. It's all about style and finesse," Scorpion chimed. His hand wavering from side to side to orchestrate his point.

"Elaborate," Victor demanded.

"Damn kid, you've got quite the authority. Ain't no one gonna like that. Especially the ladies you know. Well besides Panam," He joked, the joke being totally unfunny.

"I insist you do not tie each other together. I'd rather have a partner that did not challenge my authority and is subservient, similar to my mother. That would be the ideal partner," Victor envisioned. Yeah, right like any female would ever want to be near you. They'd probably kill themselves before they ever dared touch you.

"Tch, with your skills and that money you might be able to afford one of those. Hell even that pistol of yours was packing some power. I haven't seen anything on the market like it. Guessing daddy's gift?" He cackled.

"I made it." I revealed, making the others sneer as if it were a lie. Jealous peasants, tch. Skipping what I said, the man continued his rant.

"But to finish what I was saying. The reason style and finesse is important is because it's all about rep. Do you know why people respect Morgan Blackhand more than Adam smasher?" Scorpion asked.

"Because one is a literal psychotic Borg who is sad*stic in nature and the other is decked out solo who is at least sensible and follows orders to the dot." Victor answered.

"You're right yet wrong at the same time. Both got their contractors, so they'll be hired to do what they were intended to do but it's just cause Morgan Blackhand is more of a badass. Flatlining a guy is easy when it comes down to it, but have you heard of the time Morgan Blackhand raided an Arasaka compound and didn't kill a single person? The man walked right in and grabbed the tech he needed before leaving. The guy uses non-lethal weaponry for Christ's sake. The mans a living legend and his work is always preem." Scorpion fangirled, stop riding his dick for crying out loud!

"I see, but such things should not matter to me. I am neither a merc nor a solo. I do not require such a reputation. I only need to ensure that those who wish to cross me, that they will not survive an Von Doom encounter," He replied. Von Doom encounter? This guy must be a dorph head. It'd explain everything.

"True but here's the thing. How many bodies are you going to drop before it becomes too annoying? If yah do the job right once, the rest will understand. There will always be someone that gonna wanna mess with you. It doesn't matter if you're a part of the big three, there's always gonna be some Gonk that'll wanna have a piece of the pie. I say leave em a message. A dead body ain't say much, but a man living to tell that tale will," He remarked.

"A loose end is all I am hearing. I would rather finish the job then waste an effort on a possibility. Certainty is key in the business. Relying on such variability? Such concepts never ever end well for those who wish to live long. Johnny Silverhand the terrorist, believed that nuking night city would change it. Look at it after fifty years. He took his bet and lost. A Von Doom never bets for bets that are uncertain. Von Dooms are always certain," Victor replied before walking away. His words leaving the others silent.

"co*cky kid, eh," Cassidy muttered to Scorpion.

"His mothers right though. He's heart, just gotta warm up to us." Mitch replied, leaving me stunned as to why he would say such a thing.

"What gives? All I see is a little sh*t that's got too much attitude. He screams corpo runt more than anything. I give him a day or two till he goes crying back to his father. He's soft, ain't got no balls," Scorpion spat, at least someone understands.

"Who do you think was first on scene fighting the Wraiths?" Mitch asked.

"It was Saul," Scorpion replied only to be shocked by Mitches answer.

"It was Victor, while you were all drinking and partying, he was the first on site. The kid managed take twelve of em alone by himself before backup arrived." Santiago stated.

"But I swear Saul was on watch duty," Another chimed.

"Nope he was with me, unloading cargo. Knew some of y'all we're going to slack. Decided I'd rather help the family than to waste time. Whoever was meant to be unloading the payload forgot to do it. Apparently drinking was more important than doing their job. Almost cost us our lives too," Mitch countered.

"Do you think just cause we're near night city we can daze off? Member this chooms, we're nomads not corpos. We can't afford such luxuries." Santiago explained. His disappointment immeasurable. Wasn't he drinking last night though too? The hell was going on.

"While I was drinking it didn't mean y'all could slack off. We're a family not a bunch of street dunks," Santiago chimed before walking away.


Location: Outside of Night city, Badlands

POV: Omniscient

Sitting by his car Santiago was disappointed in himself. He had let his emotions overrule the fact that while he was almost like a father to June he was still the Aldecados leader. And that position required him to take full responsibility. Yet he cowered out, he had taken the easy way out and blamed everyone. He had gotten too complacent. Had this been the past not a single person would've slacked off that night. The comfort of relying on June had made him lose grip on what made the Nomads before him stand out. They ere getting all of the benefits on being a corpo slave without paying a single price.

While it was true that the marriage was toxic, most women weren't gifted out as wives but joy toys. There was no shame to admit they had lucked out. But like life they could not have everything. He was getting greedy. He realised that today. His group had also expanded too much and too fast. The Family of old built experience through battle and hardship. While the same applied that edge was now lost due to the safety net that Von Doom industries supplied. Why worry about taking an extra few trips when he could simply return to night city and request help.

Most would laugh at them. Night City was not a safe haven. It was a place where those who entered was swallowed by It's jaw thoroughly. Yet here he was. Leeching off like a parasite off of Von Doom enterprises. Juan was probably rolling in his grave seeing this all unfold. If only he were here to guide them. To Santiago leading the Aldecado was just another mission, yet it grew to be bigger than that. If it hadn't been for the safety net that June provided they would've most likely not been here thriving. From what he knew the 2000 that he led would have never been possible without the extra assistance.

He had lost some good men last night. Today he would have to host a funeral. The timing of such an incident was terrible. Just as he decided to relax they had struck. Had it not been for the boys initial shot they would've lost more. The Wraiths that tried to raid his family ranged from a hundred to another two. While not a lot, compared to his they were still caught with their pants down. Such a mistake can never be replicated. Every member was a life. He couldn't treat em like a statistic, else he himself would turn into Virgil. He'd become the everything he swore to destroy.

"Big guy now, eh?" Bubbles asked as he picked his nose. Seeing his casual demeanour, Victor looked around to see if there was anyone watching before dropping to the floor exhausted.

"Don't know If I should be impressed or disappointed," Bubbles explained, his booger thoroughly wiped on one of the Aldecados vehicles.

"I did what I did because I can," Victor explained.

"Or you did it cause your big head wanted to prove something. That's how you get killed on the field. Never mix pride and heroism with life kiddo. It's the difference between seeing tomorrow or being flatlined." Bubbles muttered before wiping another booger on an Aldecado trailer.

"Regardless of what you did, good job. Your marksmanship was almost good as mine," He complimented, leaving the young Doom to smile.

Until Bubbles continued, "Well, if I was half asleep with my hands behind my back as I aimed the wrong way."

"I could've finished em in a second you know. Could've just smiled and they'd all die," He joked, or so Victor hoped so. He had only snippets of the man's work and every report always seemed to redact the how but never the what. So, seeing his achievements but never how he achieved it infuriated him to no bounds. One couldn't just scale up Arasaka building in seconds, especially while under fire from Arasaka and Militech forces.

'In fact, one of the reports stated he went against Adam smasher… and won? He knew he was strong but to go against the near century old relic was an achievement. Adam Smasher was often fully fitted with Arasaka tech yet even he failed to fully contend with the Polynesian warrior. Just what secrets was the man hiding,' Victor thought.

"A commendable effort yet you exhausted more stamina than you should've. You took longer to aim and ended up only getting twelve kills. Had I limited myself to your standards I would've at least hit fifty, minimum. You know as well as much as I do that I detest having shards do the work for me. You're smart Victor but being smart isn't enough. I've seen many geniuses in my life, it's a pity that many end up more in coffins than offices. There will come a time you alone will have to face the world. When the time comes will you be able to stand on your own two feet? Or will you falter and be f*cked as the world watches you suffer? Choose wisely Young Doom." He explained, before staring at his phone.

"Tsk, f*cking hate the desert," He muttered.

"How long are we supposed to camp here? I already found the natives… Lacking." Victor asked, his eyes shifting to the now awake Panam. Seeing his gaze, she quickly shifted her eyes to the floor before walking away.

"As to be expected, it seems she finally knew her place." He muttered sneering.

Scanning the area, he decided to check the nomads' vehicles and or other technology to further give him ideas. It was all that he could as of right now that would interest him. He had neither the facilities to which he could efficiently train his other skills nor care to do so in front of the proles.

"How fascinating," Victor muttered as he scanned one of the tuned vehicles. Seeing that the hood was open he decided to watch as one of the Aldecados went on with maintenance. Seeing such tuning made him think back to when his father wasn't so stoic. It seemed that he grew further and further away with time.

"Is that?" Victor muttered before seeing a modified Quadra type 66. A vehicle which he begged his father to get him at one point, only to be turned down. His own words being "Why waste time on an outdated vessel?"

While the vehicle was not outdated when it was released, Victor did agree with his father's point. The technology it used compared to Von Doom industries was simply poor. He always wanted Von Doom industries to branch into the vehicle industries but alas his father had prohibited it due to its inefficiency. Instead, it was more profitable to focus on the other branches of the manufacturing sectors. With the increased need of Augments a single piece could possibly sell for 10'000 eddies. A far cry to the possible eddies a vehicle would ever amount to. While creating a car needed a week to be manufactured, cybernetics only took an hour with their technology being starlight year ahead of any other distributor. It had to be known that even Militech and Arasaka used their technology.

While it seemed odd when discovered such a fact, it was instead humorous when he realised the difference. This was due to the fact that the technology that was sold… Differ heavily to the ones that Von Doom industries used… and by a large margin. So large in fact that it was comical. The technology and cyber enhancement that existed today in the market was already used by the Von Doom family in the early 2000's for personal use. While some might wonder why they hadn't taken over or destroyed all other companies due to the secret war between 1980-1990. All reports of it had been wiped from his database and redacted until further approval. Not wanting to overstep his fathers rule he decided it was best that he remained quiet until it was time.

Though that did not mean they were weak, the number of companies which were under Von Doom Industries was astronomical. Ties to media, agriculture, manufacturing, computing, augmentation, service, banking, and Armed forces were all but the tip.

"You like my ride, eh?"

Hearing the man's voice, Victor turned to see an old, bellied man with tattoos all around his body. Similar to Santiago he had chocolate skin with his features damn near close to my mother. He had a beard, and a mohawk, his left eye and arms highly augmented. He looked to be around his fifties.

"I've seen better."

"Hmph but they aren't as sweet as this I bet," He smiled before cranking the hood to reveal the specs. Victor, still absent minded, viewed the interior.

'Impressive… A v10 Twin turbo tuned to perfection with off road suspensions to ensure that the thing doesn't kill its passenger within. It even had a light armour finish with CrystalDome technology which ensured incognito for its user.'

"Not bad, though personally I would rather acquire a hybrid. Better speeds a v10 could ever compare too," Victor flamed.

"Yeah, but those hybrids are usually more expensive to maintain, not as reliable as the v10 twin turbo I've got in. Besides Don't ever think I'll need to use the 900HP on this devil," The oldie explained, grinning.

"Money ain't an issue where I'm from."

"So, I hear…" He muttered before leaning against his ride, a cigarette flashing towards his hand.

"You ever raced before?" He continued.

"Never had the chance," Victor explained. Empty thoughts of the city view and family compound coming to mind.

"Ed be a shame then, could've ran a mark if you were keen."

"I could probably create something better than what you're running."

"Perhaps, perhaps not, all I know is you've yet to see the dashboard without a booster seat."

"Hmph, time is all I need. You're most likely running on your last legs at this point."

Smacking his thigh, he coughed a few laughs.

"Kakakaka! You've got me there, kid… Say how's your old lady doing?"

Staring at him deeply Victor raised a brow at his question before answering.

"My mother? How do you know her?"

"More than just knowing kiddo, she's my sister. She practically raised me," He replied.

Practically dead panning the old man, Victor waved it off as mere delusions, "I don't believe that is possible."

"Yah do know your mothers practically 60 this year, the only reason she looks that young is cause you rich folk got money. Had she stayed here she'd be as raggedy as me."

Unable to comment on such accusations Victor remained silent. If his words rang true, then he was conceived when she was forty-seven.












- WANTED BY NCPD (BOUNTY $20'000) *****





"Yo, gramps! Heard some wraiths made their way over. Also, what's this talk about some suit walking about?" A voice called out.

Turning to face the figure Victor was met with an individual around his age. Wearing a leather Aldecado jacket he possessed a somewhat model look. Short hair and a somewhat charismatic charm. To put into perspective the pre-teen matched the looks of a certain celebrity of the early 2000's... Michael B Jordan? Whatever I looked better, like that one warrior Jason Mamoa.

"I'm guessing you're the suit that Panam and Saul was chattin bout? You don't seem like much to me," He scanned, a tint of disgust at the end of his words.

"Since when could trash cans talk?" Victor puffed, his hands crossing at the others remark.

"I guess we're off to a great start then." The old man beckoned, a slight grin on his face as he viewed the two of us.

"Well, I guess I didn't have to rope him in. Victor, meet your cousin Vincent. Vincent, meet Victor. I have a feeling this'll be the start of a wonderful friendship." He revealed once before walking away. Leaving the two of us to ponder his words. Vincent hearing such words couldn't help but frown.

"Oh, f*ck off."


Date: 3rd of June 2062

Location: Outside of Night city, Badlands

POV: Vincent "V" Aldecado

"Hey you okay? Did something happen?" I asked Panam who seemed to be absent minded. Her eyes flickering to Night city before turning back to her hands.

"Don't mind her, she's been like that all morning," Saul revealed walking by.

Seeing that Saul was my best bet I called on him, "Hey what's the big fuss then she okay?"

"Ah she'll get over it. Just thinking about some stuff," He voiced before turning to face me once, "Ah also Aunt June came to visit. Makes sense you don't know her since we only ever pop around here every five years."

"Auntie?" I questioned again.

"Aye look all I know is she married into being a corpo. She's here with her son and her bodyguard. To be honest, I kinda like the little squirt, reminds me of someone." He smiled, rolling my eyes I bolstered my hand by my hip as the other aimed forward, "Whatever, ain't no one got a trigger finger like me."

"Heard he got 12 confirmed kills last night from 200 metres."

"Whatever Saul." Sticking the finger, I walked over to my boys. The crew consisted of Hazza, Fredo, Durk and others. Guys that were a tad older than me.

"Hey, V, you think you can get us a few puffs from Julius?" Hazza asked.

"Aye, look I don't think I'll be able to. You already know what he said about it. He's limited on supplies right now and I don't think he'll be keen on handing it over to us to waste."

"Yeah, yeah, but you should be able to convince him, right? You are his favourite?"

"Look I just don't he'll accept it-"

"Ah come on man. Do it for the boys."

"Fine…" I reluctantly accepted before pacing my way over to Julius' car. The man being the best Ripper-Doc I knew.

"Yo, gramps! Heard some wraiths made their way over. Also, what's this talk about some suit walking about?" I called out.

"I'm guessing you're the suit that Panam and Saul was chattin bout? You don't seem like much to me," I spat disgusted.

"Since when could trash cans talk?" He puffed his hands crossing as if to intimidate me. Whatever Gonk.

"I guess we're off to a great start then." Julius beckoned, a slight grin on his face as he viewed the two of us.

"Well, I guess I didn't have to rope him in. Victor, meet your cousin Vincent. Vincent, meet Victor. I have a feeling this'll be the start of a wonderful friendship." He revealed once before walking away. Leaving the two of us to ponder his words. Hearing such words I couldn't help but shout.

"Oh, f*ck off."

The damn suit was pissing me off already. In almost ten seconds of meeting him I'd already detested his very being. He thought he was top sh*t. It didn't help that the Gonk wore those corpo shades which emulated 'stick-up-ass' energy. He fashioned the simple corpo look but what shocked me was his lack of any visible cybernetics.

Either he was chipped in to the extreme or he had none, I believe it was the latter. Lord knows how much money it'd take to have subtle implants but that didn't matter when you were loaded. While doing it to younglings like us did pose a threat, there was no possible way these demons wouldn't know how to go around fixing it.

"There's no way I'm related... To this Gonk."

"The feeling is mutual, peasant. I feel as if I am looking at a lesser lifeform. Perhaps you're the missing link?"

"Shut it suit. I ain't got time to hear your trap sh*t out lard!"

Before turning to Julius. The words to utter a plausible sentence still running through my mind.

"Hey uh… Oldman, I need some help…. One of the boys got hit with a stray. Wraiths left him in a mess. Need your help getting him up," I asked, only to receive a tap on the head. His sandevistan booming forward. f*ck was he quick with it.

"You sure it was the wraiths? Or did one of your boys bug out again? I told you I ain't fixin a junkie! Already warned em twice and now I'm warning you thrice." Julius snapped, leaving me to drop to my knees pleading.

"Come on J! We're family! Family looks after family! We gotta stick together!"

"Nice try kid but your honey words aren't stickin. Better go back and tell those Dorph-heads I ain't budging," He spat, leaving me psyched. Come on J! Turning my head, I could see the suit smirking.

"What's with the grin rat?"

"I'm amused by your incompetence, monkey. A nomad and worse… A druggie… How pathetic."

"You shut your trap!"

Spitting what ever profanity I could shout I walked away disappointed. The boys were gonna be so pissed! Come on V. Think! Think of something…

"Hey V my main man! Did you get the stuff?" One of the older boys asked.

"Soz Hazza… Couldn't convince the oldman to give us some…" I muttered.

"Not cool man… We were really keen on you nabbin us some…" Hazza replied disappointed.

"You know this means you can't hang with us right? Only cool kids like us can hang around here. Go hang with Saul or Panam." He continued shooing me away.

"Please! I can do something!" I begged.

"Look bud. It's nothing personal you just can't hang with us anymore, now scram. I don't wanna get physical." He flicked. Unable to answer him, I walked away defeated. Turning to face ahead I was met with the suit who had packets of dorphs by his side.

'this f*cker!'

"I heard you fine gentlemen were looking to acquire enhancers. Please, be my guest. It's on the house." He expressed taking a step back. What was he doing? Those were my friends.

"f*ck man, the suit might not actually bad," One of the boys laughed checking the crate. Looking in he was astonished by the amount inside.

"Aye! He's a corp. How do we know your sh*t's safe? You tryna trick us kid?" Another mustered before being swiped to the side.

"f*ck it man, I've been meaning to get a fix for awhile now. You only get these sh*ts while in the city," Hazza slimed before taking one shoving the canister up his nostril. The sight always unnerving to me.

"AHHHH" f*ck that hits the spot… Not bad kid. You wanna hang out with us?" Hazza offered the suit. Clenching my teeth, I slowly walked away. f*ck these guys and f*ck that corpo especially.

"I'd rather rot behind a joy toy then be in any proximity near you pests. Enjoy the Dorphs while they still last."

"And you Vincent… How disappointing…" Victor continued. Cracking my neck, I rushed him, my fist being caught in a second. f*cking chips.

"What's your deal corpse? You come here waving your dick around acting like you're better than the rest of us? For what? Cause it makes your dick hard? You didn't have to steal my friends away from me like that." I snapped by my hands continuing to pressure him, the former not budging.

"For someone of my blood, It physically pains me to see you so… Disappointing. I had grand expectations for those of my kin. Yet all I see is a wimpy child seeking attention."

"Oh, yeah? All I see is a judgemental prick who doesn't know a rat ass about family. Stick to your skyscrapers Victor. Your kind will never understand what it means exactly to live… they never do…" I whispered before walking away, the other seemingly paused in thought.


Date: 3rd of June 2062

Location: Outside of Night city, Badlands

POV: Omniscient

"Are you done with your little pet project Virgil? Getting bored sitting out here doing jack sh*t," Bubbles called.

"Not quite, soon it shall. Ensure the boy is safe, we cannot allow ourselves to be distracted." Victor revealed.

"Can't believe you made me come all the way out here cause of "damage control" can't you just build another tower?" Bubbles fumed disappointed.

"The Tower symbolises our strength and foothold in Night city. This cannot be afforded, enjoy the sky view Junior," He voiced before disconnecting the call.

"Damn sh*thead… Could've at least taken us back to the family compound." Bubbles muttered, his eyes viewing Von Doom industries tower. The sleek skyscraper being 500 metres tall, the logo being a large V.

"You're not gonna hang out with us Bubbles?" June asked the hulking figure.

"Not my kinda crowd." Was all he stated before returning to stare beyond the abyss as his mind faded elsewhere.

"Look… Thanks again for looking out for me." She thanked.

"Your gratitude is accepted but you must understand I'm merely doing my job," He replied.

"That's not what I'm thanking you for, you know," She sighed, staring beyond to see her child arguing with his cousin.

"That's but the past." He stated.

"Wouldn't be here if it weren't for you," She expressed.

"I only wished for history to not repeat itself. A child always deserves a parent and sometimes a parent doesn't deserve a child." He replied.

"Look… I'm sorry." She apologised sheepishly.

"I don't believe you owe me an apology." Bubbles muttered now eyeing Victor. Victor, oblivious to their gazes, sat alone away from every group.

'f*ck I hate it here,' He thought as everyone avoided him like a plague. Sitting alone for what seemed like hours his mother approached him.

"Greetings mother," He greeted.

"You don't have to be so formal, you know. We're out of the city now. Your fathers not here. Your home," She expressed leaving the young Von Doom to physically cringe at her words.

"I must apologise in advance, but this can never be a home mother. These are your people, not mine." Victor replied.

"Look it'll take time but these people are good people you just gotta open up."

"All I see is inefficiency and incompetence mother. It pains me to see such disorganised forces within a faction. You call this family I call this trash."

"Look Victor life's not all about pushing one's own agenda to the next… Sometimes you gotta live life. Live in the moment and see where it takes you."

"And how would you do that? Allow yourself to be back stabbed and schemed upon? Father always told me it's better to wield a dagger to one's own heart then be stabbed by another."

"Your fathers from a different time in a different place. You may be his son but you're just as mine as he is yours. Look around you child, what do you see?" She asked.

"I see people wasting their time. People who seem to grasp that tomorrow may not come that today is all that'll last. I don't see people mother, I see walking corpses," Victor dropped, leaving June to frown.

"Look Victor… Sometimes it's that drive that pushes people to move beyond their limits. It's times like this that make you appreciate life more. If life is hard then death is easy. You say you see corpses, I say I see life. People living their life to the fullest without worrying about corporate bosses or if some gonk's gon end em. It's beauty in its rawest form, it's life. Sometimes… It's better to live than survive, son. One day we might now walk alongside you. Eventually, you'll have to find your own family," She explained, her arms now covering the young Victor her motherly embrace keeping him warm. Feeling the warmth he remained quiet not feeling like refuting her claim. Far from them Panam and V stared.

"Momma's boy. Called it," Vincent snickered, seeing Victor with his mother.

"Yeah… Real momma's boy," Panam muttered.

Chapter 3: Raid

Date: 4th of June 2062

Location: Outside of Night city, Badlands

POV: Victor Von Doom

"Aright Aldecados huddle up. We will be organising jobs today!" Santiago announced, the sudden urge to strangle him tainting my mind. I had been rudely interrupted by him and my mother to huddle with the rest of the gremlin, bubbles nowhere to be seen. While it had been morning I didn't trust these people enough to sleep around em.

"Get up Victor, you're going to be helping around as well." My mother stated, her words leaving me angered. Help? I had better things to do! For example, the data packet.

"But mother-,"

"No buts child you've got to help and I've already told Santiago. While you're here you might as well fit in. Whether you like it or not." She snapped. Sighing in defeat I rolled back and checked my progress.

[Victor Von Doom]

[Unloading data packet…]

[Clearing Cache…]

[Loading progress…]


Corporate data packet III:

Linguistics – 69%

Logistics – 33%

History – 22%

Bartering – 6%

Combat data packet:

Mixed martial arts – 71%

Firearms – 49%

Blades - 23%

Misc. data packet:

Engineering – 21%

Hacking – 0%

Great with this I had to alter my schedule. Instead of completing this data packet by the 8th of October I now had to complete it on the 9th. This has single handedly ruined my day, my disappointment now immeasurable.

"Panam you and Saul are on watch duty with the others for today. Finally, Julius and V you'll be in charge of looking after everyone chrome. Gotta make sure we're running maintenance on everyone's schematics. Oh, and before I forget, you'll be handling Victor today."

"Excuse me? I don't wanna hang out with that corpo pig!" Vincent exasperated.

"Tough luck bud," Was all Santiago said before walking away with my mother. Leaving me to stare at the faeces incised fool. What a great family I've come to meet. Silently walking alongside him we were eventually led to a tent where Julius was stationed. There I was told of our responsibilities.

"Aight, I don't know exactly why he sent you here but here's the basics. I'll be running over any infections and treatments, and you'll be testing em for any basic diagnostics. Just plug em into the terminal over there and then ask em if they running an. It's a pain being the only competent ripper-doc right now," He sighed.

"What happened? Are there not others?" I asked confused as to how one man and child were essentially running everything.

"Last four got flatlined and the other two are currently out of commission. Something bout some cyber-virus infecting our neural-sensors. Looks like they picked it up from the wraiths," He revealed, flicking his cig.

"Who's your techie around here?" I continued, now that I was going to be here for however long it was best to sort out roles and understand the premises, something I found useless due to my expectation that this was a visit and not an extended stay.

"That'd be Carol, she's our main techie and net runner. While she would be running diagnostics today, I owe her one and seeing as I doubt you know a tinge about doc work it's best I give you something a little easy," He spouted, to which I immediately disagreed.

"Well, for your information I'm somewhat of a ripper-doc myself," I revealed. Seeing his expression, I knew he doubted my capabilities, a fair assessment if it were someone not of my calibre.

"Bah, you're still wet behind the ears still, but I'll give you a chance then. What exactly do you know about being a Ripper-doc?" He asked, his brow raised with his hand tapping against his desk.

"Why don't you ask me," I humoured.

"Fine, what's the first rule of being a Ripper-doc?" He assessed to which I smiled. Everyone knew what this one was.

"First, do no harm." I quoted to which he smiled a little.

"That was to test if you knew what it meant to be a ripper-doc. Here's a bit of theory then. A patient comes in with knife puncture. How would you treat it?" He asked curiously.

"First check the overall condition of the patient and ensure that the knife puncture is still enclosed. If the knife is removed immediately aim to stop bleeding by using a Medical puncture Wound kit or MPWK. This fills the wound with an anti-bacterial filament which cleans and heals the wound. While it may cause extreme discomfort it does the job better. Alternatively, you could stitch the puncture after cleaning the wound but this runs its own set of risks. The former allows for quick recovery, cutting healing time from a few months to a few weeks." I explained.

"Pretty good stuff kiddo but not everyone's got a MPWK or APF standing around. Stitching it is usually your best bet for the common folk," He explained. To which I agreed though I couldn't help myself but rebuttal.

"A doctor is only as good as his equipment."

"That's true. Now here's a tricky one. Say someone comes in suffering from Cyberpsychosis. What is Cyberpsychosis and how do you treat it and what are its symptoms?" He questioned this time his gaze stern as he awaited my answer. V over by the corner of my eye smiled.

"Interesting question Julius, Cyberpsychosis is a mental illness, specifically a dissociative disorder, caused by an overload of cybernetic augmentations to the body. Unlike what others believe it's not merely a disorder which inflicts an increased tendency to commit violence but a gradual decay of self-preservation, distancing or disregard from friends and family, and poor or impulsive outbursts or acts. This often pushes cyber-psychos to become extreme acts of violence or self-harm. Remedies are custom brain dance therapies, there was a drug which was marketed to cure it, but such claims were made false. The cause is the increased use of cybernetics and augmentations," I explained. It was simple knowledge from our database.

Our database also had a cure for Cyber-psychosis, but it required a deep dive within their own subconscious. This form of treatment either lasted a few seconds to never ending depending on how far they had gone. I had seen papers from my fathers desk which detailed that a test subject named – Zero had the longest recovery time of thirteen years. Side-effects of such treatment included nausea, memory-loss, sporadic mood changes, dulled senses and more . I never saw such papers again.

"Impressive, I'll let you help the few that are here then. V continue doing diagnostics," He replied leaving the current V to roll his eyes. Choke on that one Vincent.

Spending what seemed like hours I continued helping these peasants much to my dismay, but I did not once complain. A Von Doom always ensured that when a job was done it was done to perfection. Whether it meant you had to clean a room to clearing a room it made no difference. Perfection was a mindset that had to be instilled even to the tiniest detail. Simple patchwork this was.

"Thanks for the stitchwork kid. Not bad for a beginner I must say. Guess Julius got some eye for talent. Seeyah around lads," The man thanked before leaving. Julius finished with writing his reports looked over to me.

"Not bad... Not bad indeed. You ever done this work before? I know your dads a tad wealthy but even viewing a couple of BD's and some shards require some synchronisation." He asked.

"Never used a shard, it is purely beneath me. My work right here is all authentic, pure intelligence and skill was utilised during all these inspections and to answer your question this has been my second time, my first time shadowing behind one of our top ripper-docs."

"Pretty preem work for your second time kiddo but I'd recommend you go take a break or something. It's been ten hours already and I'm pretty sure V's gone out."

"Now why would I need a break?"

"Look kiddo, health is wealth. Go, get a drink or something and then come back."

"I'll be adequate, Julius. I appreciate your concerns but know that it wont hinder my work. Another patient will be coming here soon to screen his diagnostics."

"Fine… Suit yourself. I'm gonna go get a drink. Just don't kill anyone while I'm gone."

"Your worries are appreciated, doctor. Enjoy your rest." I waved before continuing my work.

It had to be stated that I still did not trust any of these fools. While I could tag them with Malware such actions would warrant suspicion from their Net runner who seemed to have quite the experience under her belt. So Instead I decided to scan for all their cybernetics with ways to backdoor into their systems. While most didn't seem to carry any I made sure that the ones that did were screened thoroughly.

My skills had to be developed further. To put into layman's terms. A netrunner had full access to the net, through their minds. They could fry the brains of individuals or hinder their movements from miles away. The ideal support of any group aiming to run through a technological world. A hacker such as myself hacked the net from a cyber modem or a cyber deck which lacked the versatility and strength a netrunner could easily achieve. In a metaphorical sense they were the apex predator of cyber space while I was it's visitor. While they could possibly wipe a town in a few hours I in the same amount of time could only achieve opening a door. A netrunners efficiency was to be feared and one reason why cybernetic augmentation was not an option. To put myself at that level of risk was the equivalent of allowing any mongrel to target me.

Not until I could create my Seraph series inference would I dare think of ever augmenting my psyche or body. The "Seraph" series interface similar to the Demon series was a series of personalised icons that served particular purposes in the net but was more ideal and fitting to my needs. While the legendary Rache Bartmoss was incredible for creating the Demon series, such interfaces were outdated. Even reverse engineering it was a pain. The amount of detail and work the man did was a testament to his intelligence, something I valued. It was a shame that he had to be flatlined. He would've proved effective under our care. So until I had the necessary tech and programs, there was much to be done.

[Check list]

[Develop "Victory" Power Bolter pistol: Complete]

[Develop "Vision" Helmet: Incomplete]

[Develop "Overlord" Power armour: Incomplete]

[Develop "Power" Armoured shock gauntlet: Incomplete]

[Develop "Michael" Seraph Interface: Incomplete]

[Develop "Infinity" Power sword: Incomplete]

Instead of completing my pet projects I was instead shuffled here to help the weak and poor… How despicable. It was their virtue that my mother had ordered me to help such fiends else I'd slaughtered them all. It was a shame my mother was a saint. The level of care she had for the world was childish. Kindness only earnt death in this world. Cleaning the area of dust and bacteria, my monologue was interrupted by another patient.

"Hey, uh… Where's Julius and V?" The man asked.

"They are currently on break. You'll be in my care for now, please take a seat," I explained, gesturing to the seat in front.

"So, ah. What do I call you? Kinda feels weird being helped by a kid you know… I was expecting someone of 'more' experience to be handling this," He explained, his hands fidgeting at my words.

"Have no fear, you are in capable hands. You may call me… Dr Doom."

"Dr. Doom? Sounds ominous…"

"Trust me I can hear the irony."

Date: 5th of June 2062

Location: Outside of Night city, Badlands

POV: Omniscient

"You know that corpo kid, he's not all that bad. He did a preem job patching me up."

"You know I don't trust him. Can't trust any of em. Ain't that how they lure you in? All nice and professional and sh*t before they stab you? I give him two days before he snaps."

"I mean have you met him yet? Real pro for his age. Haven't seen that level of professionalism since I went to that one whor*house."

"Really now? Now that is something. Lizzies, right?"

"Yeah, I tell yah what when it's your turn to see him you'll see. Little twerp knew more about my own body then I did. Crazy stuff. Thinking about it now, he's kinda nice for a corpo,"

"Probably the only corp you'll run into, they like their skyscrapers more so than the ground."

"True, probably don't even wipe their own arses."

"What ya'll chooms talkin bout?"

"Ah we're talkin bout Panams little input."

"Bah, that kiddo? Good lad. I thought Panam was into V though?"

"Thought so too but V and Panam parently ain't got that flame if you know what I'm saying."

"Yeah, I heard she's into city boys."

"Oh shut it you farts, these are kids we're talking about."

"Tch, ain't much to talk about ere in the sand yah know."

"Well going back to the little "Dr. Doom" has anyone seen him sleep? Feel like he's a Borg with how he's running the tent."


"Nah… Haven't seen him leave the tent… At all."

"Damn… Kids' got better work ethic than us…"

"Maybe the kid does deserve to be rich…"


"Yeah right! Hahahaha!"

"So, I hear Saul's going under Santiago's wing."

"Well not anything crazy to be fair. He has got a soft spot for the boy."

"Hmm it's understandable, what about the Hazza and them boys? What they been up too?"

"Heard they're still getting high off those Methylene tabs. Little sh*ts I call em."

"Oh there goes our new doc. Seems he's on break now."

Everyone in the group seeing the young Von Doom emerge into the crowd wondered why he had decided to finally leave his tent.

"Nah I think It's Saul. He's rounding us up for today's jobs now." Another replied seeing Julius and Vincent following behind.

"Alright party people, time for our daily notices and role order!" Santiago voiced, his words thundering to those who heard.

Going over his announcements not muched changed until it was time for Victor to be slotted into a group. Sitting on a chair he leaned his legs on top of a water cooler, his arms crossed.

"Oh and today Victor you'll be running with our scavenger group to see if you can find anything useful. I'll have you buddy up with Saul and Panam today," He revealed.

"No way! I ain't partnering with no corpo loser!" She spat.

"There ain't no arguing here Panam. You're just gonna have to deal with it," He ordered before driving away. The roar of his vehicle screeching forward, its voice heard throughout the camp leading others to begin moving about.

Panam, angered by such a decision, stormed off to Sauls vehicle. Who casually awaited them. Flicking through his engine's flux capacitor. A piece of technology which allowed for long travel, efficient fuel economy and use for any type of fuel at the price of speed and handling. The size of the thing meant that it had to use a smaller engine.

"Greetings, I presume we've met before. Saul?" Victor announced. Panam's eyes rolling at his formal speech pattern.

"Yep. We'll be running through the landfill today, gotta scavenge for some parts here and there. We'll be running with some of the other boys so that we don't lose pace. Better that way too, running solo always leads to trouble ." Saul voiced, as he not so subtly looked at Panam. The latter pointing the finger towards him.

"Now where was I? Ah yeah. Since you and Panam ain't gotta vehicle yet, you'll be with me until today or until you can find one yourselves."

"Understandable, when do we leave?" Victor questioned.

"We Delta now." Saul stated seeing the other squads move.


Date: 5th of June 2062

Location: Outside of Night city, Landfill

POV: Victor Von Doom

Arriving at the landfill I was greeted with a massive amount of trash that scaled into mountains and spanned into small towns. The once junkyard had become too big to simply be called one. Poor planning and littering had caused this conundrum. From condom rappers to damaged industrial vehicles it was all here. The stench of putrid, rotten corpses and feces bound to be mixed around here.

Our company had once avoided using such means and instead turned to more eco-friendly alternatives. Unfortunately such ideas were short lived as profit margins deemed it more costly than beneficial. Corporate greed my mother would say, to which I would agree. What I would not agree on is her talk of world peace. Human nature is fickle to such concepts. While our technology could heal the desolate lands of America it was too expensive, time lengthy and required no disturbances from the locals. Something that while successful in Australia could not be replicated in America. We had total domination in Australia, with the locals seeing our help as miracles… Our help here was equal to damnation, our so-called help being the work of socialists and communists. It seemed that my mothers attempts at creating a utopia was only a dream. A dream these insects didn't deserve.

Even her foundation was flimsy, the only reason its existence still exists is due to her funds from her beauty products and clothing line. If she were to ever die, then her foundation would go down with it. My father had once advocated for its support but ultimately declined as it neither gave profit nor positive PR. How could giving support to those in need ever be seen as negative? Children were fed, clothed and cared for. Army veterans were looked after. Single mothers and fathers tendered too. The homeless were even given homes and jobs. The whole organisation was none profit. Typical humans, spitting at the kindness of gods.

While the thought of rummaging through trash was detestable at first it was soon found that I could finally use one of my abilities to recycle random trash and with such trash all around this would be a perfect opportunity. While I had used it before I had no uses for it. I could always obtain the best parts and utilities from my father. Scrapped parts would also be separated into grades of material that were rated as such "Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and legendary". These parts could also be scrapped and turned into scrap which would then be rated into the aforementioned ratings. Conversion rates were 1:10000.

Scrap as of right now could only be converted into actual parts if I was near a workstation. Or a table which was recognised as one. This means if I were to use it, I would need to be near one and even then I required a schematic that I had to draw out physically. Old tech style with paper and pen limiting the time I could construct tools by a hundred fold. While conversion for scrap was instantaneous to a point, actual construction of parts required a large amount of time. Time ranging from a week to a month. This was simply a waste of time, as in such a timeframe I could've already created what I intended. Then after all that waiting I was required to assemble it all together… The only positive to this was that parts that couldn't easily be created or ordered could be made. Flexibility and comfort was what this ability offered and with time could grow, as this was apparently merely the beginning. The ability was only in its first tier.

A limit to recycling junk was that I had to physically touch the object, the object be de-attatched from the ground, the object be abiotic in nature and have no apparent owner. Meaning structures, an individual's tools and living targets couldn't be recycled. Meaning its offensive capabilities were null. Had the second second and third capabilities be lifted this would be the ultimate weapon. To watch as an individual was warped into becoming my tools was a future endeavour I would approach. As my father did say "Even Filth has it's purpose".

The parts and scrap were also stored in my innerworld a somewhat hammerspace. It's where I stored most of my utilities; its current limits unknown. I had currently stored my personal pet-projects within and had amassed a large quantity of materials, equipment and vehicles in case I was ever isolated. Such contingencies had to be made. The entirety was void-like with only a blank space all around, its light blinding. Regardless the storage system was highly impeccable allowing me to abruptly draw on any fool planning to altercate with me. Strangely 'Scrap' was more characterised as a ball of silversitic metal that floated within my innerworld the more scrap being introduced allowing it to grow.

"Alright I'm gonna go see if I can find some spare parts for my flux. I'll leave you two to your own devices and if you see anything useful just grab em and chuck em on the back. Other than that don't stray too far, i'd hate to leave youse back," He smiled, before walking away. Turning to face Panam she already ran away east of Saul. Exquisite, this would leave less witnesses and the pain of making excuses.

*Common Scrap acquired x 1*

*Common Scrap acquired x 11000"

Recycling It seemed that trash such as wrappers only provided a single piece of scrap with large vehicles offering a good chunk. Ah yes, progress! Continuing my scavenge I eventually totalled an amount of 1200000 a large clearing now clear of trash. Though compared to what surrounded it mattered little, as tomorrow such a place would once again be trashed. This continuous flow of Scrap was interrupted when I stumbled across Panam being harassed by who? I had yet to check.

"Wowee look who we got here fellas… Fresh bait. Young one at it too…" A Wraith lusted, his hands by his junk as he stared at her. While I would normally be blind to such acts… This was simply disgusting. A man had morals which separated them from trash. It's what my mother had vitrued and something I agreed with. Only the strong could afford mercy, the weak - pity with trash deserving hell.

"f*ck off Raven Shivs, take one more step away and I'll end you!" She snapped, her hand steadily aimed towards the three that slowly surrounded her.

Eying their cybernetics I noticed cybernetic arms, hands and legs. Some optic cyberware as well. Older models which were defective and required high maintenance. The type of equipment you would only use due to necessity - possibly stolen. Any Idiot from miles away could see the cybernetic instalments. If these fools were aiming to be subtle then they failed by a hundred miles. While my scans couldn't identify yet what cybernetics were installed yet, they would soon.

Taking cover close to a ruined fridge I awaited my time to strike. She needed to learn her lesson that she was weak.





Turning to aim I started to worry she had been flatlined. That had been too quick, surely they wanted live bait right? Seeing the aftermath I was shocked… Three dead Wraiths, all of which were cleanly shot in the head… Impressive.

"Want some bitch" She snapped, her pistol now snapping to my head firing. Luckily I realised what she was going to do and ducked. Now that was a close one. Had I not trained for such situations I would've been done cleanly.

"That was not appreciated. Your slight mistake could have ended me," I snapped.

"Tch, you were probably watching, weren't you? Probably wanted a turn with me!" She swore.

"Hmph, as if you're worth anything to me. I'd rather die than touch you." I spat, before suddenly seeing a glare from afar. Tackling her to the ground a bullet was shot piercing my shoulder and hitting her lower torso.






Sniper… Distance - 100 kilometres south… Possible weaponry type - Semi-automatic. Calibre - .60… How vile.

The only calibre type possible of tearing through my clothes was anything above .30. While I'd feel the pain on anything lower it wouldn't penetrate (That shot pierced right through my shoulder into Panam's Lower shoulder). "Some heavy sh*t" Bubbles would say.

Looking over to her body she seemed to have gone out cold. The sudden pain and shock leaving her knocked out, how pathetic. Now down I turned to see the optic glare still watching over us. Luckily I had dropped near some sort of cover. Didn't want to be blamed for her death while still behind enemy lines. One had to have a reputation. Besides, she would serve well as a meat shield.

Feeling a cold chill run up my back I beckoned forward. "Victory" in my hand as I glared down at the man who dared to shoot me down. Lowering down to a low crunch I shifted my pistol forward. The target now in my sights. Feeling the wind pass through my skin, I smiled. An euphoric feeling washed over me as I glared at the man's barrel from afar. Firing ahead I buckled under the recoil. The pressure pushing up, the loud bang thundering throughout. A beast among monsters. Seeing smoke erupt within, I took another step back. The support allowed for another shot again. Re-adjusting I fired once more, the assurance now satisfactory as silence loomed over the field. If death was to enter a home, then I was the one who knocked.

Scanning the corpses of the fallen fools I started to ponder how these buffoons were always attacking us and made an interesting discovery.








"sh*t kid what happened?" Saul approached sprinting. Sweat by his brows as he started to frantically grab Panam.

"Wraiths," I gestured, my hands glossing over the corpses.

Confused he stared over to the corpses only to find their patches unidentifiable "Wraiths? Those f*ckers don't move around till dark… Those are… Damn." He muttered, before seeing Panam fallen. "She's been hit… We need to get her patched up, quickly."

"What she needs is to be evacuated. Who knows how long before more wraiths start pushing," I replied, bandaging her. It was good she was knocked unconscious - Less noise.

"You're right…" He accepted before alerting the others: Blank noise being his answer.

"f*ck.. We've been compromised…" He muttered, as sudden static rang in his ear.

"If what you propose is true then we must head back to camp. I'll patch her up while you drive," I replied before princess carrying her. While not the most efficient was the most optimal. Another way would cause pressure on her wound.

"Alright, it's 100 metres from here, stick close," He stated before jogging forward. Getting close to his vehicle we were immediately fired upon. Some of the shots bouncing off my back. Another hitting my lower thigh. The shot nearly knocking me to the floor. Whatever calibre these insects were using was ruthless.

"Drive!" I alerted, "Victory" drawn from hand again. The shots sending thunder towards the opposition. Sending shockwaves the recoil lowered via the window. My hands pushing down on the frames as it went away.

"I'm workin on it!" Saul shouted before igniting the ignition. His engine roaring and flying away. Going from 0 to 50 in a few seconds we dashed forward running over a few Wraiths. The crunch and screams comforted me as I started to tend to my wounds. Ripping the bullet out of my thigh I applied MPWK on my wound and onto Panams. While MPWK was favoured by militants it wasn't to the rich as it often left scarring, a foolish idea that I found amusing. It seems I would need a change of clothing.

"What happened out there?" Saul asked me.

"She got cornered by a few wraiths. She took them out but failed to account for the sniper behind her. Shot left in her shock," I explained.

"What about you? Where were you?" I asked.

"Was around when I heard some gunfire. Sprinted over after the first three." He revealed.

"We were made… There either lurks a rat amongst your midst or this was run by a corpo" I explained.

"What makes you sure?" He asked.

"Intuition. Something you get by being hunted everyday." I revealed.

"Hunted?" He wondered.

"There is always a price to pay for prosperity. You think being the son of the most powerful person in the world comes with comfort? Do not be delusional. The price of my urine is more than enough to feed the families of millions. My father raised a king, not a boy. A corporation of some sort had motives here and I will not allow for this transgression to be passed so easily… Either Militch, Arasaka, SovOil, KanTao or Biotechnica attempted this scandal," I revealed.

"That's.. A sad life," He grimaced.

"Sad?" I blurted.

"I don't even think you realise what kind of life you're living," He muttered.

"I know, I'm living mine," I assured.

"If that's what you believe." He commented, his words coming more as pity than comfort. Jealousy was all I gained from this conversation. Sheep would never understand the intent of a shepherd.

"Regardless, some sort of corporation has aimed for my life." I revealed while screening Panam for her vitals.

"And how do you plan to find that out?" Saul questioned.

"We will have to return to camp for further calibration on my scanner. It may prove effective," I explained, as my glasses started to stutter.

"What'd you pick up?" He asked.

"Something is jamming my optics. We will need to return back to study this properly. I have neither the equipment nor the time to study it here." I explained, attempting to connect to their internal network only to find nothing.

Something was seriously wrong here, either my database was compromised or something was jamming it. Either case was frightening, as it meant something was strong enough to compromise the tower.

"sh*t… More Raffen Shivs ahead, you think you can handle them?" He asked.

"Handle? Spare me the change," I replied, a rifle now appearing in my hand. While not custom made by myself, it was altered enough to shoot high calibre shots just a few levels below "Victory".

"Damn kid, where'd you find that?" Saul asked, seeing my precision rifle poke through the window.


Sending shots back, piercing the skulls of many. Seeing many lifeless and vehicles crash, we made it away safely. Albeit still wounded. Panam was out cold, Saul was fatigued and I was confused. Variables weren't adding up. Something was wrong…


Date: 5th of June 2062

Location: Night city, Von Doom Tower

POV: Omniscient

"Bubbles I've been compromised, you will be in charge of the boy…" Virgil sighed as his hands moulded into blades. His every move cutting down enemies. Feeling it slice through bone, flesh and metal it made no difference - the warmth of their blood leaving him ice cold.

"I thought you had "The Board" covered? What's changed?" Bubbles asked, confused.

"They got help from Militech and Arasaka, it seems they've been actively going against our backs from the beginning." He continued, as he slowly walked towards a firing squad. Unfazed, chambers upon chambers of ammunition were wasted against Virgil who watched in amusem*nt as the shots bounced off a transparent electric field that surrounded him - their attempts only leading to a sinister smile.

"Either way activate Protocol: Anu, the boy will understand in time," Virgil voiced, as the skull of one of the militech's operators was crushed by his hands. The bone, blood and metallic optic cyberware flying everywhere - As the next moment his body was disintegrated and integrated into Virgil arm.

"It's been an honour sir," Bubbles replied, his words cut short as Virgil closed his channel.

"Likewise." Virgil muttered.

Continuing forward Virgil Crushed and stomped on the lives of many soldiers ahead of him. The effort required to do so, null. For even if ants came in numbers, water would continue to drown it. For every move that Virgil made was a natural disaster, one couldn't stop it, only wait for it to settle through.

"Ah, how amusing. I would refrain from firing any more. Such would be a wasted effort," Virgil commented as he held another by the neck and flung it towards another. The velocity pushing them out the window and into the streets below.

Rushing in through the same window, an armed Militech soldier wearing Power armour barged in, shoulder missiles launchers darting towards him. Virgil Unafraid merely re-directed the missile back to the tin-can. The blast knocking him back.

Standing at 8ft tall the Hulking piece of technological advanced Militech soldier armed with the power armour stood still eyeing Virgil. Armed with the latest tech the machine was bred for war. Hand cannons, laser optics, enhanced capabilities, and more, it seemed that nothing could stop it. Blitzing forward with what seemed to be a sandevistan, Virgil shook his head disappointed.

"Is this all Militech has to offer?" Virgil asked as he watched the death machine march closer in inhuman speed. Virigl, not taking a step forward, then watched as the Death machine fell face flat in front of Virgil who now towered over the fallen metallic beast.

Sensing more targets he reached out his palms and constructed a magnitude of power cannons which struck enough firepower to tear through a city block. Aiming at the elevator which somehow was still operational he fired ahead the blast eliminating a crew of soldiers and some that wished to sneakily jump him.

"Hmm enough time has passed now." Virgil muttered before viewing his data log.

[All databases and systems have been wiped]

[Daemon: Contagion successful]

[All 303 targets have been eliminated]

[Enemy systems have been sabotaged]

Seeing the posted messages Virgil walked over to the window and watched as Militech Manticores fired away at his position before dropping down below on its citizens. Content with the destruction he activated his final call.

[Activating protocol: Doomsday]

[Upload… Successful]

[Systems will shutdown in approximately…]

[2 seconds…]

Looking into the sky Virgil couldn't help but sigh. He had fallen into the same trap as his predecessor. Looking up at mars, his body suddenly dropped down below into the open crowd. The nanites fading into the air leaving nothing but wind in his wake.

From afar the Aldecados were shocked. The scene of Von Doom tower collapsing in front of their very eyes. While even afar, the once proud tower was now gone. It's powerful figure now voided.

"I swear Von Doom tower was just there… What the hell is going on," One of the Aldecados voiced confused. A group of them huddling together to view the vacant spot, as a sudden smoke screen rose above covering the sky.

"No…" June muttered, her eyes frozen as a message darted her way. Bubbles sitting across from the group maintained distance, quiet as he watched from afar.

"What's with all the… No…" Santiago voiced before pausing. Turning on the news the sight of the tower collapsed on other buildings. Seeing Police officers, Trauma team and the Von Doom personale moving about; the sight was almost eerily similar to the bombing of 2023. Destroyed buildings, shattered glass scattered around the street in abundance, distraught and wounded citizens, crying parents at the loss of their children and missing limbs scattered across everywhere.

To add salt to injury the destroyed infrastructure was the least of worries as Gangs and Citizens attempted to use the chaos to their advantage. The pillaging of tech and vehicles all being stormed about. The neon lights and concrete walls only seemed to leave the scene dreadful - A city of Doom.

"Breaking news, Von Doom tower has suddenly collapsed. Not a statement has been made but from what we can infer a possible terrorist attack was made on our beloved corporation. We can only hope that Mr and Missus Von Doom made it out safely," The news reporter stated, the camera man panning over to a soldier who walked towards them. Her pace systemic, with her posture straight and her gaze cold. She seemed to be a part of the VDA, The Von Doom's private army.

"Hello mam, may we please get a statement? Just what happened here," She asked excitedly.

"A statement will be released soon, for now, move along," The militant alerted, her finger going from against the ridge of the barrel to the trigger.

"Alright," The reporter muttered before pacing away slightly frantically. Back at the Aldecado camp, many went silent as they viewed June. Tears dripping from her eyes as she seemed lost in motion.

"June, it's okay. Everything will be alright… We'll work something out," Santiago comforted not knowing what to do.

"Wasn't he an asshole?" One of them whispered.

"It's a long story, kid… Now's not the time nor the place," Santiago expressed, shaking his head.

"We need to delta now. Whatever happened here is a big red flag. Where's the Scrap group?" Santiago asked, his gaze hurriedly looking about.

"They just entered a few moments ago. Only Saul and the two Gremlins made it back," One replied.

"And their condition?"

"Panam and the boy were struck. Panams in shock while the boy seems fine, Saul got lucky, he's in full capacity."

"Let's move then."


Date: 6th of June 2062

Location: Night city, Badlands

POV: Victor Von Doom

"Nice wound let me guess, your pride got the best of you? Thinking about playing the hero and saving the damsel in distress. Typical." Bubbles reprimanded, his hands crossed as he hovered up top of the Aldecados.

"I merely wished to minimise casualties. A mere wound is a small price to pay for the life of another," I voiced.

"But is that life worth yours?" He beckoned, his words slicing any probable defence I anchored. As any rebuttal would mean less of me and more of her. That would be something i'd never agree too.

"Like I said kid. Pride is the devil." He tempered. Heaving his words, silence emanate the atmosphere. Wanting to break the silence I asked him.

"So my father… Is he gone?" I asked. While I knew my fathers time would come, It never hit me that it would be so soon. So sudden. There were no words exchanged before his demise and even then I was left clueless as to how he did. There was only a void. Which premenated my existence. Such a feeling was foreign and one I wished never to feel again.

"Unfortunately." Was all he stated, his voice never wavering as he looked ahead. Lifting a cigar from his pocket smoke filtered in and out of his lungs.

"Say.. You never mentioned how you met my father," I asked.

"On the beaches of Australia was where I met your father. I was but a boy when I met him. I came across him when I was fishing by myself - he was drowning. Not knowing what to do I dived in to save him… Only to nearly drown alongside him. We were luckily saved by another fisherman who rode alongside me. On that day is where my name "Bubbles" emerged," He smiled.

"He was lost and full of rage but… He had a dream. A dream I respected and decided to follow," He reminiscenced.

"And what was that dream?" I asked, curious as to who the man my father was, as well as his aid who seemed almost opposite to my fathers demeanour. The man rarely opened up and when he did it was only through his lessons.

"Your father wished to change the world for the better," He expressed, shocking me. My father? Changing the world? Impossible, that was something my mother only ever wished or dreamed about.

"But that's impossible, my father would never dream about such things," I stated.

"Once upon a time child," He wavered his eyes empty as he spoke those words.

"And you never questioned him?" I asked, surely even he had his doubts.

"Your father wished to change the world. Whether he wished to save the world… or destroy it the next, mattered not. The man had conviction even as a child, it was there I knew that I had found something worth fighting for. For his conviction alone sold me," He smiled.

"Listen to me now Virgil… A man must have a dream… No matter big or small. As people's dreams never end."

"A dream never ends, huh?" I muttered to myself.

"What exactly happened at Von Doom Tower?"

"Your father was betrayed by "the Board" with the assistance of Militech."

"So why are we going the other way?" I raged. Why were we cowardly retreating? We could easily destroy them.

"For now, grow stronger." He expressed.

"What do you mean in time? How can I sit idly while my fathers killers still breathe?" I asked.

"Is this the same boy who was wounded by a mere bullet?" He snapped, his voice quickly quietening me.

"Your father entrusted me with your care and you wish to fight back? If your father died so easily what makes you believe that you have any chance of destroying them? If you die, so does Von Doom Industries. Continue to live, it's the only thing you can do in this cursed world."

"But even then! Can't we do something? Why must we run?" I asked.

"To fight another day. Do you not understand?"

"But…" Unable to voice another opinion I quietly sat back down near my mother.

"It's okay my child… Your feelings are to be understood," She comforted, as dry tears weep from her face.

"I just don't understand why it had to end this way," I muttered defeated.

"Life is a series of battles… Not all victories teach a lesson," She voiced caressing my face.

"So what do we do now?"

"We lay low until-," Bubbles voiced before a sudden thud was heard a missile causing our Osprey to crash land. Bracing on a railing, I steeled my senses, my mother clutching onto me. Tightening my grip I awaited for the fall.

"Brace for impact." Bubbles continued.


Getting up from the wreckage I awoke to Arasaka troops surrounding our front. A menacing figure ahead who seemed to eye Bubbles.

"Well, Well, look who we have here." A sinister voice chimed. Turning to look, I paused dazed at the metallic demon ahead of me - Adam Smasher.

"I thought I killed you Adam, I remember clearly ripping that fleshy head of yours out of your tincan," Bubbles spat. A giant sledgehammer gripped on his hand, the size astronomical in proportion to his already large frame. What made it more impressive was that he wielded it with one hand.

"You're correct; but I lived and now I'm going to f*ck you up," He stated before rushing Bubbles. My mother and I attempting to not get shot hid away. Ducking behind some steel. Though not being a fool I fired back my shots doing some serious damage to his squad.

Still watching him weave around the sandevistan of Adam Smasher was impressive. Seeing him duck and weave left me in awe.

"You're "Upgrades" aren't doing much co*ck head," Bubbles spat his hammer slamming on Adams head. The latter's body being forced into the ground.

"It's doing quite nicely," He smiled, striking Bubbles in the leg.

"I don't have such weaknesses anymore." Adam cheered as his shoulder opened up and shot at Bubbles body. Closing my eyes I expected the worst. Bubbles did say he was human.

"You think missiles will work on me? Like they did last time." Bubbles smiled as he headbutted Adam smasher. Looking closely his body seemed to have odd dark particles which swirled around his gut.

"I should've known better… Oh, wait, I did." He chuckled as the next scene shocked me and Bubbles. He managed to pierce his heart, the man managing to grab hold of it and crush it. Bubbles falling to the ground spat blood confused.

"Never thought i'd get you, huh? Chrome never betrays," He voiced before knocking him over. Walking towards our position his imposing figure sent chills down my back as I attempted to fire upon him. The bullets doing nothing as he continued to walk closer.

"No!" My mother shouted before charging forward. Her arms revolving around to reveal electric canons which charged and fired at Adam Smasher. The shot knocking him back.

"f*cking bitch!" He swore before knocking her to the ground and stomping on her head. Her execution freezing my entire world. Pausing for almost years I stared at the demon with rage.

Feeling the world pause, my heart paced with vigour ruling throughout my body. A presence almost controlling me to destroy the enemy Infront of me.

"YOU… DARE!" I snapped, charging him. While futile I couldn't just let this tin can go. He needed to die, to suffer at my hands.

"Heh, f*ck up meat bag," He chuckled, as he sliced at my face. Blood now gushing from the left of my face. Lifting me from the throat I struggled against his metallic grip.

"Time to meet mummy f*ckface," He cheered before being tackled by Bubbles.

"Run!" He fumed.

"I thought I killed you LEGION!"

"Heh, you did," He smiled before giving me one last thumbs up.

Attempting to save him I was instead pulled away by Saul who dashed away.

"There's no chance kid," He apologised before chucking me into his vehicle.

Watching Bubbles smile from afar I gripped onto the vehicle tearing as he was inevitably crushed. Watching Adam smasher stumble his eyes locked with mine sneering. Attempting to rid the scenes of my mother and Bubbles I steeled myself. One day Smasher. One day.


Date: 7th of June 2062

Location: Outside of the border of the Republic of Texas

POV: Omniscient

Viktor, unable to move on, stared at the floor frozen. His mind lost in thought. Like a waffle in the air he wondered of. Donning a metallic mask he seemed more like a statue than a person. A cold blanket now washing over the young Doom, reality swaying his mind like a pendulum. From side to side, the memory relieved itself. A continuous cycle of attempting to forget and remember waging war in his mind. A cold reality he had to awaken to when he regained conscious.

"You think the kid is gonna be alright?" Saul asked Santiago, his hands crossed as he lamented.

"He'll live," Santiago expressed, a frown on his face as he looked on at the broken child, not knowing how to comfort him,"He's a tough kid… He'll come around."

"I sure hope so," Saul muttered, scratching his stache.

"So what do we do from here? With this, a quarter of our incomes been cut off," Saul asked silently.

"We do as we always did before. We live, even if the Von Doom familys gone we've got our own to care too," He sighed, before lighting a cigarette.

"I thought you quit?" Saul asked confusedly, a brow raised at the cig.

"Always have one when on me in case family died," He revealed, his face calmed and soothed as he puffed. The nicotine and tar entered his lungs.

"You're not gonna live long like that you know," Saul warned.

"I'm still standing, boy. What a brat like you know about life." He sneered.

'Been in this world for too long anyway…' Santiago thought, memories of his childhood resurfacing. He had been here for almost 70 years. It was a miracle he wasn't dead yet. He had always thought that he'd die by the trigger, not by old age. The thought of such a thing leaving the younger him snickering… Yet he was still here. Carrying the memories and sorrows of his brothers and sisters. Such a feeling was truly depressing.

"Hows Panam holding up?" Santiago asked.

"She's fine still resting though. She woke up a few minutes ago but remained in bed, she might be up soon," Saul revealed.

"She's got a real temper that kid, remember her father was like that back when he was a little sh*t. Somethings never change I guess," He smiled again.

"Alright, gramps I'm gonna go see Julius tell Cassidy he owes me one too," Saul waved before leaving the old man to his own devices, the latter deciding it was best to leave the child to brood. Turning to check once more he saw Panam sit next to the young Von Doom.

"Hey Julius, need a little help," Saul asked the elderly gentleman who seemed to be downing a whiskey bottle.

"What of it kid?" Jullius asked.

"I need help comforting the kid but I don't know how too. Ain't my forte," Sual admitted. The atmosphere quite dull after the Von Dooms incident.

"Look Saul… Things like that… Only time can heal. I once lost my mother and father too. It's to be expected. Nothings goes accordingly in this accursed world. Not a single good thing comes out of it. Time is the best remedy and perhaps a little whiskey to top it off." Julius stated.

"Look I just can't help but feel bad for him. He lost both parents on the same day, he saw Aunt get curb stomped in front of him. Ain't no one deserves that. That kid put his life on the line to save Panam… I feel like sh*t knowing we can't save him," Saul expressed.

"That's life kid, we just gotta take the punches as they come. No matter how hard they come." He sighed.

"Look, if you really wanna help him. Bring em here, it'll keep him busy at least for a while. He's a pretty good ripper-doc for a beginner. Might teach em a few things here and there," Julius expressed, looking over at V. The latter more interested in cassidys ways than his.

"And tell V to stop making all that noise," He continued.

Standing far from the rest "V" concentrated at the punching bag ahead of him. The blows heavy on each impact with his eyes glued to his front. Delivering a heavy right hook he sweated from head to toe.

"What's with all the energy?" Saul asked V.

"Don't know… Just… Feel like punching something…" V answered.

"Is it cause of the recent events or?"

"Nah… That ain't it. It's just… I don't know… Don't know how to explain it but it ain't that,"





"Jealous Panams all over the new boy?"

"No… I just… I hate it, you know? This choom comes out of nowhere and hes got everything I ever wanted… Money, power and respect and suddenly everyones sucking his ass? Then he loses everything and they feel bad for him? He's a goddamn corpo. Who knows how many people they've killed to stand on top of everyone. What about us? What about me? Where's my pity, where's my luck. Here I am surviving day to day when that damn dickhe*d comes here acting like top sh*t. I… I just hate it, Saul. It ain't fair," V snapped, his fists suddenly dropping to his side.

"I was angry too, you know. I thought he was some washed up punk but then when I went into that junkyard and he told me something that made me realise just what he truly was." Saul stated, his arms crossed as he leaned against a tent.

"And that's what? That he is somehow suffering from success? Spare me the bull Saul," V snapped.

"He doesn't have a choice V. We do," Saul chimed.

"And what does that exactly mean?" V retorted.

"Victor doesn't get to live a life of prosperity that I once thought. An heir like him was doomed to live in his fathers shadow. Do you know how many enemies that one kid has to face?" Saul questioned.

"How many?" V asked.

"All of em. Not a single day where that kid doesn't have to think about someone backstabbing him or having ulterior motives. That kid's living in a box he can't crawl out of." Saul lamented. "And now he's living in ours.."

"That still doesn't excuse that sh*tty attitude of his besides… He got the better head start. At the end of the day he gets to make a choice, not us, Saul. Not us," V replied.

"Perhaps but he's as new to our world as we are to his. Maybe one day he'll warm up to us." Saul described.

"Or maybe one day he'll be the end of us." V snapped.

"Who knows… We only live once." Saul casually delivered.

"I guess we do…" V muttered.

Panam and V sitting side by side listening to the silence of the air. Panam unable to voice her words to the other boy.

"What do you want? I'm not in the greatest condition to hear your complaints" Victor voiced.

"Look… I just wanted too… Thank you for saving me. I heard from Saul what you did for me… Thank you once again. I probably wouldn't have made it out of there without you," She thanked.

"Your thanks is appreciated, but I detest your pity," Victor replied dully, his eyes still glued to the floor.

"What withs the mask?" Panam asked, her mind wondering to figure something out. To pull out the fallen Von Doom from his shell.

"It's healing my face," Viktor replied before standing up.

"Where are you going?"

"Need some space, need some air." Viktor muttered as he walked away.


Date: 7th of June 2062

Location: Outside of the border of the Republic of Texas

POV: Victor Von Doom

Sitting on top of a metallic throne I stared far beyond in my inner world, its blankness leaving me envisioning. Ideas and concepts rummaging through. I had to be patient - persistent. The death of my mother and father could not hinder me. Bubbles words rang true… I had to have a dream… A dream of world domination. A dream to save this world. This anger… This feeling… I could never let it go. I had to grasp it, temper it, fuel it for it was my desire, my drive. The world would be my furnace, my will it's iron. I must refine, adapt and thrive. For that was who I am, Dr. Doom!

Suddenly as I almost imagined, my inner world contorted, the world went dark before a sky emerged, cracked beyond the ground as earth erupted lifting me up. Closing my eyes I was then met with an entirely new world - A garden of eden. Thriving forestry, flourishing flora. It was an utopia of prosperity and on top of it was my floating island. With freezing time started to dilate at a 1:3 ratio. A single minute here, worth a quarter outside. It was finally time to work.

Looking over my schematics I noticed that a green hue hovered above it when drawing. It was a variant of "Victories" blueprint. An interesting discovery which I decided to form. Imbuing it with the scrap metal it started to form. "Victory" now grasped within my hand, holding it alongside the original I noticed two slight differences. The weight and hue that surrounded it. The original weapon had a heavier grasp with the second now lighter and covered in a slight green hue that reflected. Firing the new I noticed a slight decrease in recoil which made absolutely no sense. Disassembling it I noticed that the hue disappeared with all parts being exactly the same.

How particular. Rearranging the second and first pieces I noticed that both weapons now lacked any distinct hue. A discovery that meant only the "enhanced" parts could be used to create the "Uncommon" variant. It seems the weapon or mystic powers which controlled this enhancement could recognise what differed and what remained similar.

Further study through my stockpile noticed that all of my schematics now had a green hue which emanated from it. With only a few sloppy schematics which I rushed to see the difference in quality being the normal tone. This led me to believe that the higher quality schematic and detail that I enhanced the better the "enchantment" could achieve. Perhaps their were better variants waiting to be discovered. It was time to document it.

"Victory I"

Scope: Demos VX-3 2.5-8×32

Ammunition type: Calibre .55

Weight: 2kg

Recoil: Heavy (10/10)

"Victory II" *Enhanced"

Scoper: Demos VX-3 2.5-8×32

Ammunition type: Calibre. 55

Weight: 1.8kg

Recoil: Heavy (9/10)

While slightly different, a slight difference meant everything in combat. Flicking through I decided to look over My helmet designs. While my current was metallic, it resembled more of a pilot helmet. I instead needed something else. A design of fear. While many enthralled me there was one which left me entranced. Its overall design similar to a face, two slits for my eyes and a mouthpiece which was left open for speech. It seemed to call to me. To create it, to bring it to life… and I complied. For it was me, who will it. Grasping it within my hand I stared deeply into the iron mask. It's stats were as such:

Mask of Wrath

Weight: 2 kilograms


Infrared vision

X-ray vision


Line tracer (Ricochets, potential incoming projectiles)

Auto-targeting (Smart projectiles)

Anti-facial recognition (Static)

While the added gadgets work it made the overall aesthetic of the mask diminish as it required one side of the eye slits to be blocked. With the weight now being multiplied by over a hundred. More time and effort was needed, an image now propping into my mind. The ideal vision of my future.

Me, wearing armour of steel, trotting over the corpses of my enemies. My followers destroying all that they dealt, the site would be beautiful. A masterpiece of my own creation. Followers… I would need to design followers… Of course. I couldn't simply rely on the testaments of flesh… But even then flesh couldn't be overturned by cyberware… I needed time. As time was all I had. With time I would build an army, a world within a world. A world that would be mine. Only then would my parents be avenged. Whoever killed my father was most likely Arasaka. Arasaka and Militech… They'll pay for this.


Date: 7th of June 2062

Location: Japan, Arasaka HQ

POV: Omniscient

"So we've finally destroyed the northern emperor…" Hanako voiced surprised at the ruined tower.

"I can't believe it… 200 years and they finally end here?" Michiko continued.

"It almost felt too easy," Another board member replied.

"They're nothing to Arasaka!" Another sneered.

Michiko viewing the battle of Von Doom tower was shocked at Virgil Von Dooms lethality and efficiency - His techniques eerily similar to that of aikido and karate. Even with the fully nanomachine body his skill shined through.

"To think that Virgil would be this powerful," Hanako stated shocked at the video, the video suddenly paused when Virigl eyes glowed.

"It's a shame we never recovered his files on the technology…" Yorinobu sighed.

"With such technology we could possibly reach mars!" Michiko stated before quietening down. Her eyes gazing to her father who seemed pressed. His metallic fingers tapping methodically before finalising his gaze towards Yorinobu.

"Yorinobu… Why did you let the boy live? Did I not task you of total extermination?" Saburo questioned, his taps now turning into a full smash into the marble table.

"He's a mere boy, he poses no threat," Yorinobu answered, his eyes gazing back. Their conversations leaving the others mute.

"You do not know their history, boy. The eastern dragon is by no means finished. A Von Doom always rises from the ashes," Saburo acknowledged.

"The board is now under our control any attempts of them returning are finished." Yorinobu snapped.

"Failure cannot be tolerated Yorinobu, this is your last warning. This meeting is dismissed," Saburo snapped before sending everyone away, the sole person remaining being Hanako. Her head lowered as she awaited her fathers command.

"You must know of your brother's treachery. It is only because of blood that he remains standing, Hanako." Saburo stated, a hologram now floating in front viewing Yorinobu's team flying away.

"But I don't understand father? The Von Doom Family is finished, we've won." Hanako expressed. While she did not always agree with her fathers methods, his love for her brother remained stronger. Even if he managed to come back from his rebellious youth, his past sins did not remain forgotten.

"The Von Doom family poses a threat no matter the size, the only way for our success to blossom is by destroying them completely," Saburo muttered as a picture of a young Virgil Von Doom kneeling to Saburo projected. The image shocking Hanako. A revelation coming to her mind.

"Virgil Von Doom was never meant to be emperor… He was raised to be a knight. Yet he re-built a fallen kingdom into an empire… Now his son lives… A boy perfected to be my biggest thorn. Tell me this, Hanako - What do you expect now?"

Chapter 4: Fancy Clown

Date: 30th of june, 2075

Location: Night city

POV: Omniscient

"Welcome to Night City Doctor, Enjoy your stay," The border officer expressed his demeanour, not at all enthusiastic.

Sitting across from the officer sat a 190cm armoured titan - A dark silver mask leaving the figure incognito. Lined with a reinforced black and purple jacket which stretched to his shoulders and ran down to his back, the figure emulated a presence of mysticism, ethereal and alien to the world which surrounded him. Armour in his inner torso was titanium plated with an ebony finish. Plated with custom tech the man demonstrated a presence of authority. His overall aesthetic that of a corporate merc or death machine.

"Here's your iron sir… It's quite the piece…" The border security replied looking at the Hand Cannon. It's weight awkward to the average hand. Struggling to lift it, it instead floated to the figures hand. The scene leaving the security and others dazed.

"Magnetism?" He asked befuddled. His worries left to haunt him as no answer ushered, the elusive figure leaving. About to ask once again, static altered his vision before returning to normal - His memory now fuzzy.

"Huh.. Must have been the wind.." He muttered before continuing his work.

Walking out silently, Victor made his way towards his vehicle parked up by the edge of the border, his iron holstered by his hip. A Chopper motor-bike which allowed for ease and comfort. The air and wind blasting past him as he roared his engine, the noise equal to roaring lion or dragon. Thundering away he drove into the high-way and eventually into the inner city of Night city.

The neon flickers and concrete jungle welcoming him back. The scent of tar, nicotine and trash fueling the air. A memory of once upon a time filing in. Going past scenes of depravity he was once again reminded why Night City was such the glorified hell hole it was. While it allowed freedom from government hands it did not from corporate overlords. The brands of Arasaka, Biotechnica and Militech flooding the commercial billboards - a display which he harboured with great disgust. Parking outside a bar he awaited a certain call, the fixers in this city abit too comfortable with their dealings compared to texas.

"Hey Choom, nice ride." A voice hollored. Turning his head he scanned the figure immediately and was surprised by the statistics.

[SCAN RESULTS: Jackie Welles]

[AFFILIATION: Valintinos (former)]




CYBERWARE: Altered Kyoshi Optics mk I, Reinforced bone structure, Von Doom reinforced exo-skeleton Mk III

WEAPONRY: Tsunami Nue, Machete

"You seem pretty buff amigo, you work out?" The 200cm latino figure asked from his customised arch. The sight peculiar as the figure slightly towered over the motor-bike a purple hue .

"On occasions," Victor answered as he noticed the man didn't harbour any alternative motives. He seemed genuine, unlike the corporate rats and street dogs which rummaged about.

"How much do you bench? I barely got past 400 pounds, I could do 500 back in the day but I got a bit rusty. All this work got me too busy to hit the gym," He smiled.

"10 tons," Victor replied.

"Heh, a joker eh? Why don't we grab a drink? You seem new in town, wouldn't mind going for a few rounds, just got lucky today," Jackie smiled.

"Perhaps another time," Victor replied as he received a message and transfer.

[§196'219'046 - §196'319'046]

Bobby Mint Vascow - Hey Doc, look I've transferred the full amount. Please, just save my daughter alright? I've already tried everyone in Night city. Even those f*ckers in Arasaka… your my last hope. Please.

Dr Doom - Understand you are in safe hands.

Bobby Mint Vascow - Look thanks for coming all the way out here, it was hard trying to find a good doctor much less the rippers around here. Too many scumbags not enough skill. I've sent the coords, see you soon.

"On the clock?" Jackie asked.

"Slightly, such jobs require a delicate touch." Victor answered before driving off. His next destination "The Glen" Heywood. The apartment complex quite aesthetically pleasing, with its viewing of the lower city it was an interesting sight. Knocking on the door he was greeted with Bobby. The man's eyes and face showcasing sleep depravity and extreme drug intake.

"She's here," He answered. A bed in the middle of the apartment with an unconscious girl sleeping atop of it. Her skin pale and extremely withered in appearance. Screening her he was slightly impressed at her condition, her will to survive strong with the amount of irregulars.

"They said she had 2 weeks left to live doc… Is there any way you can save her?" Bobby asked.

"A number of tumours, a failing heart, failing kidneys, failing liver, a damaged nervous system, major bruising around the neck, leg, thigh, stomach, arm and cheek bone." Victor answered.

"So you can't?" He asked, distraught.

"This was a simple diagnostic… This is salvageable Mr Viscow. The question is.. Is it worth it?" Victor asked.

"Anything for my daughter, doctor. It's a fathers responsibility and my wife's last memory. She's just a kid, I'd give her the world," Bobby answered, conviction by his side as he pushed every ounce of vigour in his voice.

"Even your life?" Victor asked.

"Even my life," He replied.

"A sufficient answer," He acknowledged before flexing his hands over her body.

"What remains in this room, remains between you and I, your god," Victor stated, as his eyes started to glow. The world pausing and freezing as it contorted and bended to his will. Entering, the child was displayed within an ethereal form. The body a canvas to which he decided to temper with.

While his powers had yet to evolve into flesh crafting he was close, soon a biological army combined with his steel would be a force to be reckoned with. World domination was close, only a missing strand of data was missing that he lacked. It was a missing concept which was so close yet so far.

Pulling her into his innerworld he decided to start his procedure. While his innerworld bent to his will, anything outside could not. With conceptualised items not being able to be brought out. Thus, with extreme calculations he could solve any issue inside his mind free to wonder and ponder.

"Hmm… the re-structure of her nervous system will be tiring," Victor muttered, as each reconstructed body part had to be calculated to the quadrillionth decimal. A single in-correct decimal meaning total failure and with nerves each one had to be done to the centillionth and in the human body there were 7 million. Only he, the true god of this world, is capable of such things.

While doing such miniscule or other worthless jobs seemed meaningless they proved effective in tempering his control.

Even spending time in his inner-world improved his capacity as previously manipulating reality in such a space was practically impossible, the time dilation affecting his age. But as he turned 18 his body had practically been fully grown to that of an adult. Then after such weaknesses was never mentioned again as his body stayed that age. To put into perspective, if his true age was to be revealed, then mentally he was ninety-four. But physically he was only ever twenty-five as time was relative he never accounted for it. As time for him was merely a construct that would be imposed only on mortals.

Spending a few hours he fully reconstructed her body. The tumours now removed with all the previous failing organs restored to full capacity. Injecting nanites into her blood streem they quickly worked to re-activate the inactive cells which permeated her system, the nervous system now in full effect. Returning back to the outerworld. Her eyes started to flicked before waking up.

"I can't believe it…" Bobby muttered flamboyantly, his eyes dripping with tears as he hugged and embraced his daughter. Victor deciding to leave, walked away, the commission complete.

"It's been a pleasure Mr Vascow." Victor stated before nearing the front door. The duo silent as they hugged. That was until the girl started to cry, her cry more akin to shriek or call for help.

"Please… Save me." The girl whimpered silently. Bobby hearing her cry clutching tighter, his arms now forcing her to remain silent. The air from her lungs being tightened from the pressure.

"I've already paid doc, leave," Booby swore, his deamour switching from sweet father to an obsessive overlord.

"It seems those wounds weren't by accident then," Victor stated turning around, his footsteps while quiet shook the room with his presence.

"She's my daughter Doctor. I've already given you everything!" He swore.

"Not everything Mr Vascow…" Victor omniousily voiced.

"Hear me now Carocilla Vascow. What are you willing to offer for your life?" Victor asked, his eyes glowing menacingly as Bobby was now subjected to a frozen world.

"I give my soul!" She answered, her voice grasping for freedom.

"A worthy price," Victor accepted, his hand now stretched out, Carocilla escaping her fathers reach and grasping it; The touch euphoric before excruciatingly painful her hand burning from the touch. Collapsing on the floor she laid dormant unable to move, a sigil now grasped within her hand. Nanites corroding into it before reaching her heart and brain before a mystical force chained her soul to Victors. A mystical link that allowed her to see Victor's soul, the light blinding and ominously crimson red.

Like Victors father would say "Even filth has its uses". When the time was right she would follow through. Completely exiting the apartment complex he was interrupted by a voice call. One which he ignored. Seeing the caller I.d as anonymous he opened the voicemail that was left.

"Already in Night City and you don't wanna meet your sweet old aunt? Come by the Afterlife, we got biz to talk," Rogue stated.

"Hmm… This will be something…" Victor muttered before driving away, the drive somewhat peaceful besides the occasional moans and attempted robberies that occurred around him. Arviving to the old morgue he was met with alot of stares. The outsiders snickering at his presence.

"Looks like fresh meat tryna come through." One voiced cynically, his tone all in all condescending. Humoured at the sight of Victor while also wary.

"You think they'll let him in? He looks like one of those Arasaka ninja's I've been hearing bout," Another continued worried.

"Doubt it, but we'll see. Haven't seen his mug about, doubt any corpo would come around here. Especially an Arasaka one."

"Perhaps Militech then? He's got the steel for one. Choom looks like he eat granite for dinner. More chrome on his body than some borgs. f*ck he might even be a borg with that equipement.."

Victor, not caring for the mobs, walked in and made his way to the lower floors. Turning to the side a bouncer greeted him by the double doors his stature similar but larger to that of Jackie Welles.

"Interestin look, who might you be?" The bouncer asked snorting. Victor not wanting to hastle the bouncer decided to keep things simple and efficient.

"Victor," He replied.

"Ah, she said somethin bout you, welcome in," He stated opening the door. A bar now coming into view the looks of mercs bustling about. Their gazes wondering about, a few eyeing the unfamiliar merc that entered. His presence not matching his rep, the combination indicating a new merc added into the afterlife. As with Rogues network only the "best" of the best achieved a chance in, with rep being a key factor. A Nobody meant two things, a client or an outsider. Both meant business.

"Wanna drink?" A girl asked suggestively, the other merc avoiding her like a plague. Victor noticing this scanned immediately, in nature if one could find it easily then it was a sign it was best to avoid it.

[SCAN RESULTS: Marriah "Kitty" Facisitio]

[AFFILIATION: Afterlife Merc]



CYBERWARE: Thermal enhanced optics mk III, Arasaka Mantis blades, enhanced bone structure, enhanced synthetic lungs, Optical camo, Bio-monitor, Bionic joints, lynx paws, Von Doom neuro processors

WEAPONRY: Dual silenced* custom Nue, Modified* Militech Crusher

"I'd rather not," Victor declined. Women like this were an eyesore in the industry, a poison lotus that pulled one in before destroying you. Either through your wallet or through lead. He had been led on by many such types, all of which were left crawling away "satisfied" or dead.

"Oh come on~," She purred.

"The newbies mine," A voice projected. Mercy, about to argue, turned to see Rogue, the Queen of the Afterlife. Shying away she walked disappointed she couldn't gouge a cent or info from him. Fake laughing she quickly ejected much to the laughs of others who watched from afar unsure as to how the lonesome figure captured the attention of Rogue.

"Come with me we'll go somewhere… More discrete," She voiced. Victor agreeing decided to follow through. Their chamber being protected by Andrew Weylands son, Crispin Weyland or also known as Squama. The former once a legendary figure and solo.

"So how's life been for yah kid?" She asked downing on tequila, her other hand by a cig as she casually sat about.

"Sufficient." Victor answered deadpanned.

"I'm surprised you left the clan all those years ago. Never thought you'd come back. Texas get to old for you? What's brung you back?" She asked, her gaze never leaving her nephew-in-law. Unlike his familia he decided to stay in Texas all those years ago, his name infamous in the free state. While he ran two aliases, the one that earned more authority was "The Allfather".

"Peperations, ragnarok will soon come and I await its impending storm," Victor answered.

"Ominous, I see you've carried on your fathers legacy of theatrics. Though I must ask. Why alone? This ain't Texas boy. You're a nobody here," she warned.

"I came here to survey, not impede or conquer. Now is not the time," He expressed. As while Victor had all means to create an empire he did not have the resources nor influence to do so in Night city.

Time and knowledge was all he had and with it he created the perfect plan. His armada of steel had yet to be properly developed, the energy required to power them astronomical, his A.I yet to be perfected as well. A missing spark that allowed it to be created, as any attempted lead to create sentience presented a rogue A.I. It seemed that even attempting to connect it to the Net led to its corruption. A hassle in its own right. So while the iron legion existed, it could not be deployed. Not yet.

"Look, we've got a running ecosystem. We don't need any chaos," She explained bluntly.

"Then there is none to worry, my time here will be discrete." Victor explained.

"You're a walking bomb Victor, anywhere you go leaves bodies and people disasitified. You're nearly as bad as my ex in that department." She huffed.

"Trust me when I say that I'll be discrete in my works as a doctor. All is well in my hands," Victor persuaded, his hands up as he mocked surrender.

"Look, let's be real here, what exactly are you tryna do here? The last time we talked was when you were 18 and that was because you needed my help. What's the go here? Your horror stories from texas travels far you know, even to my channels," She asked, seriously this time, her tone gravelled as she took a puff.

"I'll be what you call a fixer and merc on top, there's a lot of good this city can receive. My faction will do good here." Victor voiced.

"I've seen what your good can do. I don't think your kindness will work here. Wrong city, wrong people," She dismissed.

"I've seen evil in its eyes, Rogue, and its stench reeks the alleys and streets here. My solution would be to nuke the city and rid it of its plague. Yet I, a charitable god, have decided to get rid of it from the inside. Answer me Rogue what have your actions in the last 50 years done for this city? When was the last time you picked up the iron for something that wasn't eddies?" Victor asked.

"Need a mirror Vic? Don't think I don't know how you work." Rogue laughed.

"Every action I do is for a greater goal, Rogue. Every move is methodical to it's last detail. Texas was a war ground before I entered. What is it now?" Victor challenged, his arms crossed as a hologram came to view. The capital of Texas Austin , a total contrast to that of Night City, the atmosphere the difference between Gotham and Metropolis.

"But what did it take for you to achieve it?" She countered, the next hologram depicting the slaughter of children, elderly, and disabled. Their lives cut down as easily as butter. Machine gun fire ending a few thousand in seconds. The towering figure of Victor following through.

"A worthy sacrifice for peace and prosperity. My fist was equal in it's domain." Victor answered.

"A sacrifice that led to the deaths of millions. Innocent and Guilty. Your "Crusade" was blind!" She swore.

"God is Blind. His touch, equal. As am I." Victor confirmed the next hologram depicting an old Arasaka tower.

"And God is all knowing. Don't speak of "Unecceasry" sacrifices when Arasaka tower was bombed by you and Johnny Silverhand. The aftermath killed 2 million - Even Miltechs filthy hands were enriched in their downfall here almost fifty years ago. So don't talk of hypocrisy, that Rogue died that day. What stands before me is a survivor, not a supposed "Queen". That Queen died when she worked for "Arasaka" thirty years ago." Victor spat.

"Look, I didn't come here to debate about morals… I came here to talk about biz. If you're gonna come into my city then you're going to follow my rules okay?" She threatened.

"And if I don't?" She asked.

"I tell 'em who you really are, little Von Doom," Rogue revealed, her answer enraging Victor.

"You wouldn't dare." Victor spat.

"But I would, while Santiago had a soft spot for you, I never did," Rogue smiled.

"Hmph, Fine, what are they," Victor agreed. While such a threat would be minimal it would be crossing one of the only remains of his mothers legacy. Something he would never deter and the single reason why the Aldecado's remained breathing.

"Good boy," She teased.

"Praise your luck Rogue. Had you been a stranger and not my Aunt your view would be on the floor," Victor threatened.

"You must be fun at family gatherings," She joked before downing a shot of tequila

"Listen, I don't want any one of your Legion members here. While you can kill any of the gang members I don't want you killing any corpo members this year right now. I've got a steady stream of channels here and if your big heads come rocking through them I won't get sh*t. So while you're here, relax. Go f*ck a joytoy or rob a bank for all I care. Just for now keep your head down, for at least a year or two. Your little stunt back in texas has got the corpos sh*tting buckets and if they hear one word that a member hell the big f*cking boss is here, they'll put the whole city on lock down. Which means bad business for anyone here. A lady's gotta eat and a Queens gotta rule. You've got people you gotta look after and I've got mine." She explained.

"A fair charge. Fine, I'll remain "Quiet" for now. But as soon as the time is near, Arasaka, Militech and every corpo remnant will fall to my hand." Victor ushered.

"But while you're here I do have something I need you to do," Rogue stated.

"Hoh, and what do you want?" Victor asked.

"There's this fixer that's been doing deals under my table. I need you to end him. I was going to get someone else to do it.. But since you're here, I'll leave it to you. Do it, and I'll put in a good word for you." She stated.

"Fine, but know the same threat won't be made twice," Victor snapped, the details for the gig now entering his inbox.

[Commission: Assassination

[Name: Faraday

[Description: Corpo, male, approximate height 185cm, left eye x4 cyberoptics

[Note: The man is known to be armed, with the only known cyberware a x4 Cyberoptics. Last known location is near Santo Domingo coords: 38°52′15″N 77°03′18″W.

Walking out, he cruised casually. While Rogue was too occupied with further her point Victor was secretly plaguing her systems with his own personalised virus - Loki. His whole act of following her a scheme to capture her connections. With her on his chess board it would allow the others on top to continue in ignorance. The whole act of coming alone itself was a move to ensure that the board remained settled. Had he come here with troops he would already give the impression to others and corporations that he was highly influential or had a backing. Coming here alone would give the impression he was a solo. With a solo's influence more positive to the civie's than a corpo.

"Tch, what a fool. Of course my actions would reach Night City, it was I who leaked the footage. Why would I allow such videos surface without my input? Rogue you old hag, you're merely playing the street. I'm playing the world. Why would I ever attack the corporations now after such a raid? That would be too easy. Like rats they should fear their impending doom. Austin was merely a warning, Night city would be the inclination of their doom. Preparations must start, with Night City soon to be mine." Victor thought. While Texas was armed and prepared for war it was not war with Night City. Their resources had instead centred around the rebuilding of homes and industrialisation of weapons. Texas would soon be at war with America, with Night city another foothold.

Viewing his deck it was an archetype of norse mythology, its worth proving effective in communicating his influence. Loki was a virus which secretly slithered into a net allowing for access and control. It also allowed for backdooring in future, with its capabilities yet to fail. Odin was a program which floated around his Kingdom (Database) as an active program which continuously served to destroy any malware or unauthorised access. Thor was a project which aimed to completely destroy another system, though due to its nature it aimed to destroy the connection and not the figure.

So while it could effectively destroy a whole database and system after copying it, it could not destroy or flatline a singular target. That was Baldur's objective, the program created in nature to Rache Bartmoss's daemons. The program a parallel to contagion in which it spread amongst those connected to it before completely frying their brains. The program then downloaded their minds into another program - Freya. Its program was to sort and order the downloaded files of those fried and killed. This skipped the middleman of interrogation and allowed for quick access over the dead. The only negative was that it ensured no survivor, any target would be immediately killed after its use, which meant that negotiations over prisoners never worked.

Freya was inspired after raiding an Arasaka compound. Soul killer, a poor creation made by Alt cunningham that he found lacking. Not only did it create a poor re-construction engram of a personality, the technology only allowed the perception of memories done by the engram. A false reality constructed by their brain. Freya was more reliable and only downloaded memories which could be deemed 100% factual with cross-references with other downloaded memories. The only downside was that it could not reconstruct the original personality as memories were cross-referenced into the database as soon as it was entered into the system. A blur and mirage of memories now having to be sorted, which was a wasted effort. For now it would be best to complete the mission and move over. Arriving to his last destination he was greeted with another group knocking on the dusty apartment. The figure an assortment of characters.







"Who the f*ck are you?" Maine shouted, his figure reminiscent of Bubbles, the man the first to cause Victor to pause frozen. Feeling like a little kid, the man rang through his head. Snapping back to reality he stared back, the ability to speak now returning.

"Names Victor, who the f*ck are you?"

Chapter 5: Kookies

Date: 10th of June, 2075

Location: Night city, Santo Domingo

POV: Omniscient

"Names Victor, who the f*ck are you?" Victor spat, as he remained on his motorbike. Now unfazed by Maines presence. While Victor reminisced he understood that Bubbles died many moons ago, his memory never fading; its only duty now to temper his resolve. While his speech pattern changed it was all in effect to blend with the scenery. A merc with a mouth was always a typical attitude nowadays.

"Maine, so what are you doing here?" He asked, aiming his shotgun towards Victor. Maines action ridiculous in retrospect. The equivalent of destroying a vehicle with a water gun.

"Well bless my heart. You Night City fellas sure pull iron out over nothing. What's the big deal here, I'm just tryna get my eddies. f*ckin Fixer f*cked me sideways and left me blank a few clicks back," Victor lied, his hands up to demonstrate surrender. Pretending to be scared he scanned Maine, the man's body heavily chromed and fortified.

[SCAN RESULTS: Maine Orwell]

[AFFILIATION: NUSA Armed Forces - infantry (formerly), Von Doom Private army (formerly), solo ]




CYBERWARE: Altered Kyoshi Optics Mk V, Reinforced bone structure, Enhanced Demon arms, Dual projectile Launch system, Von Doom enhanced Exo-skeleton, Enhanced neurological link, Enhanced Synthetic reinforced skin, Neurological switch(locked), Dual heart, enhanced synthetic lungs, Misc

WEAPONRY: Vilorisi precision shotgun, incendiary grenade launcher

Seeing the information Victor was caught off guard by the man's former affiliation.

A former soldier… and one that worked under fathers company. While his profile shows he was a private, any soldier under my father was treated with respect. How despicable had my father survived he may have remained a general. Those f*ckers… How dare they! To strip even the honour of our soldier to this level. Any soldier like this could decimate the mobs here. Just what was a man like himself scrubbing scabs down here, Victor thought, examining him.

"Seems we're in the same boat then. Faraday am I right?" Maine asked lowering his weapon.

"Yeah, I heard sh*t went south with him. I don't know much after that. Asshole owes me a pinch," Victor responded.

"Tch, that guy owes us like 20k," Maine complained agitated.

"Hey, Hear me out, it seems we've both got something in common. The guy owes me about as much. I'm not much of a charitable guy but I think we can come to an agreement. You scratch my back and you scratch mine. I only wanna see his apartment," Victor reasoned.

"This guy sus?" Maine asked, turning to Sasha. Her eyes going through a deep scan of Victor's profile, the results unsatisfactory to her concerns.

[SCAN RESULTS: Dr Victor Soarta]





CYBERWARE: Custom Optics, enhanced bone structure, enhanced synthetic lungs, enhanced synthetic skin

WEAPONRY: Custom Hand cannon

"Hmm, he seems clean," Sasha voiced, her mind rummaging through the documents over Victor's case only to find nothing.

A bit too clean… She thought, humming.

"Your profile's pretty clean for a merc you know," Maine asked, suspicious of Victor's scans. While he was still wanted by police the man processed equipment that was equivalent to a MaxTac officer. The stench of corporate executioner or hardcore solo plastered over his apparel. So while Hardcore solo seemed correct the latter had no rep whatsoever leaving the latter to be somewhat correct.

Still frozen with his arms up Victor humoured their suspicions, "I'm a Doctor before a Merc. Guy wanted some instalments and he didn't pay up as intended."

"Ripper?" Sasha voiced, her eyes sternly gazing at him.

Never seen a ripper armed like that, sucker must think we're a bunch of chumps, Sasha thought, her eyes never once leaving his figure.

"Of course. I ain't the best but I promise my work is preem." Victor answered.

"So what's the go boss? We trusting this mofo or should we blow him to bits?" Rebecca voiced. Her petite colourful frame casually swinging about.

Maine conjuring the pros and cons, made his decision," f*ck it, we'll leave him."

"Try anything though and we'll end you quick." He continued, his weapon now holstered.

"I'm just tryna get my money back is all, no need to be so violent. Y'all fellas seem tense, ever try a Dorph?" Victor questioned, his pace walking to them controlled. Walking amongst them they then stared at the barricaded door.

"How should we get in?" Rebecca asked.

"Could just hack it open," Sasha answered.

"Nah, I'll get it," Maine continued before smashing his finger through the gap and prying it open. The action quick and violent.

"Damn, that's some serious chrome choom." Victor complimented the level of pressure that was excluded from the man equal to that of a moving truck. While lacklustre to his own it was impressive for a mortal.

Ignoring his praise they walked inside and was greeted by the stench of rotten meat. The smell leaving all but Maine and Victor aback. The stench being blocked by Victor and Maine used to it. With corpses littering the ruined apartment, bullet holes scattered about, a sign of struggle present.

"f*ck I hope they didn't flatline him," Kiwi complained.

"I doubt it, can't find his signature amongst em… Gonna need to do some investigating," Sasha revealed, her eyes going over the corpses. Victor deciding to join scanned the first corpse.


[AFFILIATION: Tyger Claws]


CYBERWARE: Tyger Claw Dermal Implant, Biomonitor, Mantis blades

"Looks like our friend of ours here came across the paws of the Tygers and seeing as none of the Scavs touched the cyberware we're first on the scene," Victor voiced, his body now kneeling to scan over their brain. While rotten would alow for more info.

"Hmm, you're right but what could he have done to go against him?" Sasha wandered.

"He's most likely a loose end. Corpos never like knots," Victor replied, the memories of slicing ones throat emerging. The action euphoric, as it was an Arasaka board member.

"You deal with them?" Sasha asked attempting to fix a damaged computer with Pillar.

"Clientele," Victor answered, the downloaded information now uploaded. While heavily fragmented and limited, a location was set. Westbrook, Japan Town a certain fixer by the name "Wakako" last seen in the memory. Checking Rogues Database her whereabouts now pinged.

"Damn sh*ts busted…" Pilar smacked frustrated. The data from the pc unobtainable.

"What now babe?" Dorio asked Maine.

"Don't know but seeing it's Tyger Claws I don't have much to go off. I don't like dealing with these f*ckers," Maine shrugged.

"f*ck chief we ain't gonna miss out on our eddies will we?" Rebecca shouted disappointed.

"Yeah, boss! Come on we gotta do something." Pillar continued.

"Tch, aye Tin face, you got any ideas?" Maine asked Victor. The latter focused on how to approach Wakako without being pressed or attacked by the Tygers.

"Hmm? Me?" Victor answered.

"Nah was talking about the desk beside you f*ck head, who else but you? You're the only one with a tin mask, you got any leads?" Maine rudely forwarded.

"Hmm, I got one but I don't think you'll like it," Victor answered.

"Hit me," Maine responded.

"Tyger claw territory, a fixer by the name of "Wakako" might know a thing or two. Did some searches on these guys and they might be tied. Whatever pile of sh*t our friend stepped in, it has Tyger Claw all over it," Victor revealed, exiting. The sight of more Tyger claws now surrounding the apartment building revealed.

"Looks like we've got company," Sasha voiced ducking under cover, her weapon of choice a smart sub-machine gun. While effective lacked rpm due to its smart capabilities.

"Hmm, only twenty of them though," Victor expressed, seeing their heat signatures through the walls.

"That's a heap you know! Get down if you don't wanna get shot!" Maine ordered as he lowered Dorio and the others to the floor. A hail of rounds sprayed into the apartment. Remaining standing Victor shrugged the bullets and walked out relaxed.

"Bahaha you guys wouldn't last a day in texas," Victor laughed walking out, his revolver by his hip as he readied his aim.

Crashing in, Tiger claws showed, their weapons aimed towards the lonesome figure. As if the world paused around him, Victor shot forward. His hands faster than time as he ended all twenty members in a flash. Their heads bolted through with a .77 calibre bullet. Each one hitting clean on their dome. The altercation ending in a second. With such speed, he moved like the wind, gone within the seconds you felt it.

"What the f*ck was that." Rebeca blurted, their responses similar to the scene before them. Victor not wanting to deal with the group of misfits any longer hopped on his motorbike and sped away. The roars of his engine drowned into the city.

"Knew that guy was sketchy…" Sasha voiced seeing the disappearing figure.

"I'm not sure you understand how lucky we are right now," Maine stated seeing the fallen corpses. Each one headless, their brain matter now decorating the streets.

"Whoever that was… He's one bad motherf*cker…" Kiwi continued, traces of the man disappearing from her system. Anything linked to him bricked.

"Falco! Let's bounce before the pigs' show, I don't we'll be able to cash in those eddies." Maine ordered.

"But those eddies!" Rebecca shouted disappointed.

"Eddies ain't worth it Bec, best we move on and find a better fixer," Maine affirmed.

"Damn it! Faraday was our only tie in though…" Rebecca sighed.

"It's fine, we'll pull through," Maine calmed their group now walking away. The sirens of police charging in.

Victor zooming past traffic pressed forward towards Chinatown. The traffic laws of Night city more so a suggestion than a law he followed. Reaching Japan Town he revolted at the sight of it. Its sole purpose a reminded of Arasaka's sick influence in the city. A depravity he'd love to remove. While the Japanese were tolerable their backing was not and if it meant that they would die alongside their overlords then it was a sacrifice Victor was willing to take.

"Need help friend?" A Japanese figure asked in a thick Japanese accent. His apparel minimalistic and dirty, a homeless beggar.

"(No I'm fine thank you)" Victor responded, his accent perfected to that of a local.

"(Oh, my bad I thought you were one of those disgusting Americans. You look like a Militech Operative Bahahahaha!)" He jested.

"(Say would you be as so kind as to tell me why there are so many Tyger claws around here? I'm quite new here. Came from Japan in search for a new destiny)" Victor asked politely, while he knew they wondered about due to their ties with Arasaka, the way in which they conducted themselves was a mess. While certainly more organised than the trash around the street, Texas followed a more strict code.

As Gang ties in Texas were much more controlled, members of all gangs acting similar to militarised personnel. A gang member didn't simply walk around the street relaxed or harassing citizens. They instead followed the code. A code that ensured harmony, if one was about that life. A member of that life that forced a civilian to be a casualty earned them the title "Marked" their death soon to come. Such rules ensured that peace around the city remained in such a way.

While hits still continued the number of casualties never went beyond a thousand a year. Something Night city struggled with for years. With gun laws in Texas were loose even before the collapse, when it occurred, it allowed the average citizen to carry and arm their selves to any degree. The 2nd amendment allowing any citizen of any age to carry. The sight of a six-year-old carrying an armed bazooka not at all strange or foreign to the streets of Austin. While strange at first such developments made Texas the centre point of ammunition and weaponry manufacturing. The technology developed in the state zooming past any other. For 1 out of 2 citizens being a techie, the state of Texas being one that couldn't be understood with common sense.

This Culture was developed due to NUSA's constant harassment of the state thus a bond was created over their shared hate of the government, with many techies jumping to Texas in hopes of creating weaponry rivalling them. The only thing now halting NUSA being the god himself Victor. After taking control of all the gang members he ruled the underworld of Texas as its king. The crowned emperor "The Allfather" Managing to halt NUSA attempts at crossing their borders. A deal being struck which enabled Victor to halt their efforts for at least two years minimum if there were no complications.

With such power and authority, he was named a terrorist and sanctioned by NUSA. The state now independent of America. Victor's influence now infamous amongst all other states and countries. The name Victor Von Doom "Allfather" a taboo in all of America. His bounty a whopping $4'000'000'000, an amount that topped Rache Bartmoss during his DataKrash. The sign demonstrating the threat that Victor displayed to Americas New found order.

"(Then you've come to the wrong place, my friend. Night city isn't the city of dreams you were looking for... It's a city of nightmares. An evil spirit lurks here my friends and every day it feeds on the hopes of everyone here. This is Tyger claw territory, I'd stay away from them if I were you. Nothing comes good with those scoundrels.)" The man warned, his eyes scanning the surrounding Tyger claws.

"(I appreciate your warning friend. Here take this, please take it. It's the least I can do to bless you)" Victor thanked before handing the man a small stack of eddies. The cash slipping into his backpack with a tracker following suit. As the man processed no cyberware or optics any quick hack or program meant nothing to him. The man was obviously working with the Tyger Claws, an informant that worked to trick others into either pitying them or tricking them for information. Such a site was common in Texas. With foreigners attempting to come inside they were thoroughly checked by gangs and citizens. Frequent suicide bombers a site that left all those affect fuming.

Walking past the bum he made his way towards Wakako's location, the action causing other Tyger Claws to follow him. Reaching the shop it seemed or equivalent to an office, large Japanese bouncers surrounding it.

"What do you want stranger?" The bouncers asked Victor.

"I've come to see Wakako-san)" Victor answered.

With his eyes glowing he scratched his chin before letting him in, the door opening. Walking past the figure he was welcomed by an older Japanese woman who sat across from an office desk. Her body free of chrome a rare commodity present within Night city as while it signalled wealth for the poor it represented restraint for those with old money.

"Now kind stranger what do you seek?" She asked in English.

"(My name is Victor Wakako-san, I am merely seeking information on an individual by the name of Faraday)" Victor revealed the idea of pretending to be Japanese something he knew would eventually come to bite him in the ass.

"Ah, a gentleman it is rare for a foreigner to speak our tongue… Especially with such clarity. Had you not revealed your name I would have never guessed. Please sit down, we must discuss… Price," She explained. Complying with her request he sat down, his presence now subtly dominating the room.

"Now while I would offer the usual price of §7000 I'll charge you §3500 since you've impressed me," Wakako informed, a slight frown forming on Victors' face. Tapping his finger methodically he remained silent, the purpose to raise tension.

"Hmm… A fair offer," Victor mused before handing her a chip. §14000 tied to it, a power move that left her silent. Only a corpo moved money in such ways and those who weren't were dangerous. While such a move seemed overkill it was required to halt any Tyger Claws from following him. The extra amount was to show sincerity with the chip an indication of power and influence. The double message to Wakako that he was a force that should not be reckoned with.

"How generous of you... He's here on these coordinates. While i am not quite sure if he remains alive he was last seen here chased by the Tyger Claws. They have since stopped chasing him due to his departure into NW territory." She accepted.

"Why thank you Wakako-san. Have a lovely day," Victor acknowledged before leaving, his figure driving away. Passing the neon and Japanese architecture he eventually made it towards NW territory, The area near Watson. Its location in the middle of Maelstrom and Tyger Claws. Seeing the change in architecture, he drove and saw the area slowly merge into becoming an old industrial sight, the sightings of homeless being more apparent as he drove away.

Driving he was then met with gang members wearing Dark blue power armour. The armour elevating their height to 240cm. Seeing the design of their armour it was eerily similar to that of older Von Doom power armour. Engravings etched into it. Names of loved ones and fallen members were scratched on.

[SCAN RESULTS: Sir Francis Filomorez]

[AFFILIATION: Von Doom industries(Formerly), New World Order]



CYBERWARE: Synthetic Skin, Double heart, Dual synthetic lungs, Reinforced Bone structure, Neurological link, Von Doom Exo-skeleton, Von Doom Power armour MK II, Von Doom enhanced optics MK IV, Von Doom neuro processor *Demon series, Von Doom Sandavistan mk I *Demon series, Biomonitor, Reinforced legs joints and ankle, Reinforced fists and shoulder


WEAPONRY: Dual M619 Miniguns, chainsaw blade

"Welcome to New World Order, what brings you here?" A knight asked, their helmet modified to fashion it.

"I seek an individual of the name Faraday," Victor answered, shocked at what he was staring at. While every gang seemed to have its theme he couldn't wrap around the knightly concept. Especially with his use of power armour, the model outdated by ten years, and the installed cybernetics only reserved for Von Doom personnel. The speed demon series was meant for Commando units, the units were experimental as they caused users to be mentally retarded after prolonged use.

"Before you answer why the blue power armour?" Victor asked.

"You must be new then. Well, we seek to change Night city, my friend. After the fall of Von Doom tower, many souls were lost. It was in this chaos that we decided that we'd return back time. To return back to our roots. With the subsequent death of June Von Doom lord bless her soul, her foundation was tarnished and disbanded. We are what remains of that foundation. As a child of such gifts, we aim to return that order back to night city. Blue is the colour of the sky. A sky we wish to see once more," He revealed, his head gazing towards the sky. Its cloudy presence and acid rain furthering his point.

"What do you think of The All-father?" Victor asked, curious as to how the man would respond.

"The Allfather? He's a visionary i will accept, yet I question his methods. I understand that sacrifices must be made… But to what degree? He's amoral to my own code and I respect such conviction. To carry the burden of millions is something that I respect no matter the decision he undertakes. If anyone can bring change to this city then it would be him, even if his methods are unsavoury. But he remains in Texas unable to help our cause, to rid this city of its degeneracy. It's a shame that Texas was blessed with such fortune. While I have heard rumours of his sins, his prosperity remains apparent. I owe them my life. Such a shame that June Von Doom was taken so early… She was the only Corpo I respected. Her son could've done much good for this world had he remained. Could've joined hands with the Allfather," He revealed.

"If you must inquire of Faraday then he is currently held within the church, please avoid violence. We ensure protection for all those who seek it within our walls. Please respect such rules or else lethal force will be used. If you have any more questions be sure to visit our chapter near the edge of the city we often hold q&a for the public," He continued before walking back to his post. His comrades lined up by his side. Scanning them they retained the same cybernetics.

[SCAN RESULTS: Sir Malrono Mastilio]

[AFFILIATION: Von Doom industries(Formerly), New World Order]




CYBERWARE: Synthetic Skin, Double heart, Dual lungs, Reinforced Bone structure, Neurological link, Von Doom Exo-skeleton, Von Doom Power armour MK II, Von Doom enhanced optics MK IV, Von Doom neuro processor *Demon series, Von Doom Sandavistan Mk I *Demon series

WEAPONRY: Dual M619 Miniguns, chainsaw blade

Driving towards the church he walked out and was greeted by an orator. The man fashioning a priest attire wielded dual pistols designed to look similar to crosses hanging from his waist. An interesting combo to hold within the sanctum of safety.

"Greetings, what brings you here?" He asked, the man's voice gravelly, the tint of nicotine and tar erupting from his breath.

"Lookin' for Faraday," Victor asked, scanning the room. The figures all differing in size and affiliation. The church more a congregation or council of misfits than a proper church. Scanning the priest first he was met with a list of

[SCAN RESULTS: "Chalino" Rosalino Sánchez Félix ]

[AFFILIATION: Valentino's (Formerly)]




CYBERWARE: Gorilla arms, Anti-electrical synthetic skin, Enhanced stomach, Synthetic Enhanced Kidneys, Von Doom sandavistan Mk I , Bio-monitor, misc

WEAPONRY: Modified Dual Nues, machete

[SCAN RESULTS: "Marshal" Daryl Vancouver]

[AFFILIATION: 6th street gang (Formerly), New World Order ]




CYBERWARE: Smart weapon link, modified kyroshi optics x3, enhanced kidney, enhanced liver, enhanced bone structure, synthetic lungs, misc

WEAPONRY: Modified Militech Precision Rifle, Kunia

[SCAN RESULTS: "Valez" Tino Valmourez]

[AFFILIATION: Valentino's]




CYBERWARE: Smart weapon link, modified kyroshi optics x3, enhanced kidney, enhanced liver, enhanced bone structure, synthetic lungs, misc

WEAPONRY: modified Militech Precision Rifle, Kunia

[SCAN RESULTS: "Butcher" Red Rage]

[AFFILIATION: Maestrolem (Formerly), solo]




CYBERWARE: Enhanced skeletal structure, Enhanced synthetic skin, enhanced neuro processors, enhanced synthetic lungs, Motorised Metalic heart, Re-structured ocular modulator, Restricted face plate, misc

WEAPONRY: Dual modified Militech Crushers (Shotgun), Modified Machete


[AFFILIATION: Miltech (formerly), solo]




CYBERWARE: Raven Gemeni (Full body conversion), panther paws (SIlenced), Arasaka neruo-processors, Zetatech Sandavistan, misc

WEAPONRY: Katana, Dual Militech Sub-machine guns *supressed

[SCAN RESULTS: Lucy Damerol]





CYBERWARE: Modified optics, misc.


[SCAN RESULTS: Faraday Merrylend]

[AFFILIATION: Afterlife fixer (Formerly), solo]




CYBERWARE: Modified 4x optics, Enhanced neuro processors, Enhanced artificial Ribs, Synthetic lungs, misc.

WEAPONRY: Overture

"If you're here for violence I must warn you… We don't tolerate that sh*t here in our sanctum." Chalino voiced, the rest backing him.

"Your friend over there pissed off the wrong people. I'm merely completing the commission." Victor explained.

"Look bud, i don't give a sh*t. Doesn't matter if its you, or rogue. We're not gonna let you come in here and try sh*t," Chalino voiced.

"So what's the price for his head?" Victor questioned.

"Tch, pay me a hundred thousand eddies and I might," Chalino smiled, laughing.

"Deal." Victor accepted a chip flicking over to Chalino.

"You think I'm some kind of joke?" Chalino spat, seeing the chip. His eyes wavering at the sight of it. Seeing its contents he paused.

"Just who the f*ck are you?! Are you with Arasaka? Militech?" Chalino questioned, his hands flicking for a second, his pistols now appearing in his hands. The others seeing it, likewise did the same. Their weaponry aimed at Victor.

Such vile mongrels.. Does every monkey throw rocks at a mountain expecting it to move? Victor thought disappointed in the culture. In texas when one aimed their weapon it mattered not the context it meant war. A world where individuals openly carried earned such reactions.

"I'd recommend you lower your iron and you call your chapter leader," Victor replied.

"He's busy right now. Come back when you learn manners corpo f*cker," Chalino spat throwing the chip back.

"That's enough Chalino," A figure alerted, his size towering over Victor. The power armour an exact model which was used by Bubbles. The same custom alteration done to the armour as well. Still running the old Von Doom Aesthetics multiple marks were etched in it, the names of fallen soldiers plastered against. Bubbles' own tag being honoured on it.

"I'd advise you back away child," The man threatened, his armour representing a high-ranking and honorary member of the Carcharodons troop. A special task force branched from The Von Dooms' private army which aimed to destroy Arasaka and Miltech Bases. Their sole purpose of decimating entire city blocks alone. This sight of his appearance in Night City peculiar.

[SCAN RESULTS: Liric Lordaze Lando]

[AFFILIATION: Von Doom private army - C1 troop (Formerly), New World Order]





CYBERWARE: Hyperion set (Von Doom Borg conversion), Von Doom Sandavistan Mk VII

WEAPONRY: Modified artillery Von Doom Hand cannon (Anti-tank Pistol), Vulcan Von Doom Modified Minigun (Energy Minigun), Enhanced modified Electrical claws (Arch edging)

Sending a message to the man, he was left frozen.

Victor Von Doom: It's good to see you alive soldier.

"Everyone, leave," The Liric voiced, his words forcing others to delta, even the likes of Faraday who seemed relieved. With The church now empty the remaining stood watching each other. The atmosphere tense.

"I never thought you made it out," Liric voiced removing his helmet. A deep scar ran from his lip to his forehead. His reminder of his fallen brothers and tortured valour.

"I never thought you'd either," Victor replied removing his helmet, he stared at liric in a similar fashion. Both men were unable to believe the sight.

He looks like his father… But a bit more wild, Liric thought gazing at him. Similar to his father he was handsome, his presence commanding authority and control. Yet unlike his father Victor had a presence that scaled larger, one that didn't demand control through violence but charisma. His charisma was that of a lions call, whether by nature or power it remained king. Scanning his features once more he noticed a scar under his right eye, the boys' eyes ravaged with a mystical hue.

"What are you doing here of all places Liric? What happened to Von Doom industries?" Victor questioned confused.

"Many things happened sir… Many things… Not long after your disappearance, we were hunted, their attempts futile at first… Yet soon, they corrupted our systems, the board managing to kill my brothers from the inside. We never saw it coming." He explained before projecting a holographic video.

A replay of the events shifting from scene to scene, their victories on the floor expected. The video showing a Carcharodon destroying a Militech Basilisic with ease. The next showing their rifles hammering their eurodynes and attack choppers which rained down with .30 Vulcan minigun fire. Its rpm only destroying the area surrounding them. Seeing one move unnaturally fast for their size, Victor was impressed and also concerned on how they managed to lose. The tone shifting from one of glory to mourning.

"My team and I were stationed outside near Cuba when it hit. We survived the first wave of Militech Miliiatants but nothing could've prepared us for the second. That electronic wave leading to my brothers fall…" Liric replied saddened at the final video. Liric aiming at his comrade head before shooting, their eyes blank. Seeing him fall to the ground he smashed at the floor defeated, unable to stand up. His lonesome figure kneeling there for 30 days.

"I couldn't believe it… in the span of four hours I lost them…" Liric muttered, his hands clutching tightly.

"But why here? You could've gone anywhere. Your skills are enough to earn you anything. Why waste time here running a circus parlour," Victor asked.

"It's been fifteen years Victor… I could be a mercenary, a legendary solo, but at the end of the day… I've grown past that, my purpose now is to spread peace and safety." Liric voiced.

"Times made you soft," Victor replied.

"Perhaps… But it's given me time to think. To ponder life…" He revealed.

"I find it… Odd, you of all people would turn to this…"

"I find it odd too. I've been fighting for years Victor and I never stopped to think for myself. Fifty years full of war and death and not a single day goes by where I don't miss it. Yet I can't seem to lift the bolter up anymore. It feels… different."


"It lacks purpose… Before, I wielded the bolter for a cause. A mission. A purpose. Now it seems like nothing. A soldier without a mission. A lost crusader, I could attack Arasaka and Militech… But then who would remain alive to remember my brothers? I fear not death Victor, I fear that those who once stood amongst me would disappear into the void. Even I dream of eternity Victor."

"Why not join me?"

"I don't believe i can return to your side, Victor. Not now… I've got people to protect, some souls more lost than mine," Liric expressed before a female walked in. The action causing Victor to blur his face, his mask now returning on.

"Hey, Greenie!" The female greeted jumping in. Her hair was crystal white, and her face screamed japanese. Light peach highlights under her eyes, the aesthetic eerily similar to that of Arasaka honey pots or netrunners.

Hmph, rubbing the thighs of an Arasaka Honey Pot Liric, Victor thought disgusted.

"Seem's like Arasaka took more than just your brothers, It took your dignity along with it. A shame Liric, a real shame," Victor mocked, his hands flicking by the side as he fidgeted with a coin. A scan on her profile now pulled up to his view.

[SCAN RESULTS: Lucy Lando]

[AFFILIATION: New World Order]




CYBERWARE: Monowire, Arsaka Neuroprocessor mk VII, reinforced ligaments, modified kyroshi optics

WEAPONRY: Shortsword, Modified Custom Militech Sub-machine gun

Hmm not bad for a front… let's see what's behind her digital footprint. All is revealed to my eyes… Victor thought peering into her database his actions slipping past her defences and giving him full access to her neuro processors.

[SCAN RESULTS: Ar-Exc-12 ]

[AFFILIATION: Arasaka Netrunner (Project Lotus)]



CYBERWARE: Monowire, Arsaka Neuroprocessor mk VII, reinforced ligaments, modified kyroshi optics

WEAPONRY: Shortsword, Modified Custom Militech Sub-machine gun

Ah, so an Arasaka Experiment… Seeing as her Neuroprocesseors are experimental with the backdoor allowing for increased deep dive time she most likely was a pet project for the net. Liric must have raided the fort and stolen her for some purpose. Either as comfort or revenge… A true pity to once see a fallen soldier turned gardener, Victor thought seeing the scans.

"You misunderstand," Liric deflected, the words of Victor offending lucy. Gnashing her jaw she immediately stepped up to the man, her small figure nowhere near the level of the two giants. The scene was comical from afar, as it looked as if a small child wished to alarm their parents that they had shat the bed.

"I'm no Saka slave!" She argued, her eyes now locked on Victor's head, his eyes peering to her level, his contempt ever-present.

"Could've fooled me," Victor jabbed nearing the exit.

Hmm… Be thankful New world order, there are still uses for your existence… My men would've fancied the area… Victor thought, overviewing the area as it neared the Arasaka port allowing easy access to the sea and industrial factorial spaces. Considering his ties to mexico the port would allow for another vantage point.

"So our associate… what of him now?" Victor asked, twirling the coin again. His gaze never turned back to face the Arasaka experiment and Von Doom Soldier. Liric paused for a moment gazing at Lucy before answering. His mind jarring for an answer.

"He's yours…," Liric replied accepting the man's fate to Victor. While he understood that he had values it meant nothing if he could not instil much less live to enforce them. For once again he'd honour his vow to the Voon Doom family.

"Good choice," Victor replied before flinging the coin towards him. The golden coin having intricate designs etched on all other it, the weight of the coin odd considering it's size.

"Take it as a favour, you might need it one day," Victor replied before walking out, the air bustling by his jacket as he rode towards the afterlife. The thrusters of his bike blitzing him with unparalleled speed the fate of Faraday already sealed. His mind exploding from the inside out, the others looking at his corpse startled.

Lucy staring at the titan questioned him, her mind still concerned at the lonesome figure's arsenal and approach. No one dared to talk to Liric in such a manner much less a Tradukka (stranger), "I thought you don't negotiate with Tradukka's what makes him any different?"

"The difference is that the man whom we were talking to is no Tradukka and even if he were one there'd be no stopping him regardless," Liric explained flicking the coin to Lucy, her hands barely catching it.

"But I've seen you raise city blocks to its knees…" Lucy muttered.

"And I've seen him do worse. Make no mistake Lucy, not all is what it seems," He smiled before walking to his quarters. Lucy now left to ponder on the mysterious figure.

Just who was that…

"Impressive work, Victor. I didn't think the blueberries would let you through, much less let flatline the gonk. I'm impressed," Rogue praised, her hands crossed with a jittery smile.

Back in the afterlife, Victor was once again teased by Rogue. His eyes rolling under the mask/helmet hybrid.

"I've completed your little clean-up duty. Those connections would be music to my ears now," Victor expressed, his own plans now in formation.

"Be patient will yah, here I'll transfer the files over," Rogue sneered, the "referral" complete. Seeing the list of names he was gifted a small quarter of connections inside her own network.

Stingy… He thought before standing up.

"Leaving so soon?" She asked her nephew. His attire while "casual" still stuck out from the surrounding mercs, the bar a hotspot for many. While before it was somewhat full it now had become bustling with life. The mixture of life leaving an impression of safety, a fake world within another, the neon aqua lights a euphoric experience mixed with alcohol. Though behind it was the stern gazes of ferocious soldiers ready to grasp a gig.

In the cesspool of carnage, afterlife mercs of all shapes and sizes loitered about. Tales of NUSA's constant worries over the Free-states and tensions between the gangs' borders tattering around. A new wave of soldiers entering the streets, 6th street undergoing large changes of leadership, Tyger claws making moves over towards Heywood and the animals' random rampant rages over the city block.

"Damn this sucks!" A distinct voice rumbled disappointed. Victor looking over saw the band of misfits, a brow raised at their sight. Turning to face Rogue she felt a death glare under the mask that left her snickering silently.

Freezing at the sight of Victor they looked over to see him by Rogue's table, an epiphany of sorts forming in their minds. A revelation that made them take a mental step back.

So Rogue was the one who wanted Faraday gone… sh*t, i wonder what would've happened if we actually shot the f*cker. Could've had the rest of the mercs on our asses… Maine thought.

"Considering you wanted to be a fixer how about you pick up where Farraday left?" She asked.

"I forget how sly you can be," Victor replied mused.

"You don't live this long without it. I've been on this earth a long time remember, gotta fill the hole I dug," She smiled sipping her cup.

"It seems you've already met. Well, regardless some re-introductions are needed. Maine, this here is your new fixer, Doctor Doom." She introduced.

"I thought it would've been someone… else…" Maine admitted worried.

"A surprise I likewise share, but not an opportunity I'll waste. Seeing as your team is already formed this will save time. Here's a data chip, if you wish to "require" those lost eddies then complete this simple task. I will reward you... quite handsomely," Victor explained before walking away. His figure absorbed with the rest and like the wind gone in seconds.

"I didn't think you'd pair us… with him," Maine asked Rouge.

"Be thankful I felt like it, most people would die to be in your shoes," She replied before waving them away, Squama was now in front of their faces his imposing stature in their way.

"Damn it… We need info about this guy. He's giving me the eeks," Sasha announced.

"Yeah! He's giving me weird corpo vibes boss." Rebecca announced.

"I didn't think we'd cross paths again… Especially here." Kiwi muttered.

"At least we didn't have to slash 8k down the drain for a new fixer," Dorio sighed.

"But we might need to, to get info on the guy. I don't know boss that level of tech ain't normal on the street. All I'm seeing is ex-military and not the fonder kind if you get me." Pillar explained rubbing his fingers.

"Can I get you lot anything to drink?" Claire questioned, the afterlife bartender sliding near them.

"Know him?" Maine asked.

"Who?" She asked confused.

"That guy that just walked out of Rogues corner," Sasha intervened.

"Oh, him? Not a clue. Came in just today and he's already buzzing about. He's quite the solo if I must say. He's more tinned up than some executioners. Silver face mask and ebony armour with purple neon highlights. Word around the tables is he's a solo from Texas but that's all we got," She explained.

"I did hear him talk about that…" Dorio muttered.

"What'd he say?"

"That we wouldn't last a day in Texas," Sasha stated.

"Looks like you might be dealing with a ranger, though I ain't ever seen one that tined up, might be retired special forces," Claire revealed.

"Whoever he may be we'll need to delta. Jobs like these need closed ears," Maine explained before walking out the bar. His league following suite. Arriving at their usual spot they all sat around each other. A few lawn chairs surrounding a racketed table, the outskirts of an underbridge. Camped out by an abandoned manufacturing facility they looked at the data chip with deep concern.

"Are you sure you wanna go through this?" Dorio asked.

"Yeah, boss… sh*ts f*cked," Rebecca huffed.

"If Rogue trusts him, I guess we can too… If she allowed us in this far then it's best we dive in," Maine muttered before slotting the chip. A network of data flooding his mind. Closing his eyes for what felt like an eternity he returned educated, a screen of data now appearing on the top left of his screen.

Mission: Retrieval

Description: Your aim is to retrieve a package. The container will appear on the edge of Night city as marked. Retrieve it and ensure that the package is safely returned in perfect condition. Failure to retrieve the item will result in penalties. The package will be heavily guarded by unknown assailants, they will be armed. The map of the facility has been sent in correlation to this data chip. Ensure that you are well-equipped for the job. Planning makes perfect.


Retrieve item [-] - §15'000

Retrieve the item stealthily [-] - §10'000

Retrieve the item with complete annihilation [-] - §6'000

Retrieve the item in perfect condition [-] - §30'000

"Holy sh*t…" Maine muttered, the five figures an astonishing amount even for edge runners like himself.

"What's wrong, babe?" Dorio asked.

"Looks like we're in for some serious work. Kiwi scan this," Maine ordered, the chip quickly handed over to her. Scanning it from her eyes she found that it was clean. The obvious virus and daemons installed by Victor hiding within it. Deciding to risk it she followed suit and found the data astonishing.

"Now that's something," She muttered.

"What kinda eddies are we dealing with here?" Pilar asked picking his nose.

"The type to get you on the moon and back. Whoever are friend is, he's the real deal."

"Layman terms, baby," Pilar huffed.

"Depending on how the job goes… you'll be looking at 1000 burritos."

"HOLY BALLS!" Pilar was exasperated, his hands flared into the sky as he excitedly thought about it.

"So what we're looking at? §4'000? §6'000?" Sasha asked.

"§15'000 base and §30'000 if we grab the package in perfect condition and depending on how we grab it §10'000 or §6'000 more,"

"That's insane… what's the catch?" Sasha asked concerned. While the average payout was §2'000 from a normal fixer ones that involved violence harboured §4'000. The best fixers usually offering double the normal rates, such jobs usually left to bigshot solos, bigshot crews and gang members. Offering §15'000 base was an unprecedented amount that offered caution.

"I say we take it," Dorio confirmed, her eyes turning to kiwi.

"Fine, needed a new update anyway," She sighed.

"Bec, Pillar, Falco, Sasha?" Maine questioned. Seeing them silently nod their head they all turned to face Sasha her eyes staring back at Maine.

"Sasha?" He asked.

"You already know how I feel about this," She answered.

"We may never get this opportunity again you know," He offered.

"And it may be our last…" She stated.

"Look you don't need to join if you don't feel safe, but your help would be appreciated. Teams gotta stick together," Maine soothed.

"Fine but if sh*t hits the fan don't act surprised I didn't tell yah," She accepted.

"When has sh*t ever gone safe sailing? Let's get going we'll need to go see Frankie gotta chrome the f*ck up," Maine smiled.

"You know I sometimes wonder how you can handle so much…" Dorio muttered.

"You can thank the Von Dooms for that," He smiled.


Date: 10th of June, 2075

Location: Mexico City, ?

POV: Omniscient

"Puta you won't get sh*t from me," A Mexican drug lord spat as he held his grip on the chair. Blood dripped from his face. Tied to a metallic chair he was forced into submission, the dingy room he was present highly secured and soundproof. The lights of it dimmed only to reveal three figures inside. One by the door and two around a small table. The room was reminiscent of a police interrogation room.

"I don't take no for an answer," The torturer replied, her face ever stoic at his demise. Ripping the nails from his fingers she enjoyed every second of his suffering.

"Alicia quickly finish your act, the chicas are waiting for me~," A man hurried, his white and golden aesthetic eye-catching to all. Wearing high-tech armour he covered his face with a hood - His golden cybernetics eyes glowing in the dark.

"Your whorish ways will come to fruition soon, but first… I must enjoy my prey," She replied, digging her dagger through the man's hand. The strands of muscle and bone wobbling around the blade.

"Regardless I'm getting bored. Let me know when you finish, I've got other things to do," He explained walking out.

"You moved product into our territory without permission… You know what we do to puto's like you eh?" She threatened.

"Talk all you want, sooner or later I'll have your mouth dangling around my c-."

"Your co*ck?" She asked, the virus she implanted into his software forcing the mans Mr Studd to malfunction. The burning sensation amplified by ten folds into his neuro system, the ability to numb it, switched off.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! YOU… WON'T… GET… sh*t! FROM… ME!" He screamed, his voice clouded in agony. Yet with his determination, he pestered on. The sight an annoyance to Alicia.

"To tell you the truth we've already had your intel from the start," She smiled, a devilish grin now appearing.

"I merely wanted to watch you scream." She continued, his screams now even louder. Turning to face her interfaces the location of his family and whole operations was revealed. The screen behind her. His daughter and wife held within the same facility.

"And don't worry your family will do just fine without you," She replied leaving. Exiting the door she was immediately interrupted by one of her associates.

"Ah, Lieutenant, Sergeant Altair has left the premises apparently "the bitches" are waiting for him," The associate informed, the individual in question wearing a power armour that was ahead of Militechs.

"No need to inform me, Briggs. I already know, he was just here. How the All-father tolerates him I wonder…" Alicia muttered. Standing at 185cm tall she towered over the average male her athleticism was a sight to see, her body defined in all the right places. With curves like hers, any male or female would come running. Though unfortunate to most she covered her body completely, the only indicator that she was female due to her frame and protruded chest.

"Perhaps it is due to his diligence," Briggs replied.

"Regardless how goes our situation with the Jodes? Any movements?" She asked.

"Negative, the Nomad family has gone blank with the package… I fear it may have landed in enemy hands, worse Arasaka." He explained, data transferred to her vision revealing the last sign of their tracker. Its data pulse was disrupted and eliminated from her satellite.

"The All-father will find this most displeasing… Group up, we'll have to track it down. Dispatch the 09, I'll be your eyes and ears." She ordered.


Grouping with one another Alicia took flight within her VTOL. The large metallic bird taking flight and hovering above the skies. It majestic wings flared out. Flying over to the objective she awaited

"This is Seargent Kane now hovering over, I need a copy," Alicia commanded. Her eyes surveying the area below. Noticing no signs of life wreckage littered about, the dunes of Mexico showcasing a wrecked nomad family under the Jodes. Feeling the humid air brush by her she thanked that her armour had air-conditioning else she'd be sweating profusely like the privates below her.

"Corporal Briggs on stand by, we're near the point. Awaiting further commands."

"Any sign of life Briggs?" Alicia asked.

"Negative, only corpses and the heat. Seems like our buddies in grey got tagged by some serious firepower," Briggs answered.

"What by?" She asked.

".666 shells, most likely Ara-." Just as he was about to finish a large shell crashed into her VTOL. The puncture forcing Alicia out and into the ground below. Opening her glider suit she struggled down the air meddling her about. Turning below she was shocked to see Militech Troops surrounding her forces. Seeing what seemed to be an array of Tanks and Anti Aircraft cannons the large troop was compiled of special Militech troops all wearing camouflage gear.

"f*cking bastards…" She spat, a bow now appearing in her hands to aim below. Pulling the string back she unleashed carnage - the arrows piercing soldiers and tanks. The arrows going straight through.

"So the hunt begins," She festered, her eyes now glued onto an enemy gunner. Weaving the barrage of bullets she crash-landed onto the floor and immediately wreaked mayhem. Her sandevistan almost pausing time to hold.

Sprinting amongst the enemy troop she sliced the throats of many. Her arms ripping into their spine and using it as a whip, while ineffective proved amusing to her satisfaction.

"Corporal Briggs, you breathing?" Alicia asked.

"Just." He huffed the sound of gunfire by his side.

"How many?" She asked.

"Forty." He answered quickly, his puffs turning into grunts as he was pushed back. The anti-aircraft weaponry now used to pin him down.

"That seems a tad to few Corporal," Alicia complained, her knife swiftly reaping the souls of many. Each consecutive kill making her faster and faster.

"Thought you were talking about kill count, mam."

"Stay frosty we're dealing with a 1-10 right now."

"I'll try sarge," Briggs replied grasping the skull of an enemy and activating his palm cannons. The blast melted through the enemy's helmet and skull, the man screaming for help. Launching shoulder missiles they flew about exploding on small attack bots which flew about. Using his leg thrusters he blitzed about trashing the enemy formation.

The ground soldiers under his command using their corporals as Vanguard slowly pushed the enemy force. A sudden quake erupting south north of their position.

"What the f*ck is that?" One of the soldiers voiced before being squashed to death, his bones and armour reduced to mush. A large metallic death machine standing over his once able body. It's thin ebony frame glaring directly at Alica. Standing at 220cm its wide body and thin sharp arms posing a deadly force. Multiplying into three, its speed slowly walked over to her position - the noise protruding from its frame equal to that of a demonic screech.

Now, what in the seven rings of hell is that… Alicia thought grasping her bow. Flinging an arrow toward it, it did nothing. The impact leaving only a mere pause to the now triplets.

"Impossible," She muttered, flabbergasted.

"Fall back team and prepare for evac - whatever this is, we're well unprepared for it." She called.

"This is Davo from Squad Raven do you need assistance?" A figure called from a plane above.

"Affirmative this is Blood Hawk from Squad Jaguar, we've been ambushed awaiting evac." She answered.

"No worries, sending in shadows. Secure the evac zone," He replied a holographic circle now appearing east of their position. Raven Squad operative now jumping below to help. Using their stealth gear they whistled below their position only indicative of the sound of their movement.

Reaching the ground point they quickly covered the perimeter, their helmets similar to dark troopers, fully covering their face. With sleek jet-black metallic armour, they shot barrages of lead towards the robotic devastators. Quickly hopping aboard they watched as Corporal Briggs smiled.

"What are you doing Briggs?" Alicia asked, the halting figure.

"Following orders Seargent - It's been an honour."

Corporal Briggs turning to face the trio rushed forward.

"We ain't leaving without Briggs!" Alicia shouted, her attempts to rush out halted by O'brian a figure out of place. Wearing thick-lensed glasses and a stereotypical scientist coat he screamed scientist.

"He'll be back," O'brian revealed, before departing the flight back silent.

"We could've taken him with us…" She muttered.

"No we couldn't, he did his part and now it's yours. He knew what he was doing when he signed up for this." O'brian explained before handing her a slip.

"What you just dealt with is Militechs newest invention and one of my biggest slip-ups," O'brian revealed.

"What is it?" She asked befuddled.

"Why don't you check for yourself."

Project: Nuecreous Valendete *Failure

Description: Duplication blueprint for biotic resources

"So what that got to do with the f*ckers below?" She asked confused.

"Militech got a hand of it and altered it to their liking. Instead of the duplication of biotic material, it was instead altered to abiotic - more precisely alloys. The downside of the previous project was that the duplicated material would deteriorate immediately after replication - the project was scrapped due to this as further resources were needed for other projects. Militech in their desperate attempts to hack our systems failed, yet successfully infiltrated mine. With it, they combined the technology with their own and constructed that. The M-1000 is nicknamed "The Manhandler" for its destructive capabilities, its own artificial intelligence the combination and restructure of multiple rogue artificial intelligences." He explained, the blueprint of the M-1000 and its schematics showcased above the palm of his hand.

"So why does my own weaponry not destroy it immediately? If we know so much about this metallic freak why don't we just create our own? Are there no measures for this thing?"

"We don't of yet. That responsibility has been left to me the All-father deciding that my own mistake be remedied."

"So your f*ck up cost me my squad and you've got no way to fix it?"

"We have solutions but none to fully test them. Your weaponry is anti-matter, the bolt of your arrow seemingly blessed by the All-father to pierce through all forms of matter. Yet it means nothing if that matter regenerates as fast as it opens. The M-1000's regeneration completely nullified your attack because its nanite technology healed it just as quickly as you pierced it."

"I might as well fly to mars to get away from this thing. You're giving me bad news I need measures doctor."

"The last thing I needed was screen testing for a device it was meant to be transported to Vulcan back in Texas. With it, it could halt the regeneration of the T-1000 and alter the genetic structure of a target in seconds or if charged with enough power could disintegrate matter in a chain. The Jodes was meant to carry this prototype under the guise of an arms deal. Somehow Militech managed to interfere our transport and ambush us, luckily they haven't had it in their hands… The downside is the prototype is heading straight towards Night city an unknown target managing to hijack it - All I can tell is he's from Brazil."

"What happens if it reaches Night City?"

"If it reaches Night City… The Allfather won't be happy."


Date: 10th of June, 2075

Location: Night city, Afterlife

POV: Victor Von Doom

Exiting the Afterlife I casually strolled passed the many mobs, my aim now to find a suitable location for my work as a doctor and fixer. Unlike the peasants that moved about in fear of their contacts, I would instead arm a block. Searching for a suitable location I was met with a familiar figure.

"Ah if it isn't soldier boy!" Jackie called out smiling.

"Well I didn't expect you to be here," I replied staring at an open vacant location.

"Likewise choom, whats a merc like you doin in some dingy spot like this?" Jackie laughed.

"I could say the same. Saw it was up for sale and needed to set up shop." I answered honestly.

"You looking to buy the spot?" He asked saddened his eyes looking at the little shop in front of him.

"No, I'm looking at buying the block why have you got attachments?"

"Block, eh? Must be loaded then, just a few attachments. Had an old friend who worked here, who passed away due to a stroke. My input she use to work in that shop. Used to sell some mysticism sh*t, but never really got hooked on it but… It's hard to see it so… Quiet." He answered honestly.

"Why did it use to be a hot spot?"

"Hahahaha, Nah nothing like that, I just miss the man. It's hard finding a choom like that, use to hook me up at no charge. I remember I owed him like twenty thousand in eddies… Never could pay him back…"

"I tell you what, I'm gonna be running something here soon. Why don't you and your misso come by later here tomorrow? We can arrange something,"

"Hey look Choom, I'm not about that life anymore. I'm an honest man now."

"This ain't no military deal, I'm a ripper and a good one at that." Victor smiled.

"My apologies amigo, I thought you were some corporate runaway or retired vet. A doctor thought? What Doctor walks around like that?"

"Ones that can keep your insides, inside not matter the sitch."

"I don't know choom, I've been living just fine up till now… "

"I'll pay you §700 a day."

"Ah, screw it. You only live once don't yah? What's the job?"

"You'll be my head of security. All you gotta do is secure the perimeter and ensure that none try and pester me."

"What about the gangs will I be working alone?"

"Don't worry about that my friend, you'll have colleagues soon enough."I smiled, the iron legion soon to roam the street. While they could be deployed in the field they would soon deploy to the streets.

"I can't wait, the Factory has been breaking my back for awhile now - what about my chica? How much is she gonna get paid?" He asked.

"§300 a day as a receptionist."

"I feel like I'm selling my soul here! Bahahaha, you got a deal. I'll let her know about it, it'll just be like old times. So… You still up for that drink?"

Purchase successful [§275'000]

Note: Thank you for the purchase! The keys to all buildings will arrive tomorrow at 9.30 am sharp for all buildings. Note maintenance and removal of furniture will be your responsibility. Any other services will cost extra. The whole block is yours - take care!

Scanning the perimeter of the block I bought I decided it was enough. While most would only buy the spot they needed, i required more legroom. Had I only bought the single space of area others could easily grasp the others if they so wished. With this, my men could move with ease around the area the possibility of an annoying neighbour now nullified due to my impeccable intelligence.

"I wouldn't mind," I replied, the two of us now heading to the El Coyote Cojo now coming into view.

"You know choom I never got your name…"

"Victor or more professionally known as Doctor Doom."

"Sick name, you related to the Von Doom Family? Ah, what am I saying they all died didn't they? A shame."

"A shame indeed."

Entering the bar I was immediately met with stares. The whole bar seemingly eyeing my attire and frame.

"A corpo puta," I heard one mutter.

"Mama Welles! This is my new friend and boss, Victor!" He smiled.

"What did I say about bringing people like that here? Are you really going back to your old ways - you're a family man now! What will Misty think? Do you want your daughter to grow up fatherless? Leave now La Concha de Tu Madre! We don't serve your kind here." Mama Welles shouted the rest of the figures jumping to defend her. Valentino members now brandishing their iron and flashing them towards me even some civilians jumping in to support her.

"A warm welcome, eh?" I smiled before sitting down at the bar.

"You've got it mistaken Mama! He's a ripper."

"What kind of Ripper walks around like that?"

"The kind that's from Texas," I replied.

"Texas?" They all questioned their hands now hesitant to move.

"What's ripper like that doing here in Night City?" She asked.

"Expansion thought I'd open another branch," I replied casually. Mama Welles turning to the others signalling them down.

"What exactly are your intentions with my son?" She snapped.


"Shut it, Jackie!"

"You speak as if I'm intending to steal him away," I replied.

"Demons walk amongst men Victor. I wish only the best for my son, the last time he ran your line of work he nearly died. My son is a father, a father I wish to keep. A grandmother whose babies now roam about. SO when I ask what are your intentions I ask why you need him. Why don't you ask another puta to run your ranks? The street already has enough dogs to feed go bother someone else."

"I merely seek to help those in need, your son has heart and I see where he gets it from. I'm offering him a security job to help my medical firm, why security? Look around you, every single person here brandishes iron. I seek to protect my merchandise, the lives of those I save and help a key aspect to my role. Do no harm. What are my intentions with your son? To provide him a stable job with even better pay. Little risk, high reward - Now why don't we relax and drink? It seems it been a long day for everyone," I answered.

"Your answer still doesn't satisfy me but for now, I'll tolerate you. Know if you dare make trouble I'll do whatever is in my power to thrash you!" She replied before walking away. The bartender silently waited for her to walk out. The other Valentino members seeing her disappear then went about their business.

"I'm sorry about that amigo… My mother… Shes-."

"No stress Jackie. Let's grab that drink." I waved.

"Drinks on me. Sorry about that again." He apologised. Sitting at the bar in front of us I scanned the man in front of me.

[SCAN RESULTS: Pepe Najarro]




CYBERWARE: Modified optics, misc.


"Another run-in with Mama Welles, huh? Always a scene when you're together." He smiled towards Jackie. Pouring him a special drink he then asked me.

"What for you stranger?"

"I'll have the same as Jackie," I asked.

"Ah, the Welles special?" He smiled.

"What is in it?" I asked.

"A shot of vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and, most importantly... a splash of love," He smiled.

"Interesting combo," I explained lowering the jaw of my mask. The bottom of it blurred to all when zooming in. Drinking it, it looked as if the cup blurred when nearing my mouth.

"Trippy…" Pepe muttered.

"So What's your favourite drink choom? I personally love vodka," He smiled.

"Wine," I replied.

"Why Wine?" He asked.

"It's as bitter as I."

"Bahahaha, so you're a ripper aye? I thought you were some merc," He answered honestly.

"And I thought you were a gang member. Not a damn factory worker."

"Things change you know got a 3-year-old daughter… I remember the day she was born my mother freaked out. She couldn't believe I got my girl pregnant and worse she wasn't a Latina sister."

"Not a fan of others?"

"It just wasn't familiar she eventually warmed up to her but lord did it take awhile."

"Must've been something."

"What about you? Any kids of your own?"

"I have many lovers choom. Children are the least of my concerns."

"You just need to find the right one."

"Perhaps one day, my heart is yet to waver."

"Perhaps it all up to fate?"

"Fate is a fickle concept, my friend."

"Fate is beauty, fate has led us here."

"Perhaps but fate is in our hands is it not?"

"A million things happen in this world, amigo. What makes you think you can control fate?"

"Then you truly are trapped."


"Maybe another time my friend but know we are all trapped. Trapped in this so-called society, chained to these concepts of life. Perhaps once you see it, you'll understand."

"Hmm, I guess so."

"So what's it like in Texas? Heard it was a hell zone for a while, it any better than this sh*t hole?"

"I wouldn't call it better more so different. Before Ragnarock the place was similar to here, with iron being pulled on the smallest of things. Gang wars started from mere insults and corporate PMCs actively wandering streets until a certain individual changed it all."

"And who was that?"

"The All-father."

"He sounds haughty what'd he do? Throw a nuke down a tower or something?"

"No, he removed corporate control from the free state, something Night City caved in," I replied, a radio intermission being played on the television screen above.

"Breaking news! This is Jonzo Bon-Doa from M-54 news and right now an unknown group of armed assailants are fleeing from NCPD!" The figure reported, my head turned to now face the view. The group I sent on the test commission seemingly afloat yet drowning.

"Suprised?" Jackie asked.

"Somewhat, I'm surprised that he's still running the channel," I replied seeing the old reporter still up and moving.

"Yeah he's turning sixty this year, you watch Night city news often?" He asked, the channel more so reserved for Night City residents due to the amount of nonsense that was spewed from it.

"No in a long time my friend, no in a long time…"

"Give me a moment." I expressed before entering the bathroom.

Calling Maine Orwell







Chapter 6: Figaro

Date: 10th of June, 2075

Location: Night city, El Coyote Cojo

POV: Omniscient

"You seem to be struggling." Victor mused, his arms crossed as he watched Maines' perspective - cold sweat tracking from his brows into his vision. His will to protect his crew overriding any fatigue he once had, gnashing his teeth he continued forward.

"Goddammit, I should've known something was fishy with this job! Kiwi, Falco and Pilar! They're dead you bastard!" Maine swore, his fists clenching on the wheel.

"The risks were always present, an edge runner should always prepare to drown. Now keep swimming. The package what of its status?" Victor questioned.

"Pristine…" Maine sighed, his frustrations ever growing.

"Turn to your right and head along the bridge. From there drop into the water and when you do you will be greeted by an associate of mine. When the heat dies you'll find me here on these sets of coordinates." Victor replied before hanging up. Exiting the bathroom after washing his hands, he took time to properly appreciate the scenery of the bar.

In the centre was the bar the sides having tables and stools, and a second floor overlooking the bar. It looked to be an old diner transformed into a bar a possibility that the bar was either once a tavern or diner at one point in history. Valentino's influence waffled about in the decor, golden railings and Spanish flags on the walls. Un-filtering the air for the moment it reminded him of the Aldecado's tint of authenticity.

"You sh*t your pants or something choom? Come on over!" Jackie smiled downing his 11th shot, the heavy scent of vodka present on his breath.

Rookie… Was all Victor thought before jumping in, his pace blitzing through the likes of Jackie who stumbled on the ground drunk - Victor now looking over his body like a boxer over his defeated opponent.

"Ah sorry about that, he gets a little too excited when things are going his way." Pepe smiled.

"I can tell, say what's Jackie actually like, eh?" Victor asked.

"He's a good man and loyal to his people but unfortunately he's a Welles… People like that don't last long in this world you know. Most of his brothers got taken out in the gang. Last of his kin, choom." Pepe revealed saddened.

"He's got heart, that's what's important. Tell you what? Would you rather die in a blaze of glory or live a quiet life?" Victor questioned, downing another shot. Pepe now impressed at Victors' tenacity, four bottles of vodka had already been emptied.

"You'd make Russians jealous with your pace." He snickered, his eyes glooming to the ceiling before answering Victor's question.

"I'd say a Quiet life, I wanna be there for my sons' wedding if I even have one. My wife means the world to me. It'd be a shame to go out so soon," He answered truthfully.

"What about you, amigo? What'd you choose?" He smiled.

"Neither, I'd choose the path of glory," Victor replied, the image of Arsaka and Militech burning, their organs spilled from their guts as they watched their entire world fall apart. To topple kingdoms was a game Victor wanted more than anything for it was his rite of passage.

"This bar, how long has it been open for?" Victor asked.

"The El Coyote Cojo has been open for many moons amigo I've spent sleepless nights here. Mama Welles, she's the owner, used to be run with her ex-husband."

"I'm surprised it hasn't been run through, Is this a Valentino bar or something?"

"Once upon a time, but we're more so open for all our clientele. We're a bar that happens to serve Valentino members now, besides it's better that way. In Heywood no matter who you are, or who you were as long as you're from here you're always welcomed. It's why we're so… aggressive with outsiders."

"Understandable, I could say the same with Texas."

"Say what's so special about Texas? All I hear are crazy stories over there, some guy called the All-father running a terrorist organisation called the Legion and some gang members joining him with NUSA halting its attempts due to possible nuclear fallout. What's up with that?"

"It's quite contrary to the rumours, the only action that takes place is on the front lines near the borders. Most of the city has been changed, and gangs are now under the banner of the legion. Before The All-fathers' interference that place was no different to here. Violent gang fights, Degeneracy on every corner, Corporations doing as they like and Homeless children fighting on the streets for scrap - now it's all changed. Not even the corporations have influence in Texas and it's better it sticks that way. The Legion has done more good for the people than any government or corporation has done in the last twenty years."

"Sounds like a Dictatorship to me choom…"

"Look around you friend. Does this all look like freedom?" Victor gestured showing the screen. The News reporter showing a new total death count, and the next scene is that of a corpo rat covering a crime scene. A joy toy laying on the floor used and abused.

"Texas is by no means perfect yet at least I have solace in knowing what I fought for," Victor explained.

"You sound like a warrior, If the troops are as nearly as passionate as you are then I can proudly say that perhaps NUSA truly does have something coming for them."

"Who knows when Night City becomes next? I haven't even spent a day here yet each sector is divided. The Tyger Claws are backed by Arasaka and 6th street by Militech, the others are all independent and segregated by what? Nationality? Pride? Power? I see it all as the works of the rich and powerful to separate their true enemy - the people. We outnumber them by 10000000:1 yet we are so blinded by our own greed that we fail to see the bigger picture. "

"That's just how it is my friend. We don't know any better than to live as is and it takes an outsider to judge our life. You'd understand if you grew up in the area, it's not simple. We aren't given a choice, i guess your city is blessed in the sense that you grew up knowing who to fight. Here we don't even know where to begin." Pepe sighed.

"I simply find this city lacking hope."

"It's hard to find hope when even the sky hides from our people."

"I kinda wish the Von Doom family never moved out of Night City. Everything went to sh*t when Militech decided to openly attack the tower for harbouring nuclear weapons," Pepe sighed, an opinion that was openly agreed by everyone present in the bar. Something Victor noticed instantly.

"Von Doom Industries?" Victor asked intrigued.

"Well more so precisely Von Doom foundation, the whole thing kept 90% of children off the street and in proper homes. Parents actually supported their children and being poor wasn't as bad as it is now. If you were poor back in those days, you were doing better than half the middle class right now. I heard that Mr Night was even friends with Virgil Von Doom before his passing." Pepe announced.

"So just because of one corporation your view changes? An outliner does not change the definitive fact that all corporations are malicious in their own agendas. The Von Doom family may have been gracious but their company was not, their foundation is a prime example. As soon as they befell an accident the foundation was shut down," Victor explained, his hatred for the board still burning hot.

"I couldn't help but hear you were talking about The Von Doom Foundation?" A Valentino member asked a deep scar by his eyes with a stern gaze overlooking Victor and Pepe. Brandishing a golden attire and chrome he stood tall behind Victor.

"What of it?" Victor asked casually.

"Huh, couldn't help but overhear your conversation and for that, I apologise. I just couldn't help myself, the Von Doom Foundation also helped me." He replied, showcasing a slash mark near his ribs.

"They helped my sister too, a waste they got assassinated," He sighed.

"I thought it was an accident?" Pepe replied.

"Don't be stupid Pepe, good people like June Von Doom and Virgil don't just die in a plane crash - they get killed." He continued.

"Heard they had a kid that true?" Pepe continued.

"f*ck if I know, the foundation never did outwardly state they had one." The Valentino member continued, a cigarette in his hand as he smoked. The smokey ash and tar fuming about.

"Hmm, I wonder if they did have a kid." Pepe hypothesized.

"Then he'd probably be dead too. My name is Gustavo Orta, if it's true you are from Texas then please don't worry. Know the Valentinos and Heywood welcome you here with open arms. You are a ripper, yes? Please send us your address, I'll have my men come to you for services. We Valentinos know how to spend." Gustavo replied gesturing to his chain.

"I wouldn't say no to paying customers," Victor accepted, his hands writing the address on a piece of paper. The utilities magically appeared in his hands - something that Gustavo chose to ignore.

"Old tech, eh?" Gustavo asked.

"More so a sign of respect." Victor acknowledged. Gustavo smiling then walked away back to his table, the rest then leaving the establishment. The wave of members leaving in a horde Gustavo leading the charge out. Forty or so members exiting the bar alone with his exit.

"I don't know if you were lucky or unlucky with that one choom," Pepe stated.

"And whys that?" Victor asked, already knowing the mans answer.

"You just talked to a high-ranking member of the Valentinos and you earnt his respect in a matter of seconds. I havn't seen the man so cautious and respectful since talking to the mayor."

"It seems it's fate, eh?" Victor replied before checking the time. The next day soon to call upon him, brushing himself off, he rustled his jacket nad flexed his arms and back.

"We'll continue this conversation later Pepe and perhaps next time our friend here won't die on us." Victor expressed before standing up. A large transfer of eddies now heading over to Pepe's Account - the total sum §1500.

"Wow choom, it was only seven bottles of vodka!" Pepe shouted exasperated, his brows raised at the transfer of eddies.

"Take it as a tip, compadre," Victor replied walking near the entrance. An influx of messages poured in from his connections and establishments. The Map of the world coming to his view. Numerous squads, teams, and countries all in his back pocket.

"Tell me before you leave, what exactly is the Path of Victory?" Pepe asked, Victor taking time to ponder on his inquiry. The thought of sitting on a throne flexed into his mind - his people by his side as the world prospered under his rule.

"A path longer than a quiet life but brighter than a blaze of glory, until next time, pepe," Victor answered before exiting. A figure then emerging from the second floor to look over at the fleeting figure. Victor's eyes locked with his.

Padre… Victor thought seeing the older gentlemen. Continuing his walk out he hopped on his bike and drove around the city - Old memories emerging that reminded him of his disdain for Arasaka and Militech.




"Hello comrade, this is Dimitri how have you been friend?" A Russian man asked. The thickness of his accent the common dweller not being able to understand him.

"Pleasent, I hear your daughter got married. Apologies I couldn't make it, as you know I'm quite the busy man." Victor stated.

"There is no need comrade, all is fair in war. I respect a man who works, unlike my other associates," He revealed.

"I called today to talk about those new missiles, my partners in America attempted a show on my family. Understand that I can not simply forget such things, I request ammunition for my weapons comrade. The bear will show the eagle that it is not to be toyed with. I have transferred §500'000'000 and will transfer another when it arrives," Dimitri continued, his voice while lowered was deep and unhinged. Ferciousness backed in his words, a rage so deep it permeated his heart black.

"Perfect, understand though these missiles are quite… Lethal if uncared for," Victor cautioned.

"The cold winds of Russia fear no bomb, it will not fear its own weapons. The enemy will pay for ever daring to touch the bear. Until next time Comrade," He replied before ending the call.

Indeed, comrade, fear no bomb, fear me… Victor thought holding his daughters' cloth, his hands burning them to a crisp. Feeling someone's head bump into his back he grasped their throat and raised them into the air.

"Who are you?" Victor mused staring at what seemed to be a young teen. The boy wearing tattered Arasaka student clothing with dry tears dripping from his eyes. Holding onto what seemed to be a container of ashes his eyes never wavered.

"f*ck… You!" The kid spat. Looking into the boys' eyes he let him go, amused by his bravery. While he would reward such actions he did not reward incompetency. Dropping him to the floor he walked away unbothered. Brave yet foolish was what he would describe the child.

"Watch where you're going… David Martinez. Lest you end up mush," Victor answered before entering his store. His hands merely unlocking via a fake key.

Opening his inner world he immediately set his bots to work. The worker bots smashing walls and opening the entire building open. A few bots surrounded the outside to ensure none heard the renovations. Their bodies emitting sound blockers that silenced the entire area.

Cleaning the outside and interior it was also refurbished, the once ghetto shop now a first-class health clinic the likes which corpo's would rush to. The exterior still somewhat normal. Re-newing the rooms the entrance was a front with the same mystic shop open, behind it being his base of operations.

Swapping the builder bots for battle bots they stood guard awaiting orders. While not as powerful as his iron legion they would do for now. The difference between the battle bots and iron legion is that of a mindless brute and a ruthless demon. When in mass the mindless worked perfectly yet with the ruthless demon it worked in cohesion and efficiency. The needed power supply and A.I needed for it still lacking.

Working until the next morning in his inner world Victor eventually completed his flux capacitor. A generator cable of a gigawatt of energy per second, the energy enough to last his security bots. The biggest flaw to his inventions was its ability for mass production - a gift to create Excalibur a flaw to not being able to mass produce it efficiently. While already blessed Victor demanded more, to be stronger, smarter, better.

The battle bots were a series of remote-controlled tanks repurposed to be a security force, unlike the iron legion they were more traditional in their role. As the Iron Legion was developed for harsh terrains the battle bots were made for simple defence. Equipped with energy pulses in their hands, their legs were tank wheels, and their ocular system consisting of a missile-proof camera. With a black and purple aesthetic, one could mistake it for a Miltiech tanker the difference, its drastic change of design and purple neon highlights.

With an energy core inside which transported energy to its body from the generator connected to the facility, it allowed it to be wirelessly charged without the need to manually charge and deploy it. The downside is its range of movement - a five-kilometre radius (3 miles) from the generator. Similar to a broken battery it'd last a few seconds after being disconnected from its charger. The crafting ability allowing such a reality-bending concept to exist such as irregularities being present in his arsenal. The effects while godly only worked if they were wielded in his hands or a follower. His branded members all over the globe fighting secretly for his cause.

"Lucian how goes Texas?" Victor called, his right-hand man on the other line.

"The same as any other. Organised and efficient, how about Night city? What's it like being back home." Lucian asked, a thick cigar by his hand as he looked over the city of Austin. His heterochromatic eyes shining amongst the stars. A wondrous gaze washing over the land mass, his mind gearing over to the borders of the city. His hand itching for battle.

"Putrid, the air is disgusting and the people are as horrible as they say. It's a world wonder why they remain in this cesspool of degeneracy." Victor replied casually.

"The generator will soon be activated in a few months… I itch for battle Victor, how long must my men wait?" Lucian asked.

"Your time will come, another Ragnarock will come in time. We must remain patient, Rome was not built in a day. What we have done in the last ten years has equated to more fuel than any other corporation has equalled to. Built a solid foundation so that it may support our tower of babel." Victor answered.

"Altair has made moves in Islam… Shall he continue forward?" Lucian asked.

"Do as he pleases as long as he continues to gain support from the local governments," Victor ordered.

"What of the… mistake made by O'brian?"

"Continue to ignore him until he fixes it. If he fails to deliver results, replace him."

"What of Squad Jaguar? Their masses were annihilated by that ambush. That thing proved to be effective on the field. Should we not deploy our own?"

"You should already understand that the prototype they deployed is a mere imitation to what we have under our covers. Merely fighting for land is a waste when we have it in abundance. We seek foundation and influence foremost. We already have enough weaponry to overthrow each sector of Arasaka and Militech in America and Japan, it is their stain and influence which halts our movements. The power void would be a nuisance to deal with. Ensure the bear receives our missiles and that the Brazilians remain busy fighting with France. If the Jaguars can't handle a single miss input then they aren't worthy of our help. Had Altair been down there he would've washed the opponent dead. "

"Altair has an established squad. Alicia is a student of mine and one that has just begun her journey… It'd be a waste if she were to fall." Lucian advised.

"It matter not friend, her soul like yours is tethered to mine. Should she fall, she'll eventually rise once more. It is in my will." Victor comforted.

"But nonetheless, she plays too much with her victims. Even her choice of weaponry is outdated. Had it not been for my ingenuity and your calculations her means of advancements would be simply useless." Victor continued, the blueprints of her bow coming to mind.

"I too have my doubt but if it works why change it?"

"Efficiency," Victor explained.

"And your sword?" Lucian asked.

"Focus on rebuilding Texas, Lucian," Victor replied.

"I wouldn't mind a fifth corporate war you know," Lucian smiled. His obvious comment getting to Victor.

"Your reach is too small my friend, we aren't seeking a fifth corporate war… But world war three." Victor smiled before hearing knocks at his door. Maines crew finally arriving.

"I'll have to cut our chat short, I have guests," Victor alerted before closing the communication link. Opening the door to his shop via button he sat awaiting their entrance.

"We got your package…" Maine announced dropping the large suitcase onto his desk.

"A tad late don't you think?" Victor replied, opening it. The package merely a bottle of wine. The sight of the object alerting the entire crew. Shocked at the fact they sacrifice four members to retrieve a simple bottle of wine.

"As promised your reward," Victor replied transferring them a total of §45'000 an unprecedented amount for the crew. Though such a reward was bittersweet. Rebecca silent unlike her usual behaviour, Dorio unsure of the future and Sasha angry at her own weakness.

"I now offer you another contract one which will determine our future relationship," Victor announced to the crew. Something wich piqued his interest.

"Condolences for your loss but sadly such is a factor in our trade. As you can tell this was merely a test run." Victor explained sipping on his chalet of wine. The flavour rummaging through the silk of his tongue. A bitter yet sweet flavour fulfilling his fix.

"I'll offer you two choices, continue down this line of work as your own crew, fighting for jobs only to die attempting to complete them or… You work solely for me. Know the perks… Are quite advantageous," Victor explained appearing behind them.

"Maine…" Dorio muttered.

"If I work under you… Will I get stronger?" Maine asked determined.

"Stronger? No… You'll be better." Victor corrected, the next millisecond with Victor sitting in his chair once more.

"So what will it be? The choice is yours."

"f*ck it. I'm in." Maine accepted, Victors' hand now out for a shake.

"Just shake my hand and it's all yours."

"Look, team… I understand if you back away now… But… I'm not going to run away anymore." Maine mustered, his hand then shaking with Victors.

Perfect… Victor thought smiling.

With in a fraction of a moment the world paused. The wind coming to a close as Maine's eyes shut for a millisecond. His eyes opening to see Victor's soul. A demonic figure atop a mountain of corpses sitting menacingly. A dark ebony throne of skulls the figure's seat. Staring down at Maine it merely ignored it's existence it's eyes gazing beyond him. The space empty to Maines sight. With in this twisted world the sky was blank and crimson the ground filled with blood.

Looking around him he noticed all sorts of figures kneeling to the man, the number going beyond millions. From children all the way to the elderly, their bodies wearing crimson ebony armour. The colour blending with the crimson sea. Seeing Six figures in front they all bowed instead of kneeling. A sigil behind them with their own followers. The largest one standing at 220cm having the biggest army. Not knowing what to do he bent to a knee and closed his eyes. Accepting the king as his own. Feeling the blood wrap around his body he felt warmth and solace in it's embrace, his body now coveted in the same armour as the ones around him.

Closing his eyes once more he opened them to see Victors figure looking back at him. An aura surrounding the figure. Looking at the back of his hand he noticed a purple sigil plastered against his skin. The neon light almost blinding to him before dimming.

"Now what of youse lot? Willing to join?" Victor asked the rest. His hand out to shake them. Dorio looking at her partner jumped forward accepting Victors' offer, Rebecca likewise joining the fray. Sasha the last to join in.

"How can I trust you won't betray us?" She asked, her gaze never leaving the visor of victors.

"Faith and understanding. I want exactly what you crave." Victor answered, his answer alerting Sasha.

"And what would that be?" She asked.

"Down with corporate scum, I've seen your kind before darling. We aren't special." Victor ridiculed.

"Just because we have the same goals doesn't mean you won't betray me. I've seen brothers kill their sisters to feed themselves what makes you think I'll believe you wont do the same?" She swore.

"Because I know whose blood flows through your veins," Victor revealed her words cut short as files of her mothers' service appeared in the air. A holo screen revealing everything of her mothers service. The next screen showcasing a Russian male.

"Bella Yakovleva mother to Sasha Yakovleva- Once a soldier of Militech and dis-honourably discharged due to her refusal to follow orders. Your father once served alongside my men, I never thought I'd get to meet his daughter in person. A small world I must say." Victor answered the revelation that her father still lived shocking her to her core.

"If I join you… Will I get to meet him?" She asked.

"Of course, you might even get to work alongside him," Victor answered.

"Then it's a deal," She accepted, the handshake occurring and pulling her into his world.

"Fantastic, now then… Meet back here in a few weeks' time… We'll have another commission in-store for you. Take a breather, f*ck a joy toy do something." Victor excused them before hearing another knock. This time, the visitors being Jackie Welles and Misty Welles.

"What with the kid on your back?" Victor asked seeing David being sacked over his back.

"He was laying near your door amigo, perhaps he needs a little help,"

"My services have a price," Victor replied dismissively, his actions causing misty to turn to Jackie.

"I'll owe ya one. Come on ese he's just a kid," Jackie encouraged.

"Fine, chuck him on the bed. We'll see what our little street dog has on him," Victor accepted.

"Interesting, kids in Night city run around with wounds like these?" Victor asked seeing the amount of trauma the kid faced. Numerous crack ribs, fracture shins, head trauma, a punctured lung and low blood pressure.

"The ones that usually get into trouble. What are we dealing with choom?" Jackie asked concerned.

"A lot of abuse, seeing as he's wearing Arasaka wear I'm hesitant to help him. Not a fan of corpo's and kids don't have much of a print on the space. He's essentially ganic this one." Victor explained, the only data on the kid being his enrolment and deceased mother. Seeing his grades though he was amused by them.

100/100 in all studies… Perhaps there is worth in trash… Victor thought.

"Can you save him?"

"I guess we'll see. Leave the room, I'll get to business," Victor explained kicking the two outside into the mystic shop. Turning to face the child he thought back to his own childhood.

"It would seem fate is in your favour child," Victor muttered.

Date: 10th of June 2075

Location: Night city,

POV: David Martinez

"Why are you even enrolled here, Martinez? You're just a failure. Do you think just cause you're smart you can last a second here? Be honest with yourself bud, your mum is a whor* else how else can you afford it here," Katuso spat, his stupid smirk overlooking me. The damn bastard using an advanced skill chip to knock me over. Attempting to get up he knocked me down again, the taste of iron quickly filling my mouth. Feeling my muscles freeze it contorted at the slightest move. The fatigue of being knocked numerous times a travesty.

"Best you stay down there punk. Wouldn't wanna dirty my boots with your filth. Let's go boys, go be joy toy or something David. Might be finally useful for something," He continued, the ability to deny his words something I couldn't afford. Taking deep breaths I swore at the world defeated. Why today? Wasn't it already enough to take my mother?

Closing my eyes I thought back to her, a memory of her death flashing through my eyes. Sitting there I eventually rose to my feet, my footing uneven leading to an awkward stance. Limping away I stared at the ground, walking forward for who knows how long. I didn't have a destination and home was just a foggy memory ago. I didn't know what to do.

Bumping into someone I was quickly held up by my throat. A large figure wearing an ebony armour, the purple highlights in his armour making him look cool. Had it not been for his quick attempt at my life I would've looked on in awe. Yet I spat at him. f*ck it… If I could die why not die to someone cool like this? At least I wouldn't die to some punk-ass bitch like Katsuo. I worked hard, harder than everyone else… and yet here i am. Still at the bottom - With nothing to my name. Was this life? If so… I didn't want any more of it. Why work when all you got was sh*t. f*ck this city, f*ck this Katsuo and…

"f*ck… You!" I spat at the armoured figure. With all my vigour and all my power, I spat those words. My eyes never breaking away from the masked man's face. If I died here… Than f*ck it. I won't die a bitch… Yet surprisingly… The man seemingly loosened his grip on my words.

"Watch where you're going… David Martinez. Lest you end up mush," He answered the words shocking me. How the hell did he know who I was? Collapsed on the ground I stared as he walked into a building close by. The possibility that it was his own shop sticking to my mind. Walking over I instead collapsed by his entrance. My back leaning against the wall, falling unconscious I sighed relieved. Perhaps… I could live another day in this hell hole. Dropping to the floor I awoke to a white ceiling. My first thought being I was in some sort of heaven or perhaps hell.

"So you're finally awake," A blurred figure announced by my side. Turning to face him it was the same person who chocked me. The cool guy with the rad armour.

"Um… where am I?" I asked confused, my shirt nowhere to be seen.

"What a lovely way to say thank you. My name's Dr Doom by the way or were you to be busy being ungrateful to bother asking?" He questioned amused, the ability to ask him how he knew me, cut short. As the memory of him saying my name still burned hot in my brain, yet I knew better than to question a guy who could end me. Looking over to his desk I saw my mothers ashes safe.

"You're in my medical firm. You were for better or worse f*cked. I'm surprised you managed to still walk close to my door." He continued, his arms crossed as he showed me the damage done to my body. Fractured ribs,

"Look i don't know why you saved me but… I don't have any money." I answered truly. I didn't have anything to give except my life but even then was it truly worth anything?

"It's fine I'll let you off free of charge, I was feeling charitable today. Anywhere to stay or are some street rat?" He asked.

"Uh, no… I got evicted from my apartment. My mother died and I couldn't pay the fees…" I explained, my mind jogging at a possible solution. Come on David! Think, what do we do from here…

"Hey, look do you have an assistant or something? I can pay you back by working here or something. I could like sweep the floors or perhaps get you a coffee every day?" I proposed my mind jumping for him to accept my offer.

Please say yes! Please say yes! Please, Please, Please! I mentally begged.

"Depends on your intellect I've done a thorough search on you child and found that you were a top student in Arasaka academy. An achievement I commend if it were not all trash. I see potential but intelligence will only get you so far in this world. It's a flaw in this world that those in power are often of an extreme. Intelligent men doubt themselves while idiots are certain, while the wise know when to be both. Let's see what you can do in a fight." He revealed standing up.

"I don't think that's fair…" I muttered.

"Life's not fair," He replied. The world freezing and contorting before we appeared in an open blank area. Staring at him I stopped to realise that he was 6ft 5inches (195cm) tall. His body also surprisingly jacked behind the armour. Wearing a tank top and sweat pants the man wore a golden necklace by his neck, and a metallic mask covering his face, his eyes imbued with a violet hue. Gesturing me over I complied. I don't know what the f*ck was going on but screw it. I was here and I was gonna make sure I at least got a hit on me.

Attempting to strike him, I crunched my body down, my arms south-pawed to right as my left went in to strike his face. The strike missing and leaving my entire right exposed. Flicking me in the head I weaved back confused. How in the hell? Attempting to attack him again I instead went for his feat the attack instantly backfiring as he grabbed it and flipped me over. Landing on my stomach I groaned in pain. f*ck It, I ain't giving up! I'll teach you, something bud.

Weaving dodging I slowly started to adapt to his attack. My strikes became sharper, and my kicks focused. Yet every time I nearly got him he would return the force back twofold. Oddly enough, the experience left me in a trance. My muscles burned with vigour to continue as while I knew I would fail at every attempt, I felt stronger each time I fell. The Mountain that was Doom bettering me.

I could do this all day! Nearly uppercutting me, he swiftly went behind me, my eyes turning to face his finger. The latter once again flicking my head to the floor. Landing on my ass I turned to see him somewhat chuckling over my constant defeat.

"I can see why Lucian finds this enjoyable now," He laughed.

"Dammit, why can't I hit you?" I shouted frustrated.

"Because I'm built different," He responded.

"You're probably chromed as hell," I spoke, there was no other way. The guy had to be a monster under all that supposed flesh.

"Unfortunately for you, David, this is all real." He gestured, as he flexed his biceps, the man's lats larger than my own legs.

"But then how can you move so fast?" I questioned.

"Unfortunately the laws of this world don't apply to me. While others use a Sandavistan to process the world at a slower rate I instead use my suit to heighten it, my own perception faster than what others could handle." He explained. The world showing his suit being compared to another person's implant. The Sandvistan replacing the person's spine. Each part interconnected and intertwined with their neurological system, the thing better than some of the militech blueprints I stole. Just who the hell was this guy…

"But how can it withstand such strong feedback, attached alongside those energy capacitors is directly the brain… they'd fry a person's neurons to bits if they were exposed to that much energy," I asked seeing it. Where the traditional Sandavisitan had an increased perception rate of around 20, the one I was seeing attached to the other person was 100 - The Sandavisitan attached to Dr Dooms' armour was way too technical for even the likes of me to understand.

"A techie, eh? Impressive kiddo, some wouldn't even understand the basic parts of that thing from just a gaze alone. Perhaps you are worthy of investment," He acknowledged. The next frame showcasing a persons neuro link.

"Seeing as you're educated, what's wrong with this blueprint?" He asked showing me a person's brain, the neruo-port attached to the back of their skull. A certain part missing which while minuscule was responsible for ensuring that the persons brain didn't cause fractured memories when returning back from cyberspace.

"It's missing a rejuncture?" I answered, while the blueprint he showed was somewhat technical and highly advanced it still missed the essential key which was slotted near the cerebral cortex.

"Correct, how'd a genius like you end up in Arasaka's hands, their little brainwashing facility didn't get to you did it?" He questioned, handing me a data chip and shades.

"I see you're still ganic, so for now I'll offer you these alternatives until you're at least 17. A kid like you getting implants early will stunt your growth." He stated.

"What's on it?" I asked.

"Knowledge, don't think you've escaped school, bud. It's only going to get harder from here," He replied amused.

"Damn… Do I really need to go through all this?" I asked shocked at the amount of content he was giving me. From linguistics all the way to complex maths, nearly everything was on this thing.

"If you want to be my so-called assistant then you're going to need to learn at least four of those to be qualified. I expect the best David so get to it." He explained before awaking in again in his clinic.

"Just how long have we been here?" I asked him, time seemingly lost in here. That felt way too long, was that a hallucination of some sort? Surely a BD of some kind that was technologically advanced for my understanding right now. But even then that doesn't make sense because what kind of doctor has that kind of sh*t lying around?

"Just a few hours." He voiced, his answer subpar to what I was expecting. I thought I was in there for days! That was one crazy BD or something.

"While I didn't account for housing there is an apartment that I recently just bought. You can have it," He replied handing me a set of keys - the thing moulding into a bracelet wrapping around my hand. f*ck that's cool.

"Now go get me a large hot chocolate and ask the other two next door what they want as well. Oh, and while you're at it get yourself something as well." He replied handing me a jet-black card.

"Ah… Do I go out shirtless or…" I muttered.

"Hmm, i guess you do need to dress the part." Dr Doom replied. Chucking me his jacket and a black shirt it shrunk to my size. The ebony and purple aesthetic really fit me. Damn it, I look cool right now.

"Ah nearly forgot too." He alerted, handing me a hand cannon as calling it a pistol was an understatement.

"Jesus, what kind of firepower is this thing packing…" I expressed shocked. Holding it, I didn't feel its weight the sensation was peculiar with the weapon looking similar to a Burya, yet larger and sleeker. Looking at the mirror by the wall I smiled. The chrome aesthetic is something that really made me squirm excited - damn do I feel like a badass.

"It's called Victory I hope it treats you well." He replied before shooing me away, my body flying out the door. Now that was something, was he some sort of magician or something or did he use a magnet of some sort? Deciding to leave my new boss to his strange antics, I went through the door and into what seemed to be… a shop?

"Hey Choom, feeling better?" A large Spanish man asked concerned.

"Yeah, feeling a lot better," I answered, the man almost bigger and taller than Dr Doom himself. Was this guy his bodyguard or something?

"Well I sure hope so, yesterday you were almost dead." He expressed.

"I thought you were a goner too," The lady next to him continued, her attire that of a retired joytoy. While I didn't mean to offend, her looks were quite out there.

"I don't mean to be rude, but ah, who are you guys anyway?" I asked.

"It's no problem choom, I'm Jackie Welles and this is my wife misty." He replied. The connection between the two was something I didn't form until a few seconds passed.

"Really?" I couldn't help but voice; Jackie then bursting into laughter. Attempting to apologise they quickly waved my concerns away.

"We get that a lot, don't think about to much kiddo. So what the doc say you need a ride home?"

"Ah, don't worry about it… I kinda work here now," I stated.

"He didn't force you did he?" Misty asked concerned once again.

"No I kinda asked him if I could," I awkwardly smiled. Was this guy some sort of mad scientist or cult leader… Why the concern?

"Anyway, what do you guys like to drink? The boss said to ask if you guys wanted a coffee?"

"Don't worry about me I don't drink that bitter stuff what about you hun?" He asked Misty.

"I'll get a latte with two sugars," She smiled, her hands reaching out for her purse only for me to deny her.

"It's fine, I got his card right here," I replied before walking out.

"sh*t… Where do I go to get coffee?" I muttered.

Cyberpunk 2077: Doom [OC][AU](Cyberpunk 2077/Witcher crossover) (2024)


How to get dum dum iconic weapon? ›

Defeat and loot Dum Dum in the Tonentantz Club during the Second Conflict mission. As this weapon can only be dropped by Dum Dum, make sure that he survives the events of The Pickup mission by not becoming hostile with Maelstrom.

Can I save brick and Dum Dum? ›

Discovering and rescuing Brick in the secluded tech vault room of the plant will not provoke any negative reactions from Dum Dum, although letting him die will provide the same results. There is a graffiti scribble on a wall of the Totentanz toilet, depicting a statement "Den Den was here".

Is Royce a cyberpsycho? ›

Royce is a psychopath. He violently took over one of the key Maelstrom crews in the city from the last boss, Brick. He is impossible to control, impossible to predict – you can never be sure Royce won't just pull out his gun and shoot you in the head, just for the hell of it.

Is Doom Doom worth it cyberpunk? ›

Doom Doom is an Iconic Power Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Doom Doom fires four rounds per shot, with increased damage, rate of fire and chance to dismember at the cost of increased recoil and bullet spread. Iconic Weapons have unique perks often making them better than their regular counterparts.

Can you get chaos and sir john? ›

There is the other option of siding with Stout and you can get Chaos and Sir John Phallustiff but no Doom Doom since it makes you kill Dum Dum right then and there.

Is V doomed in Cyberpunk 2077? ›

Every ending has V either dead, or doomed to die very soon, and there is no reason for it.

What is the Keanu Reeves Easter egg in Cyberpunk 2077? ›

The reference in question is a weapons case with a sign reading "FOR MR. WICK", alluding to Keanu Reeves' famous hitman-turned-dog avenger, John Wick. Players can find the John Wick Easter egg from the moment they first reach Dogtown if they head to Sofia's weapons shop in the EBM Petrochem Stadium.

What is Johnny Silverhand's number? ›

Sure enough, if you call "5745552377" on the phone in the Capitán Caliente restaurant, the song will play and Johnny Silverhand will give you a little grin and thumbs up in approval. If you've already moved on from that part of the story, you can still head back and dial the number whenever you want.

Can you find Ciri in Cyberpunk? ›

Even if it's a total coincidence, Ciri does make another appearance in the game - albeit in the form of the cover star on a retro gaming magazine found in the Cyberpunk's prologue for Corpo players.

Will Phantom Liberty be free? ›

Do You Have to Pay for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty? The major expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 isn't free. It's a fully featured and large paid expansion for the base game. You'll need buy the base game, and I'd recommend installing that before the expansion launches.

How to get Phantom Liberty? ›

If you start a new game in Cyberpunk 2077, you must play through the main story until you finish the "Transmission" quest to access Phantom Liberty.

How do you get free katana in Cyberpunk 2077? ›

To get a free Errata Thermal Katana in Cyberpunk 2077, check the district of Santo Domingo in the eastern portion of the map. There's a fast travel point called Republic East, and you should go there. Once you spawn, you'll see a large building owned by the Electric Corporation just across the street.

How to get missed iconic weapons in Cyberpunk? ›

Visit Herold's Gunstore. A jewel of the EBM Petrochem Stadium, players can find Herold and his assortment of illegal and rare weaponry. Herold is the man to see if players want to pick up missing Iconic weapons, although don't expect them to be cheap.

What is the rarest weapon in Cyberpunk 2077? ›

Johnny's Revolver Is The Rarest Legendary Gun In Cyberpunk 2077. Reddit user OSHlN accidentally discovered a secret Legendary gun when playing around with a No-clip mod, where they explore the Night City as Johnny during the flashback scene between Act 1 and 2.

Can you get all iconic weapons in one playthrough Cyberpunk 2077? ›

Cyberpunk 2077: How To Buy And Upgrade Your Apartment

The Iconic weapons are all based on regular weapons, but they're also usually more powerful and much harder to obtain. After all, you only get one chance in the entire game to acquire some of them, and here are all those unique weapons and how you get them.

What is the hidden weapon in Gimme Danger? ›

Players need to get into the Arasaka Industrial Park to acquire this prototype weapon. Players will sneak into this location as part of Takemura's "Gimme Danger" mission. The Shingen is not tied to the mission in any way and can be found before or after completing it.

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